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Sunday, July 01, 2018

"Trump has a heart of gold," People magazine said

Reddit_The_Donald has a lot of memes and things about the 45th president. Today it had a quote from People magazine in 2008.

"Donald Trump doesn’t just have the golden touch for business – he also has a heart of gold," the meme said People said.

Skeptical, I checked it out. I mean, come on, it is a Time-Warner publication, you know the same corporation that kept a late-night host after she called President Trump's daughter the C-word.

So I checked it out.


That is exactly what People wrote on November 11, 2008.

"Donald Trump doesn’t just have the golden touch for business – he also has a heart of gold. The real-estate mogul has been housing Jennifer Hudson and some of her relatives at the Trump International Hotel and Tower free of charge," People said.

The pop singer was living through hell.

Her estranged brother-in-law had just shot and killed her mother, her brother, and her 7-year-old nephew. he offered her shelter from the storm of paparazzi.

I included the episode in "Trump the Press" as one of the acts of kindness by President Trump.

"Wonder what People Magazine would say today," the Reddit_The_Donald post said.

I really don't care. Do U?


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  1. You know who else had a heart of gold?



    1. Even if just sarcasm, that was in extremely poor taste.

    2. Agreed. come on, IQ, you’re better than that.

    3. I'm really not better than that. I'm deplorable.

  2. Better screen shot that before it disappears

  3. The only reason to care what People thinks now is to further expose the hippocracy of the left/media.

    1. That is worth a horse-laugh.......


  4. Trump has gotten out of his car to stop crime (tell me how many politicians ever did that), given combat troops a free ride home, housed people, all sorts of things.

    The one thing the Lefties actually got right.

  5. Big D has documented other cases of human kindness too. He will drive around his golf courses making sure the workers get every paving stone in place, just right, and then pay them handsomely afterwards. Mr. T doesn’t do anything halfassed. And we all benefit from the results.

  6. I believe I have seen every campaign speech and his rallies since his taking the oath of Office, and what I have always paid attention to - is how he treats and relates to the children. Comparison my be made to Joe Biden if one needs some verification.

    The media has a round hole, and keeps trying to fit the multi-sided, multifaceted DJT into their round hole. Given their ever-lower IQ level, they don't seem to be getting the clue.

    They cannot make him be what they want him to be, and it is driving them berserk. He's like a cat toying with a mouse between his paws.

    Sheer comedy gold!