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Monday, July 23, 2018

Trump is tweeting World War 3 again

President Trump signaled today what he discussed with Putin last week. Once again, the media got it all wrong.

Iran threatened war with the United States on Sunday. President Trump tweeted back.

"Trump’s Iran saber-rattling dates back nearly 40 years," the Washington Post said in a headline.

As if we have had a peachy keen relationship with the mullahs for the past four decades.

"Trump's commentary on Iran dates to the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis, when he said the United States should have rescued the hostage by force. But he went even further, suggesting the United States should have toppled the regime and taken its oil," the newspaper reported.

It cited a quote from 1980: "I absolutely feel that [the U.S. should have sent troops], yes. I don’t think there’s any question, and there is no question in my mind. I think right now we’d be an oil-rich nation, and I believe that we should have done it, and I’m very disappointed that we didn’t do it, and I don’t think anybody would have held us in abeyance."

President Trump told this to gossip columnist Rona Barrett. I contend the gossip columnists have covered Donald John Trump with more integrity than the political reporters based in Washington and New York City.

Anyway, democracy dies in darkness, and the truth is in a sustained journalistic eclipse.

The New York Times said this was a diversion.

"Mr. Trump’s tough talk with Iran comes as he continues to face fierce criticism over his meeting last week with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia and vacillating statements over whether he believes Russia interfered in the 2016 election," the Times reported.

"This week Paul Manafort, Mr. Trump’s former campaign manager, is scheduled to face trial in Alexandria, Va., on charges of financial improprieties, the first of two criminal trials he faces. The trial will be the first prosecuted by the special counsel, Robert Mueller, who is investigating Russia’s interference in the presidential election."

The Times misread that meeting.

President Trump was getting Putin on board his foreign policy in North Korea, Syria, and Iran -- all at least nominally allied with Russia. So far, we have not heard a peep out of Putin, which make me wonder who is the puppeteer and who is the puppet.

Actually, I do not wonder. I know. Readers know. Let's move on to the communists, er, Democrats.

"Tim Kaine, D-Va., a member of the Senate Foreign Relations and Armed Services committees, said in a statement that the 'belligerent tweet is another alarming warning sign that he’s blundering toward war with Iran.' He called for the president to continue pressing Rouhani with sanctions and to 'not get pulled into another preventable war in the Middle East,'" Roll Call reported.

His full quote was, "I fear the United States is on the verge of blundering into another unnecessary war with Iraq's next door neighbor Iran. The same warning signs are on the horizon, and I hope we will turn back from the foolish path we seem to be taking."

So Putin is not siding with Iran but the Democrat Party is. That is good to know.

"We've seen a lot of very bellicose words from Mr. Trump in the past, but this tweet ... I think it takes it to a new level. This seems to be a little out of character and really a little alarming for many people ... This is really dangerous," CNN military analyst Rick Francona said.

And so President Trump is tweeting us to World Wart 3.

Just like he did in tweeting Kim Jong Un.

Meanwhile, the rebellion against the mullahs in Iran goes under the American media radar.

The U.S. government-funded Radio Farda reported, "Residents of the southern Iranian city of Borazjan have blocked the main road leading into the city as part of a protest over water shortages, state-run Iran Labor News Agency reports. [SNIP] Based on local reports, the taps in Borazjan have been dry for several days, and residents blame corruption and mismanagement by local authorities for the water crisis."

The Iranian regime needs a distraction. It chose the wrong one. The experts in the United States are proving themselves to be as useful as a fire hydrant in the ocean.


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  1. The world is a stage and the leading actor is generous, giving out bit parts to those who would otherwise have nothing else of consequence to do.

  2. Horrors!!! we are headed directly to wart!!!!

  3. The mullah's will fall from within. Iran will become a Persian nation again. And the media will blame PDJT for this.

    1. They may have a little help, but basically that's it.

      But, if the media wants to credit The Donald, I doubt he'll try to dissuade them.

