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Friday, July 13, 2018

NATO frenemies

Longtime lefty journalist Jonathan Allen landed a gig at NBC News. His report on NATO was positively neocon.

"President Donald Trump has picked on some seemingly unlikely targets around the world of late: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, British Prime Minister Theresa May and German Chancellor Angela Merkel," he wrote.

"All three are more-or-less establishment figures running Western democracies that have long been allied with the U.S., and yet Trump seems bent on treating them more like adversaries."

Just exactly how are they our friends? President Trump has had to delay his first trip to England for 18 months, and when he gets there, a big balloon will fly over Parliament mocking him.

Trudeau is dragging his feet on renegotiating NAFTA.

Merkel is in bed with Putin for oil and natural gas.

And 24 NATO allies are not living up to the treaty's requirement on military spending. German spends only half what it promised to spend.

"If ever there was a chance for Trump to tilt the balance of global power toward conservative nationalism and away from the old liberal democratic order, this week is it. And by trashing Germany and questioning the value of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization on Wednesday, Trump suggested he’s all in on taking a hammer to the latter," Allen wrote.

"His criticism of Merkel could embolden her right-wing domestic adversaries at a time when she's been weakened by a fight over immigration policy, and even a modest push from Trump could help topple May and deliver her job to a Tory who is more committed to isolating Britain from the European Union. While Trudeau is hardly in a precarious position, he is slowly but surely getting lonelier as the leader of a major democratic nation committed to international economic and defense accords."

That is a highly accurate account of what is transpiring.

Think of the the United States as Gulliver tied down in multi-national agreements that treat all nations as equals, but sends the bulk of the bill to Uncle Sam.

The old order failed the people.

President Trump leads the nations of the world to the future. Our frenemies can pound salt for all I care.


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  1. Theresa May handling things post-Brexit is like Neville Chamberlain handling things post-Dunkirk.

    Appeasement and surrender to a continental hegemony seem to be the order of the day.

    1. It is what she has been trying to do since she went to 10 Downing. She never supported departure and admitted it, and have done nothing to make the separation acceptable to the people. She has done only the very minimum in the hopes she can lie her way through.

  2. Oh if PDJT could crater the regimes of Merkel, Troudeau and May and we got immigrant reform, NATO reform, NAFTA reform and Brexit (EU collapse). What a wonderful world it would be.

  3. Maybe we should start calling President Trump's diplomatic style "Shake and Bake." - Elric

  4. Fret not lil Trumpsters. He'll get a better reception in Helsinki when he checks in with his handler for his performance review.

    1. "I can be more accommodating after the election" said who? Please STFU

    2. Sorry, but you spelled FOAD wrong.

  5. The old order failed the people.

    It was the only game in town until the 60s and, until then, accomplished its minimum goal - keep the Russkies at home.

    After that, they started coasting.

    1. If you’re coasting, you’re either slowing or going downhill.

  6. I hope Trump will give our useless PM Turnbull a similar upside when he visits in November. He's earnt it.

    1. I still miss Tony Abbott. Has he recovered from that knife in his back?

      Turnbull could be re-named Elastic Man, his principles stretch so far!

  7. “CNN is fake news. I don’t take questions from CNN.”

    Oh well, back to Baghdad then, CNN.

  8. Hmm. Could embolden Merkel's right-wing domestic adversaries and May could be toppled by even a modest push and replaced by a Tory more committed to isolating Britain from the European Union.

    Ol' Jonathan Allen says that like it's a bad thing.

  9. Of course the lefty media would love the worst German Chancellor since Hitler, a really poor British PM, and this lunatic:

  10. Nato is a dated historic cold war dinosaur that should have been shut down long ago. The cold warriors never will stop fighting the cold war and they are all at heart 'General Buck Turgidson' on the lookout for evil omnipresent russkies. Our tax $$$ at work

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