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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Schumer reveals why Democrats get foreign policy wrong

"Schumer says he's 'absolutely not' comfortable about Pres Trump meeting alone with Pres Putin. Calls Putin 'a very very clever, out for himself man.' Schumer says he's 'very much afraid' what Trump would give away 'without any advisers to keep him in check,'" Mark Knoller of CBS News reported.

The Associated Press quoted Schumer as saying of President Trump's summit with Kim Jong Un, "they took him to the cleaners."

The concerns of the Democratic leader were very revealing about why Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry failed on the foreign policy front.

First, let us deal with "they took him to the cleaners" in Singapore.

Did President Trump send pallets of unmarked bills to him? No.

Did President Trump lift the economic sanctions? No.

Instead, President Trump required Kim to release his three U.S. hostages and to destroy his nuke facilities at Mount Mantap before the summit as a show of good faith. Even then he showed a willingness to walk away. 

The summit was formality. The two already cut the deal before they met.

This is how President Trump wins. He chooses only battles he can win, and secures victory before the fight.

Why would this not be the case with Putin?

But Schumer says they took Trump to the cleaners, and no one in the press disputes that because no one in the press saw Singapore for what it was.

A photo op.

And so is Helsinki.

President Trump has said he talks to Putin all the time.

Did Obama even know the phone number?

Schumer revealed how Democrats negotiate. They have underlings -- "professionals" -- in the State Department set it up. In fact, the negotiations are done by the State Department on the terms of the people we are cutting the deal with.

When Schumer rued that Trump going it alone "without any advisers to keep him in check," Schumer described the minders who kept Obama from screwing things up.


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  1. "...kept Obama from screwing things up."

    They did?

  2. Schumer is more used to dealing with the immature and corrupt members of his party than an adult capable of making independent decisions and thought.
    A lifetime of dealing with the spoiled children of liberalism makes one as stupid as they.

  3. "minders who kept Obama from screwing things up."

    The minders didn't do a very good job. - GOC

    1. Worse - maybe they did a very good job.

      -Mikey NTH

    2. I’ll Second that, Mikey.

  4. One mark of the decline of the Ottoman Empire was when the caliphs ceased to deal directly with foreign diplomacy and it was left up to the diplomats of the Porte. When the servants find themselves running the house, all of a sudden they cease to think of themselves as servants. Then the trouble starts.

  5. It's interesting how we can always find Schumer and Pelosi in front of a camera commenting on just about anything, but we rarely see Ryan or McConnell doing the same.

    1. Rush once said the most dangerous place to be is between schumer and a camera.

  6. Chuckle is a pathetic leader of a pathetic party. A great spokesman for them. I hope he continues his mike-hogging ways.

  7. Schumer has no real power. He knows this and so do every one of his caucus, every big donor, every Party official. Yet he is their leader, the highest elected official they have. He gets a lot of money from Manahttan where Trump is unpopular both among the rabble and many of the Rich, whose taxes went up not down. He has to look like he is still in command, offer some 'hope'. In a way he is like (gulp!) Hitler in the bunker showing visitors maps filled with imaginary armies as the Russians marched unapposed on Berlin. What he says gives Don something to do but it really is irrelevant. Hopefully after 18 it will also be completely meaningless. Then there may actually be some positive words to get some deal or two done before the 20 firestorm.

  8. "But Schumer says they took Trump to the cleaners, and no one in the press disputes that because no one in the press saw Singapore for what it was." [Don Surber]

    ... and also because the MSM would rather echo Schumer than Trump.

    I don't think anyone takes Trump to the cleaners. Schumer's statement, as invariably with the left, is projection much!

  9. "Did Obama even know the phone number?"