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Sunday, July 29, 2018

North Korea making peace with Japan

Koreans hated the Japanese for good reason. Japan invaded Korea, occupying it through 1945. This was the first act of Imperial Japan, thus technically World War II began before World War I.

The atrocities committed by Japan included banning the Korean language at schools and universities, the destruction of Korean history, slave labor, and the prostitution of Korean women.

North Korea's post-war retaliation included the occasional kidnapping of Japanese women to teach Japanese to Koreans, a rather ironic occurrence.

But North Korea and Japan may work out their differences.

"North Korea has put together a team to negotiate with Japan, which itself is seeking direct talks to settle various issues, Japan's Kyodo news agency reported on Saturday, citing sources familiar with bilateral relations," Park Si-soo of the Korea Times reported.

"Kyodo said the negotiating team was apparently established sometime between April and the historic U.S.-North Korea summit on June 12. If the report is true, the team is a visible indicator North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is interested in exploring dialogue with Tokyo in the midst of a rapid change in the geopolitics of the Korean Peninsula."

Shinz┼Ź Abe, prime minister of Japan, is one of the most deft diplomats in the world. He got along well with each of the last three U.S. presidents, perhaps the only man who can make that claim.

While President Trump's summit with Kim Jong Un was historic, an Abe-Kim summit might eclipse that. The Japanese news agency reported they may meet in September in either Vladivostok, Russia, or New York City.

"North Korea decided earlier this year that mending ties with Japan would become a future objective if it moves to improve ties with the United States, South Korea and China," Japan's Kyodo news agency reported.

The report noted, "Japan officially lists 17 citizens as abduction victims and suspects the North's involvement in many more disappearances. [SNIP] So far, the North Korean side has conveyed to Japan that it has not abandoned a 2014 bilateral agreement to reinvestigate the whereabouts of abducted Japanese nationals. But the easing of Japan's unilateral sanctions on North Korea is necessary for Pyongyang to agree to resume doing so."

As the New World Order collapses, peace is breaking out in the world. Leaders now put their national interests ahead of globalism.

This is contrary to all that we were taught in school as we learned to associate nationalism with Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo.

But what won World War II was soldiers fighting for America, Britain, Canada and Russia.

As for North Korea, I am convinced that Kim wants a McDonald's. I am serious. He wants to live in and rule a normal country, not one that is close to starvation and shooting citizens who dare try to leave -- and then punishing their relatives as well.

Given that 120 countries have a McDonald's, it is a symbol of normalcy. (119 have a KFC.)

If becoming normal means not poaching Japanese citizens, so be it.


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  1. I imagine the Bush family, the Clintons, and Obama all are having collective indigestion now.

    And the Nobel committee's eyes are spinning around in their heads.

  2. Well, The Donald works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform.

  3. It's called the Trump Train and you better get on board or you'll be left behind.

  4. It's too bad Democrat media can't report any of this good news.

  5. Truly amazing times (and I don't mean the NY Times).

  6. When the first semiconductor plant opens in NK I will know it has turned the corner never to return to its pre Trump ways.

    1. Yeah, let's have a trade war with NK, not a war war.

      Save the nukes for Iran.

  7. It is a shame that the liberals in the media are so filled with hate for this administration. If they even tried to look at the last 2 years honestly and forget their politics the country as a whole would be a lot better. I know they won't I don't think they have the capability to be honest and non-political but it would be nice.

  8. The relationship between Korea and Japan is further strained by the fact that during the occupation, some Koreans collaborated and there were intermarriages. I don't know the percentages but there are many Koreans with a partial Japanese heritage. Approximately 1/3 of the Korean language contains Japanese words and phrases. NK was aiming their rockets at Japan for a political reason. If there is any country the population might support bombing, it would be Japan.

    A good Korean drama that provides a bit of the back story on the Japanese invasion and the Korean reaction to it Is "Chicago Typewriter". (It is available with English subtitles on

    President Abe knows that Trump is a far better and reliable ally - and has been a close ally in his trade deals as well - I believe this is all connected to pressure China which in turn yields results with NK.

    If you want to put Korea into a western context - think of it as Asia's Ireland. The comparison works on several levels including temperament and culture.

    The thing that upsets NeverTrump and Democrats the most is the loss of potential war. They must have large vested interests in conflict, because the thing that drives them most insane is that Donald Trump is a world peacemaker.

  9. Korea and Japan are two Asian cultures that have many similarities but are each unique.

    My father was in the Korean War but never spoke of it except to say that he froze his rear end off there; my daughter has visited S. Korea and found it lovely and liked the people; I enjoy both Japanese and Korean films & animes.

    Korea and Japan each have their own unique cultures, and I remember when Americans had our own unique culture too.

    Sadly, our culture has splintered and now exists only in memories. I still enjoy old films; they show the wonderful country we used to have- and which Donald Trump is trying to restore.

    He'll have my support as long as I live!

  10. North Korea building new missiles. Yet another failure by Donald Trump.