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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Opposing American hegemony in the USA

Progressives around the world oppose American hegemony because it leads to a far better society than the one they have. Compare Iran 1978 to the 14th century hellhole it is today. But progressives are more comfortable with repressive theocracy than they are freedom, which is why Obama gave billions to Iran in exchange for nothing.

But nowhere in the world are progressive more opposed to American hegemony than they are in the USA.

They reject American values such as hard work and enterprise. They hate our families, our churches, and our God. They oppose our God-given right to speak out, which they would stop in the name of hate speech. They would deny our right to own and bear arms, which would render us defenseless.

They promote all the things that weaken a people: abortion, drugs, and gang violence. Now they are turning cities into cesspools by not enforcing sanitation laws that ban public urination and defecation.

Barack Obama wanted to fundamentally transform this nation into that.

President Trump and his 63 million supporters rejected that in what Michael Anton best summed up as a Flight 93 election. This was America's last great hope.

Now he has written "America Is Not the Common Property of All Mankind," in which he explains the danger of Open Borders. It was a follow-up to his column that questioned why we need more people.

"Before Trump’s stunning victory, mass amnesty coupled with even laxer border enforcement (if such were even possible) seemed likely to tip the country blue permanently. Now they sense that may be slipping away — or, at a minimum, may be delayed," Anton wrote.

"The populace is roused. For the first time in a generation, it actually has political leaders trying to act in their interest. That is intolerable to the open borders crowd, which is reacting with fury and hysteria. Witness the disgraceful Red Guard heckling of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen out of a public restaurant — and the restaurant’s management doing nothing about it. Another restaurant’s owner kicked out the president’s press secretary. And there is the far more disgraceful — downright evil — doxing of federal immigration agents by a university professor, to encourage left-wing brownshirts to harm civil servants and their families."

Americans understand what the progressives are doing; they are importing ringers to pose as American citizens and vote against Americanism.

A perfect example is Therese Patricia Okoumou, an import from Congo, who opposes the enforcement of our immigration laws, which are very mild compared to her native land. She was the woman who climbed the State of Liberty's base and ruined Independence Day for thousands of people who wanted to celebrate this nation's birth.

Our nation was not founded by immigrants, but by Christians. Only eight of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were immigrants — all from the United Kingdom; 54 were Christian, two were Deists.

The first Muslim mosque did not appear until 1934 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Our values come from the Bible, not the Koran.

And our system of jurisprudence came from England, not Spain; it was a great gift that allowed this nation to prosper.

Which is why progressives encourage Muslim "refugees" and illegal aliens from Latin America to settle here.

America is a free and capitalistic society, which is the polar opposite if the globalism that progressives embrace. They moved our factories off-shore, to Red China, the largest communist country in the world.

We built a great country which progressives wish to erase and replace with the worst of the Third World.


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  1. It’s all about POWER.

    Saw a great quote yesterday. Can’t remember where. “In capitalism, the wealthy become powerful. In communism/socialism, the powerful become wealthy”.

    1. Like Republicans Scott Pruett and Jim Justice.

    2. Actually, like three-home millionaire socialist Bernie Sanders, or like multimillionaire socialist Hillary Clinton.

      Fixed it for ya.

    3. Didn't fix it T, revealed it, just like you did. Lard repeats a stupid quote. Wealthy and Powerful work together to remain that way. No difference with Pruett, Justice, Sanders, Clinton. All cut from the same cloth. Interesting how Ivanka's Chinese-made shoes are not on the tariff list. Interesting how taxpayers are shoveling millions of their money into Mar-a-lago and other Trump properties weekly. For some reason, you blind Rs think that is okay because President Dennison wants to build a wall.

    4. Didn't fix it T,
      You sound like a F*****G parrot,got anything original to say,Polly want a cracker

  2. Don - time for a nap. And you may want to change the tin foil on your hat.

    1. Hi coward-where is Don wrong? One needs to look at Europe's issues with
      Military age male 'children' to see where this is going. Do you like MS-13? meth labs? Illegal voting? oh, wait...TG

    2. So do you have something intelligent to say about Don? Or his post? Anything Bueller?

    3. Envy is the ugliest deadly sin.

  3. In France a few years ago under the newly elected Socialist President Holland unemployment jumped to higher than the usual 11%. In response he increased income taxes on the Rich, corporate taxes, and capital gains taxes. The economy tanked. The Rich fled to Belgium and even Russia, Canada and Australia. The stock market cratered, unemployment went higher. Holland didn't care because Marx taught destroying capitalism take time. Besides he had a young mistress he visited nightly on his motorbike and his friend Hussein O called him frequently to cheer him on.
    As his popularity declined he decided to try some mild capitalism, since federal revenue was plunging. He cut back on socialist benfits like retirement at 100% at age 50, and required a longer work week than the socialist imposed 32 hrs.. He was met with demonstrations by his fellow socialists .They didn't want to work one minute longer or harder. They demanded even higher taxes on the filthy rich. The Muslims who don't work much and vote 100% socialist got involved and burned more cars per week than usual. Then a few of their "radicals" murdered and disemboweled 100 young people in a night club to show their contempt for their adopted country. The academics then launched missiles from their ivory towers. They published "scientific studies" to prove Capitalism causes Cancer (no joake here) and that the anxiety from the stress it causes produces untreatable depression and suicide. Holland rescinded his rescinded attempts. His popularity fell to 11%, the lowest ever recorded in France. Out of malice for his failures the Socialist news papers decided to put in the fork and printed pictures of him on his motorbike coming home at 5AM, humiliating his very nice wife. He didn't run for reelection.
    Two days ago My friend, French taxi driver, says Macron is no different but at least he is gay.

  4. Deists are probably better regarded as a heresy rather than a sect; a "sect" implies that the group is actually Christian in the sense of accepting the Nicene creed, but differs from the main Christian communion on other matters. Deists embrace a theology incompatible with the Nicene creed, though many (not all) nonetheless venerate Christ.

    I don't say this critically: I was raised a Deist and I think Deism is pretty cool. And Deists are not hostile or adverse to Christianity, they're just not Christian.

  5. I remember when this blog was so small that Don couldn't even afford trolls. I hope that by Trump's second term Don will be able to afford some good trolls instead of these lame-ass ones.

    1. That’s funny as hell, IQ!

    2. Yeah, "lame-ass trolls" is a good name! Their comic value has plunged, but their odor hasn't.

      They really seem to have their tailfeathers in knots lately- maybe it's Soros' payday? I'm sure their idiotic spewing doesn't come for free!

  6. Apparently Nony escaped from the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum and is on the loose again. What a drag, man.

  7. Enjoyed the Anton piece,thanks for sharing. Makes me sad that 100 tons of common sense can fall on a leftist and not even leave a dent.

  8. Our nation is sick. All of the Progressive, Agnostic, Hispanic, and Muslim parasites are taking their toll on the body politic. But the Electorate is waking up thanks to the Tea Party first, and President Trump recently. We have a great country, and most of us want to see that greatness continued for our posterity. President Trump has activated our national immune system. - Elric