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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Trump's mid-term plan: Make it a referendum on Trump

"With the party conventions wrapped up, the contours of the final 100 days of the general election are becoming clearer. The country wants change, which should help Republicans. But Democrats are confident that Hillary Clinton will win if they can make the election about Donald Trump, and Mr. Trump seems happy to oblige."

This strategy worked.

For Donald John Trump.

And it will work again this year because it has to. Mid-term elections are always a referendum on the president. That's why we call them mid-terms. 

Presidents usually lose these things. Only war (Bush in 2002) or the threat of war (Kennedy in 1962) can stave off disaster. Bush in 2002 actually managed to gain control of the Senate in his first mid-term.

But President Trump is different, thus I expect the party to rally behind him and vote as if their lives depend on it. Steve Bannon encouraged his former boss to embrace the referendum.

"Right now, we are going to have a referendum. It is going to be I think very focused on President Trump's record. And I would tell everybody that the way to win this is exactly like we won in 2010. That great tea party sweep," Bannon told Sean Hannity.

"You are going to have to go at door-to-door, right doorbells and do voter registrations drives and get people out.

"I mean, President Trump has delivered on the action. Now it's time for the populous movement, the nationalist movement, the Republicans, American Republicans, conservative movement. Everybody that turned out in 2016, you have to do it all over again. Or the first action they are going to take under Nancy Pelosi or whoever the Democratic speaker is try to impeach President Trump."

For the record, I embraced this idea in February because I was sure this was what the strategy would be.

What will distinguish President Trump from other presidents is that he will rally the troops. He will take the chance and risk failure because he really has no other choice. The next Democratic speaker will impeach him. I am guessing that in 2050, when the country messes up and finally gives the House back to the Democrats, Speaker Aidan Clinton Mezvinsky will introduce a resolution to impeach 104-year-old President Trump retroactively.

President Trump has the highest support recorded for a Republican president among Republicans. Never Trumpers have served to push Republicans to stand by their man by offering a contemptuous alternative.

No one wants to be Bill Kristol. Or George Will. Or Jeff Flake.

President Trump is the only issue in this election.

Adam Goodman, "a Republican strategist in Florida," told The Hill, "The most difficult thing I’ve found in races at every level are people having any interest in any of it other than talking about the president. I've never seen a time in my career where everything and anything emanates from one place and one person."

No one has.

President Trump has the energy, the drive, and now, the experience, to hit the campaign trail. If some Senate candidate goes Todd Akin on him, he will stand by the man. The president wants to win because he has no other option.

But he has no vote but yours. Show up. Vote Republican. Hold your nose if you have to, but vote Republican.

Then enjoy the Democratic Party's reaction afterward.


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  1. No doubt, I'll have to vote for Romney. We'll see if he wants to be the new McCain. But, he wont like it if he does, pretty lonely out there in Kristol land these days.

  2. Now it seems that the RINOs don't want to fund a wall as well as loosen asylum requirements that will allow almost anyone into the country. What did Andrew Breitbart say? Something like, "Vote the Democrats out, then purge the RINOs." We are in the process of doing that now and we need to keep it up. Everybody needs to vote, and wisely. - Ekric

  3. We need to fear voter fraud, I believe we will get the high turn out that we need, but they will cheat like crazy and overwhelm our turnout with fake votes. I hope I am wrong.

    1. 7 million fraudulent votes 2 years ago.

      Good news is many of those votes were illegals, and they are being shown the door.

  4. To help motivate the center to right voters, Democrat candidates, and RINOs if caught in the tit for tat, should be pushed to present their positions on Trump friendly issues. "What do you think about a sort of amnesty for current illegals and if affirmative, why?" "What's your position on open borders and why?" "Would you vote to impeach Trump and if yes on what grounds?" "Would you vote to rescind the tax cuts and if yes why?" And on and on, but get them on record to define and delineate the candidates. They may lie but if they go back on their word at least they'll be shown to be liars for future elections. This is something average citizens can do by submitting questions like this en masse for broadcast debates and candidate forums. Media bias notwithstanding.

  5. Who will be the first senator to bring up the fact that Justice (nominee) Brett Kavanagh was the investigator in charge of investigating Vince Foster's death?

    Who declared it suicide in spite of evidence it may have been murder?

    John Henry

    1. The Leftists probably don't want to bring up Vince Foster because of his close association with Herself.


  6. I think it is time to inter the term "conservative movement". It died a while back and has become odiferous. This is the Tea Party, baby.

    1. Tea Party was Libertarians and Libertarians always wuss out.

      We are the Deplorables.

      We fight.

    2. "Tea Party was Libertarians"

      Wrong. I was there.

  7. With care and a touch of luck, I might be around to see Speaker Aidan Clinton Mezvinsky added to the Trump Schadenfreude List.

  8. The Demos and the Left in general are doing their best to turn this into Reagan-Mondale and it looks like they're succeeding.

    All the talk of a Blue Wave has stopped and it's a matter of the Demos holding their own.

    Which I don't think will happen, either.

    1. PS Don't forget a lot of Whigs are retiring, so a lot of Deplorable blood will be coming in.

  9. Unlike any past presidents since Ronald Reagan, President Trump has a record of accomplishments and keeping his campaign promises (except where congressional obstruction has blocked him) to brag on.