Sunday, July 15, 2018

Take Trump's advice, England

Donald Trump wrote the book on negotiations. Why not? Wheeling and dealing had turned the millionaire into a billionaire. Now he has given British Prime Minister Theresa May advice on how to leave the European Union.

"He told me I should sue the EU — not go into negotiations. Sue them," May told the BBC.


Did she thank him for the free advice?

"Actually, no, we’re going into negotiations with them," May said.

Such a fool. This advice came from a man who talked 50 banks out of not bankrupting him 25 years ago.

This advice came from a man who later talked those same banks into financing his projects.

This advice came from a man who talked Kim Jong Un into stopping his nuclear testing, closing his nuclear test site, and releasing three hostages in exchange for a meeting as equals in Singapore.

May ignored his advice.

And which one has the three story penthouse overlooking Central Park.



But who wants to make Britain great again?


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  1. "listen Grasshopper, you must engage the ancient art, you too could be third degree black belt in ISUE."
    Trump to May...TG

  2. The Brits hate any and all external advice, just as we do in a way. But They don't care where it comes from, however good it might be, out of pride, whereas here, at least under Trump, because we know better in reality.
    May was against Brexit before she was for it. Most politicans want to be considered right to begin with so fail in implementing policies not their own, like Obama did in Iraq, and she is no different. Trump wants to be right at the end of a problem, when it counts. One has little real stake in anything other than an ephemeral office and its pension or getting rich later as payment for the denial, the other in sustaining the culture and way of life for a great country simply because he sees it as duty.
    The Brits lost much of their best DNA defeating Merkl's immediate and remote ancestors for the benefit of European countries now ungrateful and who, along with their imported Islamic hordes, want to enslave them.. If the Brits won't listen to a man sucessfully facing similar problems, too bad for them. Next time though there will be no Dunkirk, no escape because the Panzers have been idled out of misplaced goodwill. Just servitude to the previous resentful losers and their savage cohorts, forever.

  3. May brought in Remainer corportists to develop her "Brexit" plan. She has no intention of leaving the EU for the UK. Her own Brexit minister couldn't negotiate or get briefed by No 10. She has been gaslighting everyone. Take advice from Trump? She is Merkel's flunky.

    1. The Tory brexiteers who claim to be dismayed by her antics still have failed to dis-May the party by calling for a vote of confidence using the 1922 process. Reminds me of the Congressional Republicans who talk big but deliver little.


    2. I'm not briefed in-depth on this but perhaps they are concerned that if mismanaged such a process would lead to the election of Jeremy Corbyn.

    3. The present trajectory may very well do that.

  4. When Reggie “Mr. October” left the Yankees, they signed Dave Winfield. For a long time, he didn’t hit in the clutch or post season. George Steinbrenner started to call him Mr. May.

    Great Britain’s Prime Minister is truly Mrs. May. She has let her country down in the clutch.

  5. Germany won the ETO,and Hitler is spinning in his grave. Life's ironies are rich!

    1. They won the ETO?

      Dwight Eisenhower and 3 million american soldiers might beg to differ.

  6. And they wonder how a ragtag bunch of colonists whipped them. Clueless. - Elric

  7. Why would Theresa May sue her own employers?

  8. The nifty part is Time (remember them?) called Trump's suggestion brutal.

  9. Come on, May has already surrendered to the will of her masters in the EU. She will ignore the will of the people for her own good. I wonder how the EU will reward her for betraying the country.
    The rest of the government has proven it will not dump her for someone with courage, integrity and honesty. The will like always go along to get along.