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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

What you know about the Trump-Putin talks

"There are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don't know we don't know," Donald Rumsfeld, February 12, 2002.

He left out one: the unknown knowns. Those are the things we know but do not realize we know.

Readers already know more about the President Trump's talk with Putin than they realize.

1. This was the most important leg of the trip for the Washington Establishment. That is why they tried to sabotage the effort with Fake Indictments of 12 people in Moscow. They will never be extradited, which means Bullying Bob Mueller -- who cost us $5.8 million for his bungling of the anthrax case -- can put whatever he wanted in the indictments without fear of having to prove it.

2. This was the least important leg of the trip for President Trump. It was not a summit but a face-to-face. No agreement was reached. Our president penciled in a meeting with Putin on a Monday so he could spend the weekend at Trump Turnberry at the height of summer. Those 5 a.m. sunrises are sweet.

3. Putin fears President Trump because Russia is weak. Its economy is smaller than Texas, population 28 million. Russia has 144 million people. The only thing Putin has going for him is selling oil and natural gas to Europe, and President Trump is positioning the USA to sell oil and natural gas to Europe.

4. The meeting was about North Korea. Trump tweeted that this morning: "While the NATO meeting in Brussels was an acknowledged triumph, with billions of dollars more being put up by member countries at a faster pace, the meeting with Russia may prove to be, in the long run, an even greater success. Many positive things will come out of that meeting.

"Russia has agreed to help with North Korea, where relationships with us are very good and the process is moving along. There is no rush, the sanctions remain! Big benefits and exciting future for North Korea at end of process!"

The importance of President Trump's victory over North Korea may slowly dawn on an American people who were fed lies about it by the Democratic Party and the globalist corporate Fake News.

President Trump got Kim Jong Un to lay down his arms. Somehow. Some way. The last fellow our adversaries thought would capitulate has. You think the mullahs in Iran haven't noticed?

Putin notices. He met President Trump on Trump's terms. The president is the leader of the free world, something we have not had since Reagan. Thatcher had to tell Bush 41 not to go wobbly on Kuwait.

By the way, readers saw Trump call May out on Brexit. Nevertheless, she was all gooey-eyed meeting him, and defended him in Parliament after he left. It's called testosterone. After eight years of Obama, world leaders like to see that in an American president again.

Once again, President Trump triumphed in a foreign trip. Once again, the press missed it.

The Washington chattering class chatters, but I doubt many people pay attention.

Especially when the chattering cads call a press conference "treason."


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  1. The establishment or whatever you want to call it planned for every contingency except one: Trump. How could they?

  2. Fascinating stuff. Many tanks, as they say.

  3. The press is nothing if not consistent. They trashed Rumsfeld for that comment about unknown unknowns. But, a truer statement does not exist. Now they trash PDJT for anything and everything. They are missing an amazing time in American history.

  4. Like all the other liberal hysterics of the past two years this will be tomorrows chip wrappers.

  5. Iwas just thinking about when Obama was bragging about how he would make a better campaign manager than his own, a better department head, etc..

    Trump has his own style of ego, but has never said anything quite so brash. But in his case, I think it would be true.

  6. Time for Putin to call this bluff. Bring charges against HiLlARy and her associates for their money laundering and tax evasion, then offer Washington a deal, we give him the Slinky, and we get the people Mule ears indicted.
    Bet Rotten Rod Rosenstein switches tunes faster than the boat captain in Josey Wales.

  7. Putin’s in love with Melania. This one was noooo contest.

    1. Oh God, I am too!

      Guess that makes me one of the collusionists. Take me away, Mueller!