    2. Trucker strike = no food or supplies, now no water. Yeah, those Moolay Boolays sure care about the people.

  4. Ah, so LibCommies, including Jew LibCommies, want to try sanctions AGAIN while Iran proceeds apace with nuclear weapons that could vaporize the state of Israel. LibCommies Jews don’t give a shit about Israel; therefore, they will most definitely get crispy in Hell. Sux ta be them.

  5. Stupid people never learn.

    Smart people learn from their mistakes.

    Really smart people learn from other people's mistakes.

    Into which category does our media fall?

  6. How long before "Trump is gonna start a nuclear war with Iran!" transforms into "Trump is gonna sell us out to Iran!"?

  7. Why doesn’t the media recall what President Peanut threatened the Soviets with why the moved into Afghanistan back in the day?

    Nuclear weapons were mentioned.

  8. If I were the Iranian mullahs, the U.S. would be the least of my worries. Aside from the continuing civil unrest the Israelis and the Gulf Cooperation Council are flat-out kicking their asses every day and every night. There is a growing accumulation of craters and destroyed equipment and a steady stream of coffins headed to Iran draped in the Iranian flag.

    The mullahs must be sending every dollar they can to their Swiss bank accounts and planning on a quick getaway when the time cimes. - Elric

    1. When the time comes, that is.

      Just read an article at the Jerusalem Post. Russia offered to pull the Iranians back 100 kilometers from the Israeli border. Israel said, Nope. All the way out of Syria. - Elric

  9. Don likes to say the media don't get it but this is almost never the case. They have their agenda, which they understand very well, weaken Trump's ability to govern. That's it. Take the NYT for example. They keep harping on Russia, Manifort and thr presser "blunder" because they think these things have had an effect and have already told their loyal sycophants so. They ran an article a day or so ago about how the troughers pick up some governorships due to failing enthusiasm for DT as a result of the "resistance", which they feel they started to begin with. They don't care at all about the status of Russian relations, Korea, Iran etc. They want revenge for being wrong yet again, period. Nothing else will do.
    As for Iran sanctions definitely can have an effect but the country has lots of trading friends and the mullahs have all the guns and thousands of fanatic real life Storm troopers at their command. No 2A there. They are also trying to wait Trump out in the hopes he fails in 20. In fact they have allies in Congress right now. Who would be surprised to see some attemps by Bernie front women helping them out in 19. Trump needs to keep his eye on the economy and make his play there. More rallies, more love here, not rely on Don Vlad and his Boyars or Kim the Fickle over there.
    The tape of Trump's interview with Barrett is worth watching on YouTube. He was great even at age 34, and right too. How much better would the world be and the Iranian people if his advice had even been partially followed.

    1. As long as the Dems give us the gift that keeps on giving, mesays go for it, Dems!!!

  10. It took quite awhile to see it but, PDJT is indeed in control of the Narrative, not the Media!
    I feel so much better knowing that!

  11. Oh, all caps. That really show'd 'em.

    Trump is a weak man's idea of a strong man.

    1. And your idea of a strong man is who, Obama? Please. You lefties merely project your weakness onto others that are infinitely stronger than you. Pathetic.

    2. Envy is the ugliest deadly sin.

    3. ...and yet he beat your crowd like an angry pimp on Saturday night. What does that make y'all?

  12. No biggie, there's nobody left to fight a war or die in a war because they're all dead due to net neutrality, tax cuts, the nomination of Kavanaugh, etc. Just ask the hand-wringers on the left.

  13. Dang this is a gay site. Don't bother blocking me, I won't be back pussies.

  14. This is impossible; we already had WW3 when Trump was mean to Kim. This must be #4.

  15. If the Conservative Tree blogger is correct, indicted Senate staffer Wolfe gave a reporter copies of the original FISA application. If true, the NYT has been lying through their teeth about the application.