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Tuesday, July 03, 2018

New president of Mexico wants to reduce immigration to USA

During his campaign for president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador -- AMLO -- said he was going to send millions of Mexicans to crush the border with the United States.

Then he got elected and talked to The Donald.

"I proposed exploring a comprehensive agreement on development projects which will create jobs in Mexico, and with it, reduce migration and improve security," the BBC said AMLO tweeted.


What is with these Communists and President Trump? First Kim Jong Un talks to him and gives up his nukes, and now AMLO talks to The Donald and wants to give up his attack on our border. Vladimir Putin will be lucky to keep Crimea after he talks to President Trump later this month.

I have no idea how President Trump does it but his first lawyer, Roy Cohn, was the nation's greatest slayer of Communists. He got the Rosenbergs hanged for giving Stalin nuclear weapons. Cohn taught President Trump well.

One thing he does is let bygones be bygones. Kim called him a dotard. So the president has written off AMLO's attacks on him as campaign rhetoric.

"I think the relationship would be a very good one. We’ll see what happens, but I really do believe it’s going to be a very good one," President Trump told Reuters.

AMLO shares with President Trump a dislike of NAFTA, which Canada, Mexico, and the United States are renegotiating.

AMLO. Kim. Putin. About the only communists who are not willing to negotiate with President Trump are the Democratic Party.


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  1. Hahaha Big D! That last line is crushingly funny. Because it’s true.

    1. Right on z.....what the enemies of us US do not get (foreign or domestic) is that as a businessman, The Mighty Trumpster (TMT) is totes goal-oriented and most of what he does and says is a step along the path to accomplishing his goals. At the same time he is rubbing enemies' foreign and domestic noses in it.

  2. We live in interesting times, and Don just helps to make them even moreso.

  3. Speak softly and carry a big stick?

  4. The Democrats cannot afford to negotiate with Mr. Trump, their party is already beginning to disintegrate.
    Their union financiers will soon be out of business since they cannot just steal peoples money, and their numbers continue to shrink.
    Many people in the DNC see the hate and disrespect that is generated by the far left and are departing the DNC.
    The media (except for the hard core fake news) have begun to realize that they are losing credibility daily by backing a movement without any real ideas or ways ahead.

    Not that I mind the more the liberal left loses the better the country will be.

    1. Is it too early to refer to the Democrats(DNC) as the 'Deep Six Party'(D6P)?

      I believe its coming.


    2. The country would be far better off if the Democrat party did disintegrate!

      Last night I watched Dinesh D'Souza's film "Hillary's America" (available on Amazon Prime) and was shocked. The Dems have been a dishonest bunch of cutthroats since their beginning!

      What an eye-opener that movie was. Whenever "hate and disrespect" is mentioned, think of Democrats!

  5. Since the election, AMLO is talking a good game. Hopefully we won’t have Venezuela II on our border.

    1. Mexico has needed to get its act together since the Alamo.

      If AMLO can pull it off, good for him.

    2. Interesting idea. Campaign like a Commie, govern like a Conservative. I’m still sceptical tho. (There’s your dose of British spelling for the day.)

    3. “Tho” is British spelling?
      I thought that they liked to add lots of unnecessary “u”s,
      Not remove useful letters.

  6. "I proposed exploring a comprehensive agreement on development projects which will create jobs in Mexico, and with it, reduce migration and improve security,"

    Huh? That was one of the original ideas behind the NAFTA agreement with Mexico, and how well did that work for US?

    1. That's why Trump is demanding renegotiation or he will cancel it.


    2. Bush 41 did the negotiating first time.


  7. Now that Mexico is a socialist utopia will we see Democrats flocking to it - and the illegals swarming home?

  8. Actually, the Rosenbergs were electrocuted, not hanged, but I take your point.

    1. The Rosenbergs should have been electrocuted, and hanged as they were smoking. That is true of many, much, most of our current Ruling Class. Both parties. Traitors all.........


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