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Friday, July 13, 2018

The flaw in the Democratic Party plan

Demographics is destiny, or so Democrats say. They point out that differences in birth and immigration rates will make white people a plurality in 2050 -- a century after they were 90% of the population.

Democrats plan to rule by cobbling together a coalition of Hispanics, African-Americans, and white-guilt liberals.

There are two flaws with that.

The first is that they offer no ideas and no guiding principle, other than power for the sake of holding power. This is how they govern in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, and other lost civilizations scattered across the land like so many weeds.

The second and deadliest flaw is called assimilation. You can take the boy out of Mexico. but you can't put the Mexico back into the grandson.

Confused? Well, let us look at Univision, a Spanish network based in the United States. It relies on an audience of first-generation immigrants, both legal and illegal.

Two years ago it bought Gawker Media after Hulk Hogan succeeded in winning an invasion of privacy lawsuit that forced the sale of the online sites.

"For Univision, this is a quadrupling down on a Millennial strategy that began with the founding of Fusion. Demographics is destiny and per Pew, growth among U.S. Hispanics is no longer driven by immigration but by birth, which results in an increase in English-dominant Hispanic households," Jorge Bonilla of News Busters wrote on August 18, 2016.

Got that?

English dominant Hispanic households. Sounds like a contradiction in terms, and to some extent it is, but it is what every other ethnic group goes through. It is called assimilation.

Once, Cleveland had the second-most Hungarian speakers in the world. Today, the grandchildren of Little Budapest (East 116th and Buckeye) call themselves white.

And Hispanics are assimilating. Univision is in trouble.

"Univision Communications Inc., the Spanish-language TV giant that has been struggling to keep pace with the changing tastes of the evolving U.S. Hispanic audience, wants to get out of the English-language website business," the Miami Herald reported on July 12, 2018.

"Univision has hired Morgan Stanley as a financial advisor to explore the potential sale of Gizmodo Media Group, a suite of websites that include The AV Club, Gizmodo, The Root, Jezebel and Deadspin, and its majority stake in the comedy/satire website The Onion."

Univision needs the money.

"According to its first quarter 2018 report, Univision's quarterly revenue was $684.2 million, a drop of 1.2 percent. Advertising revenue was $369.6 million, a 6.5 percent drop.," the newspaper said.

It is losing audience to Telemundo -- and assimilation.

Democrats, take note.


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  1. The BLM and kneeling football felons may have something to do with a falling off of the idea of "brown pride" that isn't even all that brown. The notion that a tiny quantal increase in melanocytes has bonding qualities between Hispanics, Asians, and subsaharan Americans is as ludicrous as the old "one drop" ideology in the Old South.

    The problem for the Dems has been the same for the last forty years and is getting more ragged all the time. How do you hold together a coalition based on something only as real as the emperor's new clothes?

  2. What I don't understand is the Dems facination with skin color in general.
    I'm all three races and Quite dark.
    I'm two shades Darker than "Talcum X"-Shaun King. Every time I've had problems with my racial make up was with a lefty Lib. TG

  3. assimilation happens in three steps: 1) the children of the first generation want to be like their American classmates, not like their parents from the old country 2) the women want to be like the American women when it comes to clothes, makeup, hair, lifestyle, etc. 3) the men follow along. Voila.

  4. Hispanic assimilation is increased by good jobs and better standards of living.

  5. I misread this sentence - “This is how they govern in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, and other lost civilizations scattered across the land like so many weeds.”

    But my misread is also true - “lost civilizations shattered across the land”.

    Great line.

  6. My wife and I attended a conference in San Antonio maybe 14 years ago. As good children of the 50s, we had to go see the Alamo.

    They have a large diorama depicting the battle at its height in one of the buildings. A good-looking young woman, clearly Hispanic, was leading her 2 little boys around and they were fascinated by it (as little boys usually are by that sort of thing).

    They wanted to know who were the people climbing over the walls. The mother answered, "The bad guys".

    Now that's assimilation.

  7. The Dems’ demographic election plan is going to take a right to the chops when the white flight from Western Europe kicks in.

  8. My confidence in assimilation used to be strong. Now, not so much; I'm a California native that went overseas for over 30 years- and when I came back, my California was gone. It won't be back.

    California now isn't Mexican, exactly- but it's certainly not American any more. This is a Constitution-free state; American history isn't taught in our schools, and many schools don't have the Pledge of Allegiance any more. On the radio you hear a lot of Mexican music; but my C&W stations are gone now too. Who's assimilating what?

    Kids here have been sent home from school for wearing US Flag-motiv T-shirts and other patriotic gear, but Mexican flags are all over the place.

    All that said, it isn't the Mexicans who are changing our culture so much that worry me the most.

    No, it's that other ideology, the one that can't be mentioned; it doesn't assimilate at all, but expects everyone to comply with their culture instead.

    Erdogan in Turkey once said, "Democracy is like a train; when you reach your destination you get off." Some cultures don't even allow tracks. They are one-way only, and I don't like the way they go.

    Please tell me I'm wrong. I'd love to believe in the melting-pot again!