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Saturday, July 07, 2018

Supreme Court? Trust Trump

The hardest (and therefore, best) lesson for a writer is to know one's limitations. When it comes to the two dozen or so candidates on President Trump's judicial nomination list, all I know is it was compiled by experts in conservatives in the judiciary.

Oh and it goes without saying that President Trump will pick the best one.

While liberals attack everyone on the list, some conservatives are attacking some of the choices. They want to show they are better than you.

Ian Mason of Breitbart News wrote, "Frontrunner Raymond Kethledge's Record Reveals Immigration Weakness."

The column reminds me of why people predict a stock market crash each year; all they have to do is get it right one time.

"Since President George W. Bush appointed Kethledge to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, he has consistently demonstrated interpretations of immigration law at odds with the conservative wing of the Supreme Court and, more broadly, the notion that American immigration laws exist for the benefit of Americans. He has also shown a willingness to inject his own sympathies with the plight of illegal aliens facing deportation into his opinions," Mason wrote.

Mason provided a counterpoint to a piece in National Review by Roger P. Meyers, former law clerk of Kethledge who is now a partner at Bush Seyferth and Paige, an esteemed corporate law firm.

Meyers took to Twitter to counter Mason.

"Judge Kethledge faithfully applies all laws, including immigration laws. If those laws are not stringent enough, then we need different laws, which only Congress (not a judge) can provide. We do not want activist judges who change the law to fit their own preferences," he tweeted.


I love it. That is as Trumpy as you can get without being named Trump.

"Judge Kethledge's work as a judge shows what he believes. And he believes that a judge must follow the law to the letter rather than rewrite the law himself, as the article apparently would have preferred," he tweeted.

Meyers ended his tweetstorm: "Judge Kethledge found that 111 out 116 immigration claims were meritless. To demand more (or call that soft) is to demand an activist judge who refuses to grant a claim even when the law requires it."

Rest assured, Kethledge is not on President Trump's list by chance. President Trump is very careful when it comes to the courts. He has much experience with the law having won a few cases and lost a few. None of those people on his list are David Souter in name or in spirit.

On Monday, President Trump will announce his choice, but know in advance, his nominee will be the most conservative justice he can find.

Trust Trump. He has not let us down. Not once. Remember in September when everyone said he was caving on DACA? Who told you they were wrong? And where is DACA today? It is not that I am a sane genius, it is simply that I learned to trust Trump.

President Trump will announce his selection on Monday. Don't second guess the man.

Unless you are unhappy with Justice Neil Gorsuch.


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  1. Well we know Trump never make a mistake in Don's eyes. But sometimes we all regret what we do. Obama has no regret about his picks so far because he chose an imbecile racist who even admited she couldn't understand what she was reading and a beholding slave who cribs from her Hag mentor so as to always get an A. Trump will probably pick someone with intelligence so they could go off the ideology rails at any time. In fact over time this has been common with most, except the liberal jihadists who have never wavered, and Thomas on our side. I hope a few years from now there are no regrets over this choice especially since we won't be able to blame it on Schumer.

    1. We'll inevitably have our disappointments. Look at what Roberts did with Obamacare.

    2. Ronald Reagan was a great President, but he put two mistakes on the Court, Sandra O'Connor and Anthony Kennedy. George H.W. Bush was not a great President, he hit a grand slam with Clarence Thomas. George W. Bush two appointments were disappointing, but unlike Barack Obama W's were not morons.

  2. “It is not that I am a sane genius”

    Then how come there’s that 2016 apple with the crossbow bolt transfixing it?

  3. Q: What do you call a lawyer who graduated at the bottom of his class and barely passed the bar exam?

    A: "Your Honor"

    Q: What is a judge?

    A: A lawyer who's been benched.

    1. It is "what do you call a liar err lawyer with a low IQ and a bad disposition?"
      Your Honor.

  4. Ditto Don...from someone who probably does not remember they came up with this phrase once said ‘don’t doubt the suck...enjoy it’...

  5. One problem is that, if you want a strict constructionist (or whatever), you may get it.

    The guy who goes back to the original document, rather than something like the ruling to keep and bear arms for civilians is in the Second Amendment, may give you something else.

    Maybe better, maybe worse.

    1. Well, you've got me scratching my head here, eddutcher- I can't figure out what you mean in your 2nd para.

      The "ruling to keep and bear arms for civilians" IS in the 2nd Amendment, at least the guarantee to preserve the right God gave us all is.

      If you're talking about the "well-regulated militia" clause, that simply means all the people of arms-bearing age should be well trained in the use of their weapons. Who are the militia? They are ourselves.

      As James Madison said: “A WELL REGULATED militia, composed of the people, trained to arms, is the best and most natural defense of a free country.”

      If I've misunderstood, please expound!

  6. Always trust your judge/ to the man who can headline Drudge (Nancy, if you're reading this, I'm available for a grant).

  7. Don Willett...a fellow Tweeter...come on Mr. T. Do it. DO IT!!!

  8. I trust that whoever is nominated has the covfefe to be an excellent justice. I just want someone in their mid 40s, not mid 50s.

  9. That the choice of Kennedy's replacement matters so much means the system is not working as intended. All of us who comment here know that. I am hoping that Trump's appointment of lots of conservative judges at lower levels reforms jurisprudence at those levels to make it less activist and thereby eventually makes the SC less important than it currently is.


  11. I agree, PDJT knows best, but can I hope he makes the announcement sooner?

  12. My late father-in-law had an opportunity to become a federal district court judge under Reagan. Ultimately, he turned it down, saying "I'd rather spend my days talking to idiots than listening to them."