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Sunday, July 08, 2018

Trump shows who had bad parents

Alan Dershowitz is having the time of his life. He's being shunned by people whom he thought were his friends but who now shun him because of his insistence that President Trump has the right to breathe.

Jeremy W. Peters of the New York Times interviewed him on Martha's Vineyard.

Q: You reject the label “Trump supporter,” don’t you? 
A: Absolutely. I’m a Hillary Clinton liberal Democrat who’s trying hard to restore Congress to the Democrats, who will help finance Democratic candidates all over the country. I’m a liberal Democrat. I haven’t changed one iota in 50 years. I am not a Trump supporter. I’m a supporter of civil liberties. Calling me a Trump supporter is like calling me a communist supporter in the 1950s. I was not a communist supporter. I defended the communists’ right to speak and to teach.
Q: And here, you’re defending Trump’s right to …
A: To be treated fairly. Not to have it considered a crime when you fire, when you exercise your Article II powers under the Constitution.

Later in the interview, Dershowitz made it plain that he is not a victim. He said, "First of all, I’m enjoying this. So understand that. For me, it’s a red badge of courage."

Dershowitz had good parents. They taught him you win some, you lose some. Count your blessings. It's not all about you.

The election of President Trump has shown us who were not raised right. The seemingly endless procession of celebrities who protest by blurting out obscenities show we should go back to washing mouths out with soap.

Then there was Therese Patricia Okoumou, an immigrant from the Congo who has shown her appreciation for the country that saved her by protesting seemingly nonstop for the 24 years she has lived here. On Independence Day, her protest shut down the Statue of Liberty to thousands of people who had traveled to see Lady Liberty.

"What Okoumou did get was a lot of attention on her and less on her stated issue," Salena Zito wrote.

Both Dershowitz and Zito believe the childish insistence of the resistance will help Trump's party in November.

"Democrats are not going to win Congress by winning #Resistance-heavy cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and D.C., or college campuses across the country. The swing districts are just outside the urban centers in places like suburban Virginia and the suburbs of Atlanta, Austin, Philadelphia, Detroit, Cleveland, Kenosha, and Pittsburgh. Here you find Republican voters who are up for grabs; they’re not big on Trump, but they are also not all that into the antics and stridency of the resistance," Zito wrote.

I blame the parents. They failed to teach good sportsmanship, and the common sense that goes with it.

If you are unable to serve a customer because she works for President Trump, or if you are unable to leave a kid with a Trump hat alone, or if you are unable to accept an award in national TV without sputtering F*** Trump, then you should hire a lawyer, and sue Mom and Dad for parental malpractice because they failed to raise you as a full-blown adult.


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  1. Remember '68?

    Remember the Chicago Seven?

    Same thing.

  2. I question how good his parents were if he is proud to say he is a "Hillary Clinton liberal Democrat".


  3. I think the word everyone is looking for is "class". It hasn't been used much lately. The Democrats don't have it.

  4. In politics we have to judge people by what they do over a lifetime. HC was and remains a criminal of the lowest sort. He might say she was never convicted but I say she was never tried or charged, steps he also never advocated in spite of much evidence to justify either. Also it remains to be seen how much he can really help DT. He has no real influence over Muleler. Some day he may find some priciple to defend out of vanity that will do him harm. I hope for his sake and ours he doesn't end up shot by both sides and really disappoint his parents.

  5. Trump shows who had bad parents.

    Donald really had no control over the bad influences he received from his father figures. Fred Senior attended KKK meetings in the 1920s and he got caught discriminating against blacks and he bilked a federal housing program.

    Donald's grandfather immigrated from Bavaria to New York and then set out to make his fortune in the Klondike Gold Rush. In Bennett, BC he operated the Arctic Restaurant & Whorehouse (um, Hotel) where sailors and gold miners spent their earnings and sperm.

    But perhaps Trump's most damaging father figure turned out to be Roy Cohn, the former lawyer for Tailgunner Joe McCarthy. Writer David Cay Johnston sees Trump’s association with Cohn — who, he said, “taught Donald how to hurt people”— as part of a disturbing pattern. “We have never had a major party candidate for president with the kind of relationships Donald Trump has,” Johnston said. While some past presidents have had unsavory friends and business associations, Johnston continued, “They were not the mob. They were not drug traffickers.”

    1. If you have to go back to the 1920s then you can be sure your great grand father was pretty racist as well.
      I dont know about the KKK. You anti Trumpers have a habit of making shit up, but even so , how does reflect on Trump today.

      And talk about unsavory associates, Obama hung out with racists, anti Semites and terrorists. Not to mention sleazy slum loards who funded his campaign

      Dude seriously get a clue.

    2. The kennedy's were real class, all low.shanty irish bog trotters posing as lace curtain. No crime to rum running. or lobotomizing one's own daughter.

    3. GREAT comment ysv. We’ve all got bad stuff in our pasts. My paternal grandfather got an Indian squaw knocked up out in North Dakota. Hello, Uncle Frank! S’all good. You make the best of your life’s bad decisions.

    4. So the Ballad of Eskimo Nell was wrong?

      It wasn't Deadeye Dick she played around with, it was Deadeye Donald!

      Yep, it must be true, there are even harlots today who swear to it!

    5. Show your proof to your assertions, Anon.

      Otherwise, you know.

  6. Speaking of bad parents, it reminds me of a Rodney Dangerfield joke.

    He said that When he was born, the doctor slapped his parents instead of him.

    I think these loser’s parents need to be slapped.

  7. The Red Badge of Courage. The protagonist ran, and got butt-stroked by another runner. And then, when he came to, he wandered around and grew as a man before he found his unit.
    And the next day he stood and advanced.

    The American experience allows for second chances, and many more.

    - Mikey NTH

  8. It rings true that he hasn't changed much politically in fifty years. It shows how far the Democrats have lurched to their left wing.

  9. "then you should hire a lawyer, and sue Mom and Dad for parental malpractice because they failed to raise you as a full-blown adult."

    I submit, Don, many of them had no father in their lives.

    1. I was 47 when I met mine. His choice.

    2. 47?? Holy schiese Big D. I had no idea. Hope you got to at least know him a little bit. Damn, brother. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Another trend for Dems is non-ownership of pets.
    Our neighborhood has lots of feral cats. So we are all exposed to fleas and cat poo. People don't want the responsibility I guess. They leave out water and crunchy food which attracts flies and rats along with the cats.
    It's not apparent to me that the cat's lives are so great. But we are inflicted with their presence with no voice in the matter.

    1. Jim, we have the same “problem” up here in WV. Except I welcome our wild feline warriors. They slay mice, and won’t blink taking on a squirrel (which is the biggest pest in the history of mankind, although my wife would disagree) too. Leave those cats alone.

    2. As the Great Jerry Pournelle used to say, "Squirrels are just rats with better PR."

  11. The bad parenting on the part of dems goes back a few years more. The ones we have today are acting JUST LIKE the ones that Lincoln had to deal with. Before he even got sworn in he was being sworn at

  12. Norman Finkelstein and a co=author showed that Dershowitz was a plagiarist and Dershowitz went after Finkelstein hammer and tongs. Although I don't care for Finkelstein's politics, Dershowitz is a plagiarist.