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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Trump had a good week

My next book really will be "The Best 8 Years of Our Lives." So far, that is all I have written. I will get around to writing the book sometime in 2025. Right now, I am savoring each moment, and watching the grand restoration of the United States of America take place.

A column by Piers Morgan in the Daily Mail clarified the moment we are in.

"There’s a 24/7 outrage industry surrounding Trump which handsomely rewards those who participate in it – be they cable news networks, newspapers, late night talk shows, or politically-motivated entertainers on social media," Morgan wrote.

"Relentless Trump-bashing is hugely popular, and the more frenzied the better. It directly translates into substantially higher TV ratings, newspaper subscriptions, and for the entertainers - ticket/book/album sales.

"So his most ardent critics all have a big vested financial interest in mocking and abusing the President every minute of every day."

Being the biggest opportunist in journalism on either side of the pond, Morgan did some Trump bashing, but he also praises President Trump because Morgan realizes that history will, inevitably, vindicate President Trump. His critics are the bamboozlers and schnooks who got us into this mess.

The critics have soiled their reputations much like a baby does a diaper, and for the same reason. His critics cannot digest what they are witnessing.

President Trump is the first altruistic president we have had since Ronald Reagan or Ike Eisenhower. None of these men needed nor wanted fortune or fame. They put America first. Eisenhower inherited the Korean War and immediately reached a ceasefire.

(He may very well have been the best president in the 20th century, making accomplishments in infrastructure -- the interstate system and the Saint Lawrence Seaway -- on civil rights and in starting the space program. We are not taught these things in school.)

But President Trump's critics don't see him for what he is: the champion of America. Dan McLaughlin of National Review tweeted on April 28, 2016, "20 years from now -- maybe 2 years from now -- everyone in the GOP will want to say they were against Trump now." He has that as his pinned tweet. He doesn't realize how foolish that tweet is.

Morgan gave an insight into President Trump's diplomacy by recalling a conversation with Bill Clinton on dealing with Putin.

"Putin’s a hard man. A very hard man. But he respects strength and remarkably we had a good, blunt relationship. We used to kick everyone out of the room then go at it with each other. And I mean GO at it. It would get brutally blunt in there. But we’d get stuff done and agree on things," Clinton told Morgan.

Morgan asked, did Putin honour those agreements?

"Yes he did, every time. He kept his word on all the deals we made," Clinton said.

There was one other thing.

"I always believed you should try to be honest with people in private and if you want them to help you, try to avoid embarrassing them in public," Clinton said.

That is how President Trump has handled Kim Jong-Un as well as Putin. Public humiliation is a weapon best reserved for a real Hitler.

Morgan said Trump had a bad week. I disagree. President Trump met with Putin and made sure Russia is aboard the North Korean deal, which is the foundation of President Trump's foreign policy.

1. The deal makes that corner of the world safer.

2. The deal uses American muscle to back up the local leaders. The future of the Korean Peninsula will be decided by Koreans without Chinese or Japanese interference for the first time since 670.

3. The deal stands as a warning to Iran and other rogue nations.

I am pretty sure we took out Kim's nuke program and all this is pageantry, but how we got here does not matter. We are here.

And when they hand out the Nobel Peace Prize, give it to Kim and President Moon Jae-in of South Korea. President Trump does not need it. Korea does. Korean pride matters a lot more than any American's feelings.

Morgan interviewed President Trump aboard Air Force One.

The president told him, "I’d like to see peace. A lot of people thought we’re going to be at war with Trump as President. Well here it is -- we’re getting rid of wars. We’re actually getting out of wars.’

"Look, if we can get along with Russia that’s a good thing. For the United States to get along with Russia and China and all these other places…. Piers that’s a good thing, that’s not a bad thing. That’s a really good thing."

The best 8 years of our lives.

And this week was one of the better of those 416 weeks because it was a week in which the leaders of world's two nuclear super powers met, and agreed to wage peace.

