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Monday, July 02, 2018

President Trump's FART joke

Pull my finger, Grandpa Trump said.

Axios said, OK, and pulled.

"Axios has obtained a leaked draft of a Trump administration bill — ordered by the president himself — that would declare America’s abandonment of fundamental World Trade Organization rules," Axios reported.

Wow, that is a blockbuster story. Um, what's this new law going to be called?

"The bill, titled the 'United States Fair And Reciprocal Tariff Act,' would give Trump unilateral power to ignore the two most basic principles of the WTO and negotiate one-on-one with any country," Axios reported.

The Fair And Reciprocal Tariff Act?

The Fair And Reciprocal Tariff Act?

The FART Act?

The administration has denied it plans to leave the WTO.

Remember, the leaks are real; the news is fake.

And the jokes are a gas.


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  1. Axios covers itself both ways.

    But the draft still gets in at the side.

  2. Something smells about this story, Big D. But like they say, he who smelt it, dealt it. Axios, did you just cut the cheese?

    1. And when looking for the leaker, whoever denied it supplied it.

  3. Finally, A Responsible Trade policy.

  4. Axios, is run by the flaming liar, Mike Allen, a best bud of the notorious swamp creature, Hugh Hewitt.

    Anything you read in Axios, keep the words fake news foremost in your mind.

  5. "You're so gullible, McFly. Hey look, your shoe is untied."

    And they fall for it every time.

  6. Like the pilot of the Korean airliner was Ho Lee Fuk.

    They do it all the time.

  7. When did you first get wind of this...?

  8. Axios: “Now cut that out!”

    Trump: “I thought I just did.”