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Monday, July 16, 2018


Good morning. Donald John Trump is your president.

"There hasn’t been a missile or rocket fired in 9 months in North Korea, there have been no nuclear tests and we got back our hostages. Who knows how it will all turn out in the end, but why isn’t the Fake News talking about these wonderful facts? Because it is FAKE NEWS!" President Trump tweeted on Sunday.

The Associated Press reported, "The United States and North Korea have agreed to search for the remains of 5,300 U.S. soldiers who died in the Korean War and whose bodies were never recovered, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement Sunday."

I doubt they will find many, but it is the search that counts.

Meanwhile, Zero Hedge reported, "NYTimes Admits 'Trump Got From NATO Everything Obama Ever Asked For.'"

An editorial in the New York Times reported, "Now that the smoke has cleared from the NATO summit meeting, the most tangible result is apparent: President Trump advanced President Barack Obama’s initiative to keep the allies on track to shoulder a more equitable share of NATO’s costs. Mr. Trump even signed on to a tough statement directed at Russia. For once he saw eye to eye with his predecessor."

President Trump is so successful that the Times wants to stop him, ending the editorial, "For these reasons, it’s imperative that Congress, which has abdicated to Mr. Trump on many crucial issues,  pass immediately legislation prohibiting him from leaving NATO unilaterally. The Senate had to ratify the treaty when America created NATO, and it should block any move to destroy the alliance that has been an anchor of trans-Atlantic stability over seven decades."


Get bent.

Meanwhile, Neil Cavuto interviewed Senator Mike Lee of Utah about the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Cavuto: "Is it your sense that every Republican will be on board?"

Lee: "Yes, it is. I want to be very clear, Neil, I can’t speak for any colleague, Republican or otherwise. I nonetheless believe, and I nonetheless predict, we’ll end up with every Republican supporting Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation. I also think we’ll end up with a few Democrats."

Chuck Schumer will fight this nomination with all the power he possesses.

And he has none.

Meanwhile, the Washington Examiner reported, "President Trump’s re-election campaign and groups backing his agenda raised nearly $33 million in just the last three months, an explosion of support driven by small donors, the groups have reported to the Federal Election Commission.

"Trump and Vice President Mike Pence’s re-election campaign raised $8.3 million and, when added to the money collected by its two associated groups, the total was $17.7 million in the second reporting quarter. The campaign has $33 million on hand.

"It also sped up its shift to small donors. In the new report, it said that 98.5 percent of fundraising was from small donors, though the total was $2.3 million less than the first quarter."


Trump supporters continue to trust him. Why not? He does what we want him to do.

We haven't had a president do that for us since Ronald Wilson Reagan.


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  1. Reagan was the BEST PRESIDENT EVER.

    1. Trump has already outpaced him.

      I always liked Reagan, enthusiastically voted for him, but Trump has done in a little more than a year what it took Reagan 8 to do.

  2. The slime that the DNC has created and enjoy in Washington is being exposed and their support is falling, no one want to be associated with the DC Corruption Game that the liberal have been running.
    Their problem is now their is someone that doesn't play their game and isn't afraid to expose the DNC and their Media partners.

  3. Ah yes, if not for Bathhouse Barry, we would never had made such progress with NATO. And when PDJT was making his demands, he was a Cretan. When he succeeded, he was only continuing the work of Sotero.

    Not tired of winning.

    1. I always thought it was Bijou Boot Barry, cousin of Larry.

  4. You reckon this is what it felt like to be commanded by General George S. Patton?

    1. No, this is what it felt like to be commanded by MacArthur.

  5. And this great economy? That's because of the jugeared sodomite too. Also, North Korea, China, NAFTA, etc.

    Just ask the meeja, they'll tell you so.

  6. President Trump advanced President Barack Obama’s initiative to keep the allies on track to shoulder a more equitable share of NATO’s costs but was too incompetent and narcissistic to actually accomplish himself. fify

  7. Trump Got From NATO Everything Obama Ever Asked For

    IOW Trump succeeded where IdiotBoy failed.


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