I can see why warmongers would call it treason.


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  1. Also, by 2024, there will no longer be a Democrat Party as we know it today. The SocDems will have taken a huge chunk of followers, and the Green Party will have increased its membership also. Plenty of seats still available on The Train, people. All are welcome!

  2. Excellent, vivid writing in this piece!

  3. If you want peace to guide the planets, and love to steer the stars, don’t ask a hippy-dippy Leftie to arrange it.

  4. One set of rules for a Clinton, another for anyone else.

    Could just substitute Democrat or leftist for Clinton there, and you have the political world of the 21st century.

  5. This is why we love him, "...your favorite president did nothing wrong." Keep on a'tweetin'!

  6. Don't be surprised, should Putin visit WashDC, if Trump honors Putin with an address before a joint Session of Congress...
    ...only to be sullied by ALL Democrats (+ the Usual Suspects boycotting).

  7. Good read Don. I've never been a Rush Limbaugh listener but there was a time when I worked in an office where the owner had it on whenever I was there. I remember Rush saying, after Clinton won, that this was probably the best thing that could have ever happened to his career. Rush was doing pretty well before Clinton but he has certainly profited handsomely ever since with no little credit given to Slick Willy.

  8. One point you miss is the shrieking hysteria of not only the Lefties, but also the NeverTrumpers, many of whom came out of the woodwork.

    Every time they go insane marks them for who they are. And I do believe the NeverTrumpers are beginning to realize they've lost the party, so be prepared to see them out of the closet holding hands with the Demos.

    I also think the people, as Don notes, have seen through all of this.

    He may very well have been the best president in the 20th century

    You can't say that. It sullies the memory of Blessed Franklin of Roosevelt and Kennedy the Martyr.

    He was also a Republican.

  9. I think a prime reason for Never-Trump misery is the fact that real Americans were spared the stress and trauma of a Clinton presidency and were not going to spend the next four years at their feet begging for "wisdom" and "hope". We found out we could just do it all without them, ourselves. Now they face no upsurge in their incomes and a shrinking audience to boot. I like Ben but I don't ever need to see him on YouTube "owning" another 20-something bimbo with a gender studies degree.

  10. Morgan praises PDJT more than most. His article on Air Force 1 was a good read. He goes way back with our President.

    Amazing that Morgan, a fool when he was on CNN gets this more than most.

    What a ride and we are the lucky beneficiaries.

  11. Only 18 months in office and more excitement and thrills ahead. Pray for the president's and family's safety.

  12. Yes, with the Crazies getting all stirred up, the Secret Service really have their work cut out for them.

  13. The Trump presidency is like a ride on a rollercoaster. There are ups, there are downs, slow climbs, fast drops. There are heart-in-your-mouth fast turns around steep corners. Hold on, folks. The ride is not over yet.

  14. At the 2016 election, the Democrats were the Road to Damnation and the Never-Trumpers were the Road to Perdition.

    Voters with any sense figured they’d cut through the woods, so they voted for Trump.

  15. Trump had his lunch stolen by North Korea with NOTHING to show for it. Putin humiliated him on live TV. Only the Trump cult could claim otherwise. Meanwhile Agent Orange literally has secret agreements with Putin. SMH

    1. SMH

      LMK if you need any help with that.

    2. Just curious here- but how do you shake your head when it's so far up your backside? Why, that hardly seems possible! (No, I don't want to see your video, that would be disgusting.)

      As to your unhinged rant- those three Americans freed by the Norks would probably beg to differ with you about whose lunch got stolen.

      Putin didn't humiliate anyone; he isn't as stupid as you warmongers are- he realizes what you don't: Trump has the full house, and Putin's got only a pair showing.

      He knows he could, and would, get clobbered if he pulls something so he's being Mr. Nice Guy. It's a pity you believe the FakeNews, as they're the ones who humiliated themselves as well as everyone (like you!) who swallowed their crap!