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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Trump hater just F-ed himself

The white GMC Sierra pickup owned by Miguel Fonseca is pretty well known in the Houston area because of the lettering on its back window: "F--- Trump and F--- You for voting for him." The sign spells out the F-bomb.

Well, if that doesn't convince you to switch your vote, I don't know what will.

Republican Sheriff Troy Nehls of suburban Fort Bend County and Fonseca have had a feud ever since.

Wife Karen Fonseca once worked at the jail for Nehls. After the sheriff posted a picture of the truck on Facebook seeking to identify the owner, "F--- Nehls" was added.

But he should have added a front license plate. Texas requires two. (West Virginia is a single-plate state.)

A Sugar Land police officer pulled Mister Fonseca over Sunday for not having a front plate.

"The officer then discovered Fonseca had two outstanding Sugar Land warrants, one for alleged speeding and one for alleged failure to appear," the Houston Chrionicle reported.

"Fonseca allegedly refused to exit the truck at the officer's request and was forcibly removed, a police spokesman said. He now faces a new resisting arrest charge out of Fort Bend County in addition to the two city warrants."

His wife started a GoFrundMe to raise $1,000 to spring him.  He needs to post bond and pay $764 in fines before he can leave. Within 24 hours, she had raised $33.

"My husband was arrested a few hours ago over the window tint of our vehicle! I have no transportation for the kids, my husband is in jail and I am facing unnecessary fees," she said on her blog.

This is not the couple's first run in with the police.

"Karen Fonseca was booked into the jail shortly after 2 p.m. on Thursday for a fraud charge. According to jail records, she is out on bond," the Chronicle reported on November 17.

"According to the Rosenberg Police Department, Fonseca's felony warrant stems from a June 29, 2015 case for alleged fraudulent possession or use of identifying information. The case was reviewed by a grand jury in July 2017 and the warrant was issued at that time."

She held a press conference and said, "It's not to cause hate or animosity. It's just our freedom of speech and we're exercising it."

Saying F--- You is not out of hate or animosity? Then what is it? A desire to say go forth and multiply?

F--- this and F--- that. Who do they think they are? Jon Stewart? Ah, the Tourette's Syndrome Socialists.


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  1. Expecting manners and decency from a far left liberal is the same as the sun rising in the west, just not possible.

  2. Now ask y’self how this outcome could’ve been avoided.

    1. Huh. That's a real head-scratcher, ain't it?

  3. I don't often see bumper stickers with the "F" word spelled out, but when I do, I know I'm looking at a car full of genuine human trash.

  4. Back in the day, the F world alone on your car would’ve got you time in the pokey. My how this country has sunk.

  5. I don't even see this in a college town. But our lefties are smarter. They know they have to drive outside it now and then.

  6. Driving without two plates in Texas is simply stupid. If a plate is stolen off your car you call the police where you are parked and report it. They give you a card with the police report number and then you don't get a ticket until you get the plates and tag replaced which costs a grand total of $6. It just happened to me. IN HOUSTON! The officer didn't even get out of his patrol car as he wrote it up. He didn't check my license for warrants or anything. Acting the fool is asking for trouble. No pity for these miscreants.

  7. The Republican Party should pay to get this fool out of jail and rolling in his f*** truck. It is a great advertisement for Trump derangement Syndrome.

  8. "Life is hard.. It's harder if you're stupid!"

    John Wayne

  9. Waay back in the days when I worked for this little two-bit construction outfit, I had this '66 Chevy contractor's PU. short, narrow box, big six, and four speed. It was this distinctive baby blue
    color. so I and the PU were well known in the local community. My Pop knew EVERY Police officer and Sheriff in town due to his being in sporting goods for 30 years. As part o the crew I worked for I had to pick up this Pothead Arkie
    at his camper in a trailer park. As we drove to the job site, he'd flip off every Cop he saw. Arm out the window and I never saw him do that. OK I'm going through town alone. Boop!Boop1 behind me was a city Cop. Pulled me over."Say do you know your buddy-" "He's not my buddy!" I replied-"Ok he's flipped off every officer in the county." "do you have his name and address? " "Yep. no problem." I said.. Now the next morning
    I pull up to the camper-no Arkie. I am told by the mamager-
    "The police came and got him last night." I figured I'd find out by the time I got to town. BOOP! Boop! -I'm pulled over. "Your Arkie is in jail-two failures to appear on two pot tickets (this was Oregon.) " "Ok I'll tell the Boss." So I go to the site, the Boss in furious. "I have bail him out again!!"
    "We're about done." So, about 3 hr.s later here is boss, Arkie and his camper. to be emplaced o the job site.
    No pot, no booze,until the job is done.
    the site was 15 miles up a one lane USFS road in the Blue mtns. of NE Oregon.
    He was stuck. BTW the Arkie was welder and a good one-sober. We got the job done just as the snow flew..

  10. He could die in prison and I wouldn't give it another thought. I used to be so much more compassionate but the left has just beat it out of me. They've been pulling these stunts since the 60's and I'm just sick and tired of it all.