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Sunday, July 22, 2018

The election meltdown has not ended

It's been nearly two years since Hillary lost. Let's look on Twitter to see how her supporters are handling the loss.

To every woman who threw up on election night, who sobbed on the bathroom floor, who dry heaved trying to imagine how to tell her kids what had happened, who couldn’t stop physically shaking, who felt the horror of what was to come, I say this: WE KNEW. WE KNEW. WE KNEW.

You throw up when your candidate loses an election?

That is how Hillary's supporters handle a setback?

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Yes, we knew. And we told *everybody* around us; we willingly showed our scars, begging them not to put a man like that in authority over us again—trust us, we said, he’s bad news. And many people said, oh poor dear, gouged those scars again, then set us aside. Yes,


Since when is voting a bloodsport?

Sobbed on the bathroom floorπŸ™‹πŸΌ‍♀️

I hate in when there's no toilet paper on the roll, but crying ain't gonna wipe your bottom.

I cried reading this. I thought I was the only one. I heaved trying to tell my 7 year old- big ugly sobs.

Remember when 7-year-olds went running to cry to Mommy when they lose?

Now Mommies cry to them.

I cried for 3 days and stuffed my face with chocolate croissants. The results of that election shattered my faith in America and in humanity. It wasn't about political party. It was about Americans celebrating a hatred of minorities and of women.😒

I wonder what she weighs now.

In Australia I saw the results roll in. I went numb. Felt my heart sink down to my ankles. It took ages to shake off the feeling of dread. Dread has been replaced by daily disbelief & a deep concern for the future of democracy in the US Fellow Aussie's did you know too?

The future of democracy is in jeopardy because people elected a president she did not like?

Schools need to spend more time instructing pupils on what a democracy is and what it is not.

That's something my trump loving husband doesn't understand. Women are rising and it will be us to take this country back.

Quick, anyone know a good divorce lawyer for Uncle Mimi?

Dude, you need to gnaw off that leg and escape the trap.

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My previous boss texted me to taunt me the next day. His exact words were "The Clinton Dynasty is over - thank god!". He made fun of me when I said this country will suffer greatly. I Knew.

The ex-boss should help Uncle Mimi escape.

My boy broke down crying the next morning. "Are they gonna make people slaves again momma?"

Anyone know the number for Child Protection Services?

The following morning at work my boss said I didn't look well. I said I wasn't. He said "it's not that bad..." I said "you just wait."


I declared the party over early because I couldn’t stop scream-crying. Went to bed and had nightmares all night. Still have them every day.


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I was so proud and so excited to vote. I thought good would finally have a chance again. It didn’t coz we lost and not for one moment has the terror stopped. I have not been and will probably never be the same. I as an individual and we as a nation lost so much.


I went to bed before it was called. I had a terrible feeling — that had started while canvassing for Hillary 3 days before Election Day & hostile white men DID NOT CARE AT ALL that Trump boasted about sexually assaulting women. My wife woke me at 2:30 am sob-screaming.

20 years ago, sex was private because Bill was president.

Then again, 20 years ago women did not have wives.

I cried. I mean, I had to go to work, but I did cry. I had to shut off from social media and all news. I did the same during the inauguration. I didn't do this with Bush and wouldn't have done it had Obama lost. This election was different.

This time it is different.

Keep telling yourself that.

Sad day when My country forgot its roots and humiliated itself and everything America was.

Yes, we forgot we were a slave-owning, genocidal country and elected a man who hired the first woman in the world to oversee a skyscraper project, amirite?

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Thats why we are the superior gender. they don't call it "Woman's intuition" for nothing.

Misandry is ugly. But she is also transphobic to those other 57 genders.

Hey, at the time I thought it was a disaster too and I didn't throw up or cry. Know what I did? I walked away from Clinton, the left, the biased media and the crying/vomiting SJWs. Hilary was not an answer. A silly hashtag and saying you "knew" is worth nothing.

Uh oh. We have an escape.

Sound the alarm.

Release the hounds.

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I work in a library. The day after, everyone was wearing black and we all knew and acted like it was a funeral.

Oddly enough, they did the same thing at the convent.

This. that night I was in my bed in my darkened bedroom, and with every update coming in on my phone a vise got tighter around my chest. A visceral horror, one that stayed in my throat as a growing lump with my eyes wide open, backed up with tears afraid to flow.

After 64 years, I am finally seeing the point the anti-suffragettes were trying to make.

