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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

School banned T-shirt, now must pay kid $25,000

I don't know how much Addison Barnes paid for his "Donald J. Trump Border Wall Construction Co.'' T-shirt but it is the best investment in his young life.

The 18-year-old wore it to school in Hillsboro, Oregon, on January 19.

Vice Principal Amanda Ryan-Fear freaked out and ordered him to cover the shirt. He did, but he later changed his mind. She suspended Barnes for 10 days for defiance.

In May, he sued. U.S. District Judge Michael W. Mosman found the school district couldn't justify its censorship.

In court, attorney Peter Mersereau argued for the Hillsboro School District.

"This particular school district has a population that is one-third Hispanic. This is not Lake Oswego. This is not West Linn,'' Mersereau said.

To which the judge said, "So First Amendment protections vary from high school to high school?'"

The student's lawyers argued that the district allowed one of his teachers to display a sign in front of a classroom that reads, "Sanctuary City, Welcome Home."

The judge issued a restraining order that allowed Barnes, a senior, to wear the shirt during his final week in school.

Now the Oregonian has reported that the school district agreed to pay Barnes $25,000, which will cover his legal fees.

The school by the way is Liberty High School.

The judge said it must live up to its name.


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  1. I believe the case was Tinker v Des Moines that said students do not give up their constitutional rights at the schoolhouse door.

    -Mikey NTH

  2. Sure says something when some kid can make a better call on legal merits than a apparatchik-appointed “lawyer”.

    1. Even a child has more commonsense than a member of liberal academia. You'll notice the school board took no action against the liberal that created the problem.

  3. Will the Vice-Principal be held personally accountable for this waste of tax payer money and violating the civil rights of the student?

    1. That's why they abuse their authority.

    2. Of course not. That's why it will happen again and again. If the witch knew she was jeopardizing her house and retirement, she'd change her behavior in a heartbeat.

  4. 10 days. Think about that. That’s two weeks of school. Another LibCommie loses her mind.

  5. Build the wall, deport them all. And the Vice Pricipal they rode in on.

  6. Amanda Ryan-FEAR? She must be in far of viewpoints contrary to hers.

  7. Common sense ruling. Amazing that it occurred in Oregon.

  8. The real problem is that the public official was immune from the penalty. Make them pay personally some how, and this crapola will stop.

  9. Imagine the return of investment on the Forbes magazine Stormy Daniels used to spank the orange crook in Lake Tahoe.

    1. "Better put some ice on that "-Nonny

    2. Steve in GreensboroJuly 25, 2018 at 10:38 PM

      A real leftist cultural hero -- a whore.

  10. First - very good.

    Second - schools will respect Freedom more when the penalty for repression is higher. $2 million will get a lot more attention-- and a lot more lawyers putting in more lawfare work.

    The only way to roll back the Dem PC-bully state is thru laws and penalties.

  11. From other stuff I've heard on this, the only one who got anything from the 25k was the lawyer.
    That's a travesty.
    Maybe the kid can file, and win, a "denial of civil rights" lawsuit on the school, school official, school board for a trillion bucks.