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Sunday, July 01, 2018

The luck of the Trumpish

I wrote on Tuesday, "I do know that soon the Democrats will start talking about President Trump's dumb luck because that will be their only possible explanation for his success with the economy and world affairs."

In the intervening five days, my prophecy has come to pass.

Like Aesop's unsuccessful fox, Michael Gerson of the Washington Post said those grapes were lucky.

"Luck -- pure, dumb luck -- is an underestimated advantage in politics, and Donald Trump is one lucky man. He ran for the Republican nomination against a fractured field, in which the other candidates tore each other to shreds. He drew a historically unlikable and self-destructive general-election opponent. He got a last-minute boost from then-FBI Director James Comey’s inexplicable decision to announce the reopening of the Hillary Clinton email investigation. He entered office on an economic upswing. And he will choose two justices -- at least -- for the Supreme Court," Gerson wrote.

Each of the last four presidents got to appoint two justices.

But Gerson also said, "Trump is an economic illiterate."

He misspelled billionaire.

The editors at the Associated Press also implied he is lucky, writing, "A Supreme Court vacancy just fell in his lap, offering a chance to shape the court for decades. The current court handed him two favorable rulings in a single week. And there's a Russia summit on the horizon, promising headlines for a week or more. President Donald Trump is enjoying quite a hot streak."

That hot streak began sometime in the 1970s when he took over his father's business. Even in his two divorces and four trips to bankruptcy court, Donald Trump was lucky. Not many men bounce back from being a billion dollars in the hole to being a multi-billionaire again. then again, not many men marry three models.

Never Trumper Ben Shapiro also used luck to explain Trump's success as president, something Shapiro never saw coming.

"New York Yankee Hall of Famer Lefty Gomez had a saying he liked to repeat: 'I’d rather be lucky than good.' Of course, it’s better to be both lucky and good. President Trump is lucky. And so far, he’s been pretty damn good with that luck," Shapiro wrote.

He too falls on that revisionist history of President Trump being lucky to draw Hillary, Jen and Marco as opponents in 2016.

Let me explain President Trump's luck. He avoids battles he cannot win. Knowing the house never loses, Trump went into gambling -- as the house. He made a fortune but overextended himself. He worked hard and came back.

In fact, the way I spell Trump's luck is hard work.

But those who opposed him and those who oppose him now are losers who blame their bad luck. Emerald Robinson, the chief White House correspondent for One America News Network, explained what Trump has done to them.

"With the installation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, and a yet-to-be-named reliable replacement for the unreliable Anthony Kennedy, Donald Trump will have confirmed himself as the most consequential conservative president of the modern era (or a close second to Reagan if you’re nostalgic). This will be complete vindication for Trump supporters, which means it’s really the end for the so-called Never Trump conservatives. Of course, there have been so many humiliating defeats for that crowd that we are spoiled for choice. What was your favorite blunder, or blown prediction, which marked their ignominious end?" she wrote.

I have written two books of them. Bill Kristol's cries of Peak Trump though had to be my favorite moments of their political impotency.

She ended her column devastating George Will.

"In that sense, Will’s latest column was merely the fitting coda to a long career of effete snobbery — one that had led him to 'leave the party' before it won the White House and march off into the wilderness. (Someday, his columns from the Trump years will be collected and they should be titled: 'An Apotheosis of Narcissism.') He would take his tea and his bow-tie elsewhere. The headmaster of the stuffy wimps would not take part in the victory of the counter-punchers. At last, like so many of his fellow Never Trumpers, he was a pundit without a party and, ultimately, without an audience," she wrote.

Emerald is golden.

As are the Trump years.


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  1. Can someone tell me how he gets the nominee through the 4 obnoxious RINO's? When Susan Collins goes through her iterations and heaving thinking, is she gonna vote YEA? McCain? If he's around, will he be his normal, self serving, vindictive? Our side takes this for granted. I would love for it to be correct

    1. _NO_NAME_ may pull the pin for Mitch and the Federalist Society.
      I understand there are no guarantees.