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I packed up my two small kids and my dogs and drove 10 hours just so I could be with my mom. I was devastated.

She seems reasonable.

(Again, what is the number for Child Protection Services?)

Couldn't get out of bed or function the next day.

For some reason, I don't think she functioned well before the election either.

I had to take a week off of work trying to wrap my head around what to do. I considered quitting and being a full time activist.

That's how you handle an election loss, skip work for a week.

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Of course ! Even before he got nominated it only took 15 mins of watching his Biography ( History channel I think) to know that he is an ugly human being .

A woman who doesn't know what channel she is watching is an expert on Donald Trump after watching a TV show for 15 minutes.

My confidence in the American voter is restored.

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I was completely inconsolable. Today, I’m in the fight for the future of this country, my children and grandchildren, and even those who just don’t get it. This is not a drill. Winter is Here!

Winter? Not in the United States of America, where it is summer and the future's so bright, gotta wear shades.

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I burst into tears when I told my 12 and 14 year old daughters the next morning.

Yes, crying over an election is a great way to raise strong women.

One of the most raw horrified emotions I think I’ve ever felt/expressed so far in my 47 years on the planet.

They age but don't mature.

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I took my dogs on a walk and bawled the whole way passing a neighbor and her child, she called out she felt the same way

That sounds like a good neighborhood to raise children in....

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I stayed up way too late messaging with because both of us were in shock and unable to sleep. I still can’t believe this is the world we live in.

Reality bites.

I suggest she try some drugs.

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Worst night of my life!! Now we suffer the corruption & lies of this & yes,

It wouldn't be a crazy online conversation without someone dragging Hitler in.

Finally, some sanity entered the thread.

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I felt the same way when Obama was elected. But I acted like an adult. I did not riot. I did not destroy. I didn’t lose my mind. I did not shoot a Republican congressman. I voted. how bad Obama would be. You might really want to seek a mental health consult. Seriously 😳

No. Don't be telling them that. I crave these liberal tears.


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  1. Can they get shrinks with their Obamacare policies? (I'm guessing yes since the psych/sociology bunch are generally lefties and we do need to keep providing funds.)
    Personally, I think all but one of those tweeters (twits) are nuts.

  2. "Scream-Crying" is not emotion,

    it's Showing - off.

  3. Paging Lucy van Pelt...the doctor definitely needs to be in.

  4. Bare wrists. Sharp knife. Go for it.

    OK, that's mean. You can delete this comment, but hell I am soooo tired of the overwrought public, psychotic meltdown of such people. It was an ELECTION people! Life goes on. Either get on with it or get OUT of it. Your choice.

  5. This is the same meltdown we have been seeing since Bush was declared the victor in the 2000 election. It abated for a while during the O administration but was still sitting there in the brains of the libs waiting to break out like an cancer.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I don't get it, after eight years of near daily reminders that Worthless Willie was a serial rapist, you'd think women would be glad to see him disappearing over the horizon.
      Of course, in Barry they picked the most effeminate thing walking, and since Bill was our first "black" president, that meant Barry was our first female prez. There was no first for HiLlARy unless you take into account the level of depravity in which case the first subhuman.

  6. I just realized something. The Left in this country reminds me of being with My Psycho Ex-Girlfriend, especially toward the end. Every day was some new insanity that wore me down until I couldn’t function anymore.

    Leftists are psychotic b*tches.

  7. Wow, my reaction was so different. My biceps got huge, my hair grew back, and my testosterone is off the charts. #IKNEW and it was, still is - AWESOME!

    1. How does that line of dialogue in the movie go? "I'll have what he's having."

  8. Don, be careful. Latest scientific studies are indicating that Leftist tears may be more addictive then cigs.

    As in all things my friend, moderation is the key.

    Your friend,

    1. It's all the drugs they've consumed oozing from their ducts. Not just addictive, possibly poisonous.

  9. The XIX Amendment was the beginning of the end for Western civilization. These childish twits won't stop until they turn America into some giant Mean Girls Club.

    1. Women easily give up civil rights for security. Sad but true. Estrogen is the real poison in the American body politic.

  10. Thanks for sharing these, Don -- because these people are insane. And they are a minority who act like a majority (and yes, I know, and I believe thanks to illegals voting, Hillary did get a majority of the votes counted ... but I do not believe every single Hillary supporter is a part of the resistance that will kill or do anything to harm a Trump voter.

