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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Obama's third term is awful

Obama refused to accept President Trump's victory on 8 November 16.

Working with his Communist security expert John Brennan and his Iranian-American chief of staff, Valerie Jarrett, Obama succeeded in getting Bob Mueller appointed as a special counsel, thanks to Democratic Party opposition research, outrageous lies, and Jeff Sessions's foolish recusal from this witch hunt.

The goals of this witch hunt are simple.

1. To distract attention from President Trump's many accomplishments.

2. To cover up the political spying of opponents by Obama who abused our intelligence agencies.

3. To avoid the investigation of the cover-up of Hillary's laundering of millions from foreign governments. You want to know where those 30,000 emails went? To Norway, Russia, and any other for entity that ponied up donations to her flower fund.

4. To persecute and bankrupt anyone associated with President Trump.

5. And now, to ruin President Trump and his family.

Not only has Mueller successfully pressured President Trump's personal lawyer to flip on him -- violating lawyer-client privilege along the way -- Mueller now is hauling in the chief financial officer of the Trump Organization into court to answer a Star Chamber grand jury probe.

None of this has anything to do with the false allegation that President Trump colluded with Russians to steal an election.

Obama not only was the worst two-term president, but he is the worst ex-president as he runs an increasingly fascist and very unAmerican campaign to undermine our duly elected president.

The American press pimped itself out to Obama when he was president and continues to slavishly serve him in his post-presidency.

The peaceful transition of power is the hallmark of the American republic.

Obama's refusal to transfer power peaceably is the hallmark of a banana republic.

Strip him and all the other ex-presidents of their Secret Service protection. And strip the communists that Obama appointed -- John Brennan and Susan Rice in particular -- of their security clearances.

The nation is in peril because Obama is the biggest sore loser in the world not named Hillary. We gave the federal government too much power. It attracted fascists like Obama, and Brennan, and Mueller.

We need to dial it down if we are to survive as a nation.


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  1. Of course, Obama had to at least approve, if not order, Spygate. Immediately fire all Obama holdovers. Herr Mueller is imploding. Tell him he has a week to write a final report and hit the road. Anyone not in the current administration should have their security clearance suspended and access to classified information denied. - Elric

  2. I have always had the suspicion that Obama was a very lazy person. His secret to our downfall is that he seems to have surrounded himself with people who so hate America that they are willing to work night and day for our detriment. I may be wrong here, but I doubt it.

    1. O's saving grace was that he was lazy...
      Trump is not..TG

  3. Get Trump out of DC and nuke it.

    1. Neutron bomb it. It'll kill the vermin (and the rats, too) and leave the buildings intact - and sanitized. - Elric

    2. Well, I gotta tell ya, I think that might go against the grain with Trump.

      Unlike Hillary ‘Benghazi’ Clinton, I think Trump’s guiding principle is “Nobody will die on my watch if I can help it.”

    3. There is a reason why Washington DC was selected as the capital. Precisely because it has not large industries and corporations which were concentrated further north. THis was done to avoid crony capitalism and corruption

      Lobbies ,contractors and media conglomerates where veterans of the administration get cushy positions have put an end to that strategy.

      Whatever happened to good old fashioned shaming ? I suppose that only works when people have some sense of honor..

  4. If it's a showdown at the Obama corral, I'm betting on Sheriff Trump.

  5. an increasingly fascist and very unAmerican campaign

    We all knew he wasn't an American (he finally admitted it in Kenya).

    1. That won't be covered by our #FakeNewsMedia of course.

      Doesn't fit the narrative at all, does it!

  6. It's Putin's first term, and it's not going so great....apparently the GOP was so desperate in their Flight 93 election that they thought they could justify treason.

    1. 5% GDP growth. If this is Putinism, let's have more of it.

    2. Interesting that Putin's puppet is arming Ukraine, maintaining low prices crippling the Russian economy while dishing it out to Assad's forces in Syria and mullahs in Iran.

      I guess Putin is a masochist and this is how he cuts himself!

  7. The goals of this witch hunt are simple? Ummmm they keep finding witches. Cohen's warming up his singing voice. The Trump Tower meeting was collusion as stated by Cohen, and he's willing to testify to that. Better tune in to Fox & Friends tomorrow so they can talk you down.

    1. Wile A. Nonymous is going to drop the porn actress anvil on the Trump Runner's head. It's SURE to work this time.

      - Mark S.

    2. Yes indeed. Talking about possibly paying money to an extortionist woman who takes her clothes for a living about an alleged affair when he was a private citizen more than a decade ago is surely game over for the Trump administration. Thats step 1

      Step 2....

      Step 3. President Hillary Clinton

      If this helps you get through the day serving coffee to plumbers, electricians and carpenters who have lucrative careers while you are paying off $200,000 debt for your degree in Studies in Fijian Transgender interpretive Dance, why not?

    3. I've wondered for a long time whether or not Ms Daniels paid income tax on the money given her. If not, why not? Additionaly, why isn't she being charged with blackmail? Seems like some illegality is being ignored here regarding Ms Daniels.

  8. Democrats daily beclown themselves with their witch hunt.
    They must think they're helping themselves with their behavior.

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  10. I agree wholeheartedly with removing Secret Service protection from these so-wealthy-let-them-pay-for-it-themselves pieces of work. And while I'm here, I am also against pensions for members of Congress and revolving door lobbyist jobs. That goes for every political party.

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