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Friday, July 27, 2018

Twitter joins Facebook in SJW crash

The economy is booming as Americans are back to making things. President Trump defied the Democratic Party's "let them learn coding" approach to the loss of manufacturing jobs.

And now, thanks to the Democratic Party, those who learned coding may be out of a job.

The reason is Democrats pressured social media outlets to censor conservatives. Twitter started bouncing conservatives off.

Twitter's suspension of Glenn Reynolds -- and the attempt to get him fired from law school -- was the moment when it became clear the service is not for conservatives.

Conservatives tweeted less.

And they are dropping out of Facebook over privacy concerns, as well as an anti-conservative bias.

Yesterday, Facebook paid the price.

"Facebook on Thursday posted the largest one-day loss in market value by any company in U.S. stock market history after releasing a disastrous quarterly report," CNBC reported.

"The social media giant's market capitalization plummeted by $119 billion to $510 billion as its stock price plummeted by 19 percent. At Wednesday's close, Facebook's market cap had totaled nearly $630 billion, according to FactSet."

Today, it is Twitter's turn.

"Twitter shares opened down 14 percent Friday after the company reported a decline in monthly active users and weak guidance," CNBC reported.

What is odd is Twitter's ad revenues were up 23%, and its data "gathering" (spying on users) revenue was up 29%.

But investors look long-term. If your game plan is approved by the League of Social Justice Warriors, maybe you are not a good investment.

Who gets hurt worse?

The employees.

Look at the newspaper industry.


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  1. Is the purpose of a business to provide a service and make a living for the people running it, or is it to change the world? It seems that the purpose of these two companies may have started out as the former and at some point turned into the latter. If they return to the goal of simply providing a service they could still have a chance. If they continue on their present course they will end first with becoming a lib echo chamber, and then slowly losing both market share and profitability, other companies will serve the public at large.

    It may be that both companies realize that their business models do not provide for real growth and profitability in the long run and are simply riding out the long slide down.

    1. I left Twitter and went to Gab months ago.
      Same for FecesBook. I use MeWe now :)

  2. Guidance is the major player for buyers. There is no SJW schadenfreude here, Don. And 42% of their Q2 revenue was some kind of one time write off. Also Without Twitter Trump would not be as effective as he has been. Wishing it ill is counterproductive.
    Tech and its efficiency is what is making USA a power in the world, like it or not. Making It powerful is our only real hope for a prosperous future.
    Trump understands this well, hence the duel with China to protect intellctual property.
    Almost all of these companies are run by liberals, nothing can be done about it. However not one of them is a socialist. So far.

    1. I've read elsewhere that many of the patents these companies are relying on for their success now will be in the public domain soon. How accurate this is I have no way of knowing. If it is true, the only means these companies have to keep current advantage is to continue to innovate. Right now I don't see any evidence that that is happening.

      There is a theory floating around on the right that a sure sign that a company or a technology is about to go downhill is when it starts behaving as if it were made up totally of harpies from a human relations department, and that a spasm of SJW fits is the status epilepticus in which the company dies. Again, the newspaper industry is a good example of this.

      Thus many on the right are expecting a demise of one sort or another of these companies.

    2. Innovation is taking place in software but in "stuff" it is slower harder and more expensive. The Pentagon has a real interest in stuff but there are only a few big companies with the power to make it happen for them. The universities produce a lot of bright people but while big money is necessary to make complete stuff, major steps can be made in pieces of stuff. Some of this I have seen myself. The universities as you know are socially Marxist cesspools but in the sciences the best of them are doing cool things because reality still holds sway there. The Chinese try and steal virtually every idea they produce so powerful is the fire hose. All is not lost.

    3. "And 42% of their Q2 revenue was some kind of one time write off."

      We can expect a heck of a lot more "one time write offs". See, up until now the social media companies being sued by people like the Pulse nightclub survivors on the (well-proven) grounds that they are the major source of ISIS / AQ recruitment, communication, and incitement have been met by the response that they are "common carriers" and thus safe-harbored under Section 230 of the CDA.

      However, that "common carrier" immunity disappears when they engage in censorship and viewpoint discrimination (also well-proven now) and move to the category of "publishers" who can be held liable for all the jihadist accounts they leave up.

    4. They can be common carriers, or publishers. They can't be both. They have placed themselves in a position to get a legal wedgie they will remember for a very long time.

  3. Get “woke”, go broke. It’s that simple.


  4. I dropped Facebook back in 2015 when I saw what was happening to Trump supporters. It reminded me of what happened in the Lefty blogs back in 2007-2008. (I was a liberal Democrat back then) Obama supporters (Obots) drove away anyone who didn't support Obama. They were organized and vicious as hell. I was one of the people that were purged from blogs we had been welcomed at for years. I was literally told that I was a racist and was no longer welcome in the Democrat party. They said other things I can't repeat here, but at the time it was shocking to me because we were supposedly all on the same side.

    It was the nastiness of Obama supporters who originally turned me away from Obama. I found other reasons to despise him later.

    When I saw the same tactics being used on FB against Trump supporters I decided to jump before I was pushed. In both instances the owners of the platforms enabled and supported the purges.

    I don't miss the lefty blogs and I don't miss Facebook.

    Facebook morghulis. Twitter delenda est.

    1. The world is tough on those of us who pick our positions on the issues "a la carte" -- some from the right, some from the left (on occasion), and some from those areas where neither side of the political divide claim -- rather than just ordering our positions all bundled together into one party's platform.

      (I left the Democrats years ago when it became clear to me that you could not be pro-life and be a Dem. Right now, the Dems are more aggressive about punishing us heretics than is the GOP and the right. That could change, but that's how it shakes out right now.)

    2. The GOP has simply tried to wall us off, except at election time. Alas, for the GOPe, we got tired of voting for them, after all their promises of how we wouldn't be disappointed if we gave them our votes, and the world is turning upside down for them.

  5. It's the Liberal/Progressive/SJW Reverse Midas Touch in action. Everything they touch eventually turns to crap. - Elric

  6. Cute. Once again, Conservatives flexing their purchasing muscles.

    those who learned coding may be out of a job.

    There's always work for programmers. It may not always be steady, but the work is there.

    The real problem is not everybody will make a good coder. Programming is math-based, much coming right from calculus, and nothing separates the mortals from the gods like calc. If you're willing to stick with it, assuming you have the aptitude, and accept it's like medicine in that you never stop learning, you can make a decent living.

    1. I've been a software developer for thirty years. I have never needed anything more than simple algebra. You need to be able to think. Thing logically and break complex problems down to small simple steps. Then you need to analyze data and be able to explain to the business any deviations from the norm. It is really that simple. It is also why Indians make horrible coders. They are not taught how to think.

  7. I want the employees at Facebutt and Twatter to feel pain, and lots of it. they are my enemies and I wish all bad things for them.

  8. Conservatives are angry over Twitter's shenanigans and I can only ask Why Stay?
    Its only value is as PDJT's direct route to the citizens. And I'm sure he could find an alternative too, if he had to.

    1. What alternative? Yeah, hate them, but use them. That is DT's way and it works

    2. I use Gab and only monitor my Twitter account. Plus we have Q over at 8-chan.

  9. REAL good comments on this post, guys. An analogy I can come up with is Netflix vs. Blockbuster. Who innovated and grew, and whose business model got stuck and died? You anticipate and then build a product or service that consumers don’t even realize they want. FB and Twitter are well on their way to becoming Plastics (from Mean Girls). An insular cool kids club. Never joined the former and go on the latter about once a month. Not worth it.