    The thing that really gets me, like the one above who says Trump's victory was a celebration of hating minorities and women is where they get such an idea. The part of Black Lives Matter that wants revenge on cops trying to control crime and revenge by murdering cops is not the essence of any movement except the most radical fringe. People of all races, nationalities, and religions would, mostly, like to live their lives without gangs and crime. And Antifa is not the norm, although it is there, especially among young men and women who get caught up in it on their college campus ... but it is so far below any number that would make them seem like a consensus (you know, that Coulter and Shapiro and many others must be stopped from speaking because their words are somehow destroying the whole universe).

    Trump, so far, has done everything that has been good for all -- except illegal criminals. He has even said he's willing to embrace a form of DACA that will solve that humanitarian take on the issue while protecting all Americans, all immigrants, and even peaceful illegals who could qualify for DACA from the gang bangers, rapists, and killers that Democrat cities are protecting. Those power-motivated Democrats are the ones celebrating hatred of minorities and women!

    1. You always come through the back door,what a bunch of BS,
      "Trump, so far, has done everything that has been good for all -- except illegal criminals. He has even said he's willing to embrace a form of DACA that will solve that humanitarian take on the issue while protecting all Americans, all immigrants, and even peaceful illegals who could qualify for DACA from the gang bangers, rapists, and killers that Democrat cities are protecting. Those power-motivated Democrats are the ones celebrating hatred of minorities and women!"

    2. So Anon- you just want to shoot the DACA illegals along with the other illegals & criminals?

      OK, that's harsh, but it works for me! It's sad that Trump is far too nice a guy to do that, isn't it.

  11. Q said it best:


  12. Get some therapy, you silly bitches.

  13. My daughter’s fetus asked me if all of the bad things she heard on CNN through her mommy’s stomach about our new President were true? I told her not to worry because #weknew that our new president would be great and he defeated a criminal and pathological liar. She was glad and awaited her birth many months later. She did not cry.

  14. I always said the dumbest thing this country ever did was give women the vote.

    But, hey, how much fun is too much?

    And we told *everybody* around us; we willingly showed our scars

    Where did she serve? Ira, 'Nam, New Guinea, the Staked Plains, Chapultepec?

    Since when is voting a bloodsport?

    Since the Democrat Party.

    1. Yes, giving women the vote wasn't the best idea, as history (herstory?) has proven.

      Maybe we should take it away again, and from the soyboys too; worth a try!

  15. “To every woman who threw up on election night, who sobbed on the bathroom floor, who dry heaved, etc...”

    That’s not an election loss, girlie, that’s too many vodkas-and-orange,

  16. Don,
    Most of the comments above could have been written by me in 2008 and 2012.... but after a few weeks of disbelief and depression, I said, "I HAVE to feel better...what can I do to feel better?" After a few minutes, I thought, "Buy a Corvette." I did. Felt MUCH better ever since... got me through those ghastly eight years.

  17. These people "function" at the level of spoiled teenagers. Segments of our society, like universities, are full of them

  18. An awful lot of folks on the left lost their minds on election night in 2016. And they have yet to find them.

  19. I have always understood the point that the anti-suffrage movement was trying to make, and I am still an abiding member of it.

  20. It's like the Monty Python sketch featuring the four Yorkshiremen.
    'I'm more consumed by hysterical rage over Trump than you!'

  21. "...Since when is voting a bloodsport?"

    Answer: when one votes their vagina.

  22. But let's not forget more women voted for Trump than Clinton. They knew alright.

  23. Remember this?

    The Dems still haven’t learned.

  24. "WeKnew" what? Is this about the Trump-Putin meeting? Are they suggesting that the meeting confirmed their paranoid fantasies? The best part of 2025 will be going up to these snowflakes and asking, "Where were the concentration camps you said Trump was going to run? What happened to the Russian invasion? Why didn't the world end?"

  25. Judging by the tweets you post, giving women the vote was a mistake.

  26. You can think of it this way: Obama's election and re-election just gave them eight years to let their anger and fury percolate, because, let's face it, anger and fury is all these people are about. They spent the run-up to the election getting ready for the Mighty Hand of Hillary to smack us down, and when they didn't get it, they exploded. The Left is at varying stages of Kubler-Ross's Five Stages of Grief, and I'm glad there are some that are moving closer to acceptance.

  27. Each and every one of these lovelies is in danger right now... their "community" is convincing them that there will be a big blue wave in the midterms, to save them from a fate worse than death.
    I hope someone is setting up support groups, these scream cryers will be suicidal when they are disappointed in November, and then their kids will be even more damaged.