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Thursday, July 05, 2018

Trump the neocons

I really should stop giving Twitter free content. It hates conservatives and loves to ban us. But every now and then, an expert says something incredibly stupid and I cannot resist

Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, was the latest to egg me on.

Haass tweeted, "Reports that President Donald Trump planning to meet with Putin without staff present grounds for alarm given the stakes. Increases odds President Trump will freelance and that there will be subsequent disagreement over what was said and agreed. Singapore hardly a reassuring precedent in this regard."

President Trump owned Kim Jong Un at that summit, which formalized the deal they already cut on the telephone. Trump gave Kim respect; Kim gave up his nukes.

But I kept my reply on this Putin business, tweeting, "Putin will be the one in the bad position because President Donald Trump wrote the book on negotiating. You do realize they will have translators. The credentialed class, by the way, got us into this mess."

And Haass is credentialed. Dad made a pile of money on Wall Street, and sent his son to Oberlin and then Oxford. With a PhD in hand, Haass joined Jimmy Carter's Defense Department and then Reagan's State Department.

The ticket punching continued. Wikipedia reported, "In 1991, Haass received the Presidential Citizens Medal for helping to develop and explain U.S. policy during Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm."

Ah yes, turning a military victory into defeat. We did not remove Saddam Hussein, who understandably declared victory.

Under the second Bush, Haass simultaneously was United States Special Envoy for Northern Ireland and Director of Policy Planning until the think tank job opened up and he could cash in on his credentials. His salary at the Council on Foreign Relations was $889,098 in 2009, the most recent filing I could find.

He is a neocon who wants the United States to be the world's policeman. He wrote a book, "The Reluctant Sheriff."

Haass is upset that President Trump, who receives no salary as president, is not going to be a warmonger.

And Haass wants us to be Europe's Department of Defense in perpetuity.

"It is nearly half a century since Sen Mike Mansfield tried to reduce US forces in Europe.  He was defeated.  We then unilaterally cut our forces after the end of the Cold War. Now we are seeing the revival of Mansfieldism amidst a rising Russian threat," Haass tweeted.

Mansfield was the last World War I veteran to serve in the Senate. He was the one-time high school dropout who dared defy the Best and the Brightest whom President Kennedy recruited to run the government.

Who did Manfield think he was? I mean besides the Senate majority leader at the time. What did he know? His degree was from the University of Montana-Missoula and not Harvard or Yale.

But despite his pale CV, he dared to tell President Kennedy to withdraw from Vietnam. In 1963. And 58,000 American deaths later, we did.

So what is so bad about Mansfieldism? Had we listened to Mansfield we would have saved more than 57,000 American soldiers. Mansfield later served as ambassador to Japan for 12 years. Carter appointed him. Reagan kept the career Democratic politician on the job, whose knowledge of the Orient dared back to 1921 when he was stationed in the Philippines.

But poor Mike Mansfield did not have a PhD from Oxford, therefore, Mansfieldism is a bad thing.

Haass wants the United States not only to keep sending troops to Europe -- but not our manufactured items. Lord help everyone if our trading partners actually bought as much of our stuff as we buy of theirs.

"Again, NATO allies should spend more on defense. But threats of US doing less or rethinking NATO tie is not the way to bring it about.  Much better to focus on threats in area (Russia) and those outside (especially in Middle East and North Africa)," Haass tweeted.

Haass opposes President Trump's tough stance on NATO funding because it will work. Success is the last thing the credentialed class wants.

If Europe is so threatened by the Middle East and North Africa, why are all the neocons pushing for the open borders that bring in all these people who have flooded Europe? Methinks the agenda is something other than they state it.

Clearly, they want to drain the United States of its superpower status by pinning it down in Europe and with a series of wars that when hard-won victories are given away. Vietnam. The Gulf War. Iraq. Remember how President Bush 43 handed over Iraq? In retrospect, we should have allowed the nation to develop more.

Haass does not want President Trump directly setting our foreign policy because Trump will succeed, and our adversaries will fail.

That's Trump's track record.

Haass gave us the Gulf War, which we won on the battlefield and lost in the peace negotiations. But Haass got a nice medal, and eventually a big fat salary.


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  1. Another sterling post, Big D.

    My youngest brother is a Prof at the U of M - Da Griz. His pay is for shit but he loves his job because it gives him a chance to be an influencer. Would that more people were like that. Mansfield is a perfect example of eschewing the big dollars for service to one’s country. They don’t make em like Mike anymore.

    Also, thanks for pointing out the thing about Mr. T’s non-salary. That needs A LOT more airtime than it has been given.

    1. You bet !! Serving in that most difficult of jobs without accepting the stipulated salary - and then tiny-minded Dems accuse him of trying to "make an illicit buck" off the job by owning a D.C. hotel !!

      Truth be told, it is reliably estimated that doing this job will COST The President a Billion dollars.

      He has pledged his Life, his Fortune and his Sacred Honor - have any of the whining Schumers, Pelosies or DeNiros done the same?

    2. Exactly, Erik. The mask has been torn off. Today’s Democrat party wants total wealth redistribution and an end to the Constitution. A fight they can’t win, but apparently they’re gonna give it a try anyways.

  2. Using "Trump" as a verb rather than the much more appropriate four-letter verb starting with the letter "F" is very civil of you, Don.

    This is a family blog, after all. But I think we all know what you really mean, and we agree.

  3. Have MAGA will rally read the card of a man/ a leader without fear in a neocon land

  4. "Success is the last thing the credentialed class wants."

    A career can be made managing problems, not solving them.

    -Mikey NTH

    1. Exactly. Just like the poverty and racist pimps.

  5. Obama handed over Iraq, not Bush.

  6. “A career can be made managing problems, not solving them.”

    Just ask Al Sharpton and the Feminist Brigade. The President might have adjust the unemployment statistics upward again if those problems are solved and the poverty pimps and agitators are made redundant. JC

  7. Steve in GreensboroJuly 5, 2018 at 9:38 AM

    I think you are right, Don. The Neocons need Trump to fail.

    The Neocons need Trump to fail in order to abort the transformation of the Republicans from an “Invade the World, Invite the World” party into an “America First” party. By the end of Trump’s second term, the Democrats will have transformed into a PoC party (a la NY-14) and as such will be natural allies of the Palestinians (and anti-Israel), so without the Republicans, the Neocons will have no political home.

    It’s not about world peace or Israel’s security; Trump’s policies will certainly further both of these objectives more than Neocon fantasies. It is 100% about Neocons clinging vainly to power.

  8. "Dad made a pile of money on Wall Street, and sent his son to Oberlin"

    One of the most far left places in the country.

    1. "One of the most far left places in the country."

      That's today, but not back then I believe. It used to be an excellent small liberal arts school. Its radical bent is of recent vintage.

    2. Very true. When I graduated from high school in 1961, Oberlin was a small liberal arts college with a music department that specialized in producing professional musicians. If you couldn't make the cut to get in Julliard, Oberlin was the place to go.

  9. Jackie: “But if Ingrid Bergman doesn’t get on that plane, France will never be free.”

    Reseanne: “Yeah, like anybody cares about France!”

  10. Manfield also is one of the few people who served in the USMC, the Army AND the Navy. If there had been an Air Force then, he probably would have joined that, too. Then he came home and got a PHD. in Asian studies. Great man.