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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Why their panties are bunched today

Every day in every way the political press is getting bitter. Here are some of thee things that wadded their unmentionables in the last 24 hours.

Jennifer Hassan of the Washington Post wrote, "‘Did Donald Trump just WALK IN FRONT OF THE QUEEN?’"

People online pointed out she is not our queen, but Julie put it in a better perspective, "Does she look like she’s offended? Protocol mishaps happen all the time. The Queen deals with it on a daily basis with good humor and class. Something you obviously know nothing about."

Getting so much bitter all the time.

Patricia Cohen of the New York Times wrote, "Paychecks Lag as Profits Soar, and Prices Erode Wage Gains."

Let's see, the number of jobs open was 6.4 million in may. The number seeking jobs was 6.1 million. I have a feeling that will take care of itself. But what would the Times know about profits?

They're getting bitter all the time.

Michiko Kakutani of The Guardian wrote, "Donald Trump, the 45th president of the US, lies so prolifically and with such velocity that the Washington Post calculated he’d made 2,140 false or misleading claims during his first year in office – an average of 5.9 a day. His lies – about everything from the investigations into Russian interference in the election, to his popularity and achievements, to how much TV he watches – are only the brightest blinking red light among many warnings of his assault on democratic institutions and norms. He routinely assails the press, the justice system, the intelligence agencies, the electoral system and the civil servants who make the US government tick."

5.9 lies a day.

Now do CNN.

Bitter. Bitter. Bitter.

Daniel Dale of the Toronto Star wrote, "Trump has said 1,340,330 words as president. They’re getting more dishonest, a Star study shows."

Now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall. Oh wait, wrong song, right album.

Katie Rogers of the New York Times wrote, "In Trump's U.K. Visit, Some See ‘Infomercial’ for Money-Losing Golf Resort."

It is near-peak summer for Scotland. He owns the Turnberry resort. Where else would he stay? Motel 6?

I get it. You get it. Even casual observers get it. The CEOs of these organizations want the spin on Trump to be as negative as possible because he poses a threat to their control of a nation and the world.

I am so glad I retired from all that cow dung.


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  1. No the Queen didnt care about that, they were turning a corner and maybe she walked behind big D. What does irritate the Queen, however, is when a bloviating blowhard thinks that the playing of "God Save the Queen" is a signal for him to make a speech. Now that is world class buffoonery.

    1. I had the same impression from my initial views of videos that she slowed down as they walked together and so ended up behind him. I'm not going to search out the videos to confirm that. These people are idiots. I won't waste my time on them. If I always assume they are wrong, I will will be right 98.6% of the time, which is more than good enough.

    2. Okay, quite by coincidence, I saw the video clip today of QE2 and PJDT walking together to review the honor guard. It is abundantly CLEAR that SHE motioned for him with her hands and spoke to him to tell HIM where to walk...and he did what she instructed him to do. After he moved where she directed him, SHE walked behind HIM. Then, after being blocked from view of the camera, she changed direction, turned to her right (the viewer's left), and caught up with him.

      In the meanwhile, being a foot taller than her, PDJT lost sight of her. He can be seen turning his head slightly to his left (the viewer's right) to look for her, but he quickly realized she had changed direction and was coming up from behind to his right (the viewer's left).

      There was no breach of protocol. The Queen gave instructions and the President did precisely what she instructed him to do.

  2. Look, Betty Windsor clearly digs The Donald.

    Has it ever occurred to these pearl-clutchers that she let him walk in front of her so she could check him out from behind?

    There may be snow on the roof, but there’s still a fire on the hearth, y’know?

    1. Her Majesty's A Pretty Nice Girl

      And I'd say The Donald's in with a good chance!

    2. Best comment of the day so far Dave. Have you ever seen those pics of her in uniform from WWII changing tires on a Jeep? She's an amazing woman.

    3. She's probably done more "common" physical labor than most in Congress. Same for the President.
      Nonetheless, we don't bow, we don't curtsy. And the President (this one, anyway) doesn't give her an ipod of his speeches.
      Milano's tweets tempts me to get a twitter account just so I can block her.

  3. We got rid of the monarchy for a reason.
    A reason some don't seem capable of understanding.
    Go bow before ebony jeebus

  4. According to Moocho CaCa-tani, "Donald Trump...lies...with such velocity..." Huh? How does one lie "with velocity"?

  5. And Slow and Incurious for the anti-Trumpers

  6. Nice twist On the Beatles - “Getting Bitter All the Time”.

    1. Actually, I thought it a play on Inspector Dreyfus of the Pink Panther films. Leaving the asylum, he tells his doctor "Every day and in every way, I'm getting better!". Moments later, he becomes a cackling, giggling mess! Just like the dems.

  7. Gee. How would you feel if you were a dedicated leftist who had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of borrowed money to get into a career of influence like journalism only to find out that your industry is going into the toilet and your best efforts at propaganda turned into right wing and Nazi memes on the interwebs?

    I'd be bitter, too.

  8. I just tweeted to @Alyssa_Milano, "The culture worm just turned".
    Did I get it wrong?
    Where? How?

  9. They are willing to tell themselves whatever lie to keep the illusion alive that theirs is righteous indignation.

  10. Liz and The Donald got along famously.

    Drives the Lefties nuts.

  11. Just curious......I have a feeling that the Queen may have met our President before. Has anyone done any research on that?

  12. Of course they didn't say a word about the lapses in protocol done by the Obunglers when they touched Queen Bess. - GOC