  2. Gerson is an armchair. Not an armchair this or that. An armchair. His owners sit on him and fart and he supports them. And he has the IQ and dignity to match.

  3. Emerald is a gem. Loved the article and her attack mode writing with gems such as this “Trump threw wild verbal haymakers at Hillary at campaign rallies....”. I will continue to look for her articles.

  4. My favorite clueless moment was when NRO declared that they were "Never Trump." It was an unforced error that exposed their impotence while killing their credibility.

  5. Each of the last four presidents got to appoint two justices.

    He figures he will get to appoint 4.

    Or maybe 5.

  6. "He avoids battles he cannot win."
    He wanted ObamaCare to be replaced ... with a Rep health care plan. But the majority Reps couldn't agree. It was their failure, not Trump's, which is why it hasn't totally been repealed.

    He fights to win, and chooses when & how to fight.

    He also chooses to fight, and win, over those who attack him, yet are beneath him, so many anti-Goliath folk think it's beneath him to fight back. I used to think so, but now I don't.

    Always fight back against any who you notice are fighting you, and you think can win.

    My guess is the reason he's not yet fighting Rosenstein, by firing him, is that he doesn't yet think he can win. He can get him fired, but can he win the post-firing PR storm?

    Not fighting if you can't win -- a very very good philosophy.

    I'm glad Trump so often fights.

    1. That was my thought. Since the Russia, Russia, Russia stuff brought more problems for the DOJ, the FBI, and the Deep State than he, Trump decided it was better to let that just roll on. Now the only people who don't think of it as a "frame-up" are the dedicated Hillary partisans.

      Otherwise, with the NeverTrumpers, he just let them announce who they were and move across the field. The best thing to do, really.

      -Mikey NTH

  7. Collins and Murkowski (2-digit IQ, anyone?) will present quite the challenge re SCOTUS, we'll have to watch this closely.

    1. Manchin, Heitkamp and Donally will cover those two and he who cannot be named. They either vote with the President or find another job after November. That's why Mitch isn't waiting until after the election. All three might be so far behind their opponents that it won't matter if they vote against the President. That's the only klinker.

  8. Each of us makes our own luck. Being as prepared as possible for when opportunity strikes is not luck. It is being prepared and open to possibilities.

    1. “Things worthwhile generally don’t just happen. Luck is a fact, but should not be a factor. Good luck is what is left over after intelligence and effort have combined at their best. Negligence or indifference are usually reviewed from an unlucky seat. The law of cause and effect and causality both work the same with inexorable exactitudes. Luck is the residue of design.” (Branch Rickey, 1952)

  9. 'Luck' can be found at the intersection of Preparation Street and Opportunity Avenue which are two roads DJT has traveled.

  10. "...Hillary, Jen and Marco..." ? Who is Jen?

  11. With any luck Trump will get a third SCOTUS when Ginsburg resigns or kicks the bucket.

    1. What makes you think she hasn't already kicked that bucket? LOL. I watched her for a little while on C-SPAN the other day and she looked like a walking corpse. She was bowed over, head down, could barely read her speech notes, and spoke so slowly and quietly it's a wonder her audience didn't fall into a deep snooze like she so often does in public. I have to wonder how sharp her mind still is and how much of her work in the Court is carried out by her clerks. She's frail; but is she senile?

    2. The good die young, Ginsberg is never going to die. She will be like those 1950's corny Mummy movies. Living only to destroy those that oppose the far left stupidity.

  12. “Throughout history, poverty is the normal condition of man. Advances which permit this norm to be exceeded — here and there, now and then — are the work of an extremely small minority, frequently despised, often condemned, and almost always opposed by all right-thinking people. Whenever this tiny minority is kept from creating, or (as sometimes happens) is driven out of a society, the people then slip back into abject poverty.

    This is known as "bad luck.” - Robert Heinlein