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Friday, July 06, 2018

Mother Jones now supports labor exploitation

The magazine Mother Jones was named for a labor activist who fought the exploitation of men, women, and children. That's weird because the magazine actually favors such exploitation when it comes to illegal aliens.

Maddie Oatman visited Robert Sinskey Vineyards last September. Its wine sells for $22 to $110 a bottle. This ain't Thunderbird.

To make wine, you must harvest grapes.

Rob Sinskey, the man who started the winery, favors cut-rate pickers who are hired through a third party. They ride for two hours to his Napa Vally vineyard, pick for 10 hours, and then ride another two hours home.

They are here illegally. Rob Sinskey exploits them. Oatman is so obsessed with getting President Trump that she overlooked the exploitation. She defended it.

"Clipboard in hand, Sergio Agustin Sanchez, the crew’s stubble-faced supervisor, paces after them. Pickers emptying their bins yell out to be recorded, and the deluge of calls punctuates the din of the tractor. Sanchez must concentrate to hear every shout, but he’s grateful there are enough voices. A few weeks earlier, the labor contracting company he works for had to scramble to replace crews. Ten years ago, he reviewed 700 job applications for each season. Last year, he tells me, he saw maybe 15. 'There aren’t any people now,' he says," Oatman wrote.

I get it. Nobody here legally wants to put in 14-hour days picking grapes for less than minimum wage.

But if Rob Sinskey paid a legal wage, there would be applicants.

He doesn't want to. And Oatman serve as his PR man, writing, "President Donald Trump has called for a crackdown on immigrants because he says they 'compete directly against vulnerable American workers.'"

She conveniently left out the word illegal. He opposes illegal immigration.

Oatman gave the company line. The industry claims that it cannot get Americans to pick grapes - without proof.

"According to Manuel Rios, the owner of the company supplying Sinskey with its contract labor, 'Nobody wants these jobs.' The shortage is part of a larger trend in agriculture, one that has sparked a race 'between rising imports, more machines, and foreign guest workers,' in the words of agricultural economist Philip Martin. And in this race, he writes, the Trump administration’s policies 'will determine the winner.'"

What a farce.

Nobody wants a job that pays so little. Raise the minimum to $15 an hour with an eight hour day (including travel to and from the work site) and there will be applicants.

Of course, Rob Sinskey does not want American workers. He wants cheap. He may as well be raising the grapes in Bangladesh.

Forty years ago, liberals boycotted grapes because the grape growers exploited workers. Cesar Chavez organized them. He opposed illegal immigration because grape growers would exploit them.

And that is what Rob Sinskey does.

And the magazine bearing the name of Mother Jones supports him.


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  1. "......... an eight hour day (including travel to and from the work site)"

    COOL - so, I can now sue my pre-retirement employer for 30+ years of commute time?

  2. Mother Jones is a senile old hobag.

  3. Why are liberals such hypocrites? - GOC

    1. Genetic. In the DNA. It's what they do.

  4. The official minimum wage in California is $11. Are they paying those laborers at least that much? If it's an open secret the workers are illegals, has ICE made any visits to the fields to check on their status? Seems to me both the state and federal labor and immigration authorities are turning a blind eye to the situation so as not to rock the boat. The sound and fury is merely for show.

    1. has ICE made any visits to the fields to check on their status?

      Obama wouldn't have hesitated a moment, in fact he needn't have said a word, as his appointed acolytes read the papers too, and wouldn't need to wait for orders.

  5. Another reason why The Lefties whine about how cruel Trump is.

    Nobody knows this end of the story.

    Good man, Don.

  6. I wonder who picks the grapes at Pilosi's vineyards?


  7. Marx described dialectical materialism as coming into being when Feuerbach stood Hegelianism on its head.

    Now libs are standing dialectical materialism on its head. What do we call this? Clown Communism?

  8. Just a reflection of the fake news times we live in.
    Cant watch most news stations, they are 99% lies, omissions and outright fabrications.
    The business news had been somewhat less fake, but they have cuagjt the liars bug, too.
    If I were to believe the business news fakery, I would think President Trump was the first leader ever anywhere to employ a tarriff.

  9. For a case of Sinskey wine, Oatman could give a rip about the exploited labor.

  10. Don,anybody paying $110 for a bottle of wine surely will pay more to pay a good wage.Now you need to dig and see what these pickers are payed.

    1. Don’t put it all on Big D. Why don’t you do some internet digging and make some phone calls and get back to us with your results?

  11. President Trump, speaking to farmers, assured them that the labor pool that comes from Mexico will not be stoppered, merely legalized so that the workers can be tracked, taxed, and above all, protected. It supposedly costs between $12,000 and $14,000 to import an illegal. They are paid well south of $25 which was the sum touted as a point where "lazy" Americans would work.How do those numbers add up?