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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Mexico's new regime wants new NAFTA

The Washington press corps is bilateral, bilingual, and bi-national in getting elections wrong.

"Anti-Trump populist poised to clinch Mexican presidency. The election of López Obrador — like Trump, known for his impulsive and nationalistic tendencies — could further strain U.S-Mexico relations," Politico declared on July 1.

I read that and knew Politico was wrong again.

Buried at the end of the story was this: "Roberta Jacobson, who retired in May from her post as U.S. ambassador to Mexico, said López Obrado told her it was his priority for Mexico to have a good relationship with the U.S. during her meetings with him.

"'Whether he can do that, whether any Mexican president can do that, is unclear to me,' she said.

"Jorge Castañeda, a former Mexican foreign minister who served during the presidency of conservative Vicente Fox, put it another way.

"'López Obrador will try and be prudent, more tolerant,' said Castañeda, who is currently campaign coordinator for Anaya. 'But Trump is Trump.'"

President Trump indeed is President Trump and already he has talked to the president elect, and sent Cabinet members as well as his son-in-law down to Mexico to talk to the new regime.

It is paying off. North American Free Trade Agreement talks -- stalled for a year -- are picking up.

"MEXICO CITY—The man tapped as chief trade negotiator for Mexican President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador suggested flexibility in making a new deal to revamp the North American Free Trade Agreement before his boss takes office in December," the Wall Street Journal reported.

"Jesús Seade, the World Trade Organization veteran who will join Mexico’s negotiating team for talks in Washington, D.C., this week, said he is willing 'to explore options' in some of the sticking points that have brought NAFTA talks to a crawl."

There already is an agreement of sorts -- an agreement to make an agreement.

"President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Tuesday released a one-page letter from Donald Trump in which the U.S. president urged a speedy renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement," the Associated Press reported.

"Trump warned there could be a much different route should the discussions drag on. In the past, he has threatened to cancel NAFTA. Representatives from Mexico, Canada and the U.S. are set to meet in Washington on Thursday to resume the trade talks."

Reuters quoted the main man for Mexico, Seade, who told Mexican radio, "What I see ... to be a very feasible expectation is that we’ll be concluding the negotiation in the next two months if possible, or in the next few months a bit further down the road."

President Trump is a wheeler and a dealer. He has irons in plenty of fires. Our press is not used to a president who works hard, keeps his promises, and wins.


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  1. I saw a report that had the following money quote. I suspect this will be a theme historians see even as current journalists won't:

    “President Trump has a very personal style. He likes to appear chaotic. But the last thing he is is chaotic,” he said. “I think he’s a very intelligent man.”
    --Mexico’s chief negotiator, Jesus Seade

  2. The Lefties will hate this.

    They thought AMLO was their new BFF. If he puts renegotiation on the fast track and good things come out of it, they will go insane.

    It will almost be as good as replacing Notorious, Breyer, and the Wise Latina all at once.

    1. A good deal for the US will be great but I would take replacing the three stooges at once in a heartbeat.

  3. You forgot bicoastal and bipolar.

    -Mikey NTH

  4. “Our press is not used to a president who works hard, keeps his promises, and wins.“

    Neither are we.

    1. But damn Schlongy, sure feels good, don’t it?

    2. Dan - listen again to the promises he made that day.

  5. Using Mexico to poke Canada and Trudeau Jr in the rear end too. No talks ongoing with Canada who have been bad boys and girls.

  6. BTW there is a #Resistance movement by the Globalists in Mexico to Obrador. He isn't officially certified yet..

  7. "The candidate, nicknamed AMLO, says illegal migration to the U.S. should be addressed with economic development programs,"

    That was one of the main objectives of NAFTA and it failed miserably, so let's not hear any more of that failed policy. Get on with building the F* wall. Use it as leverage to negotiate a sensible trade compact, if you want. Mexico has social problems that will not be solved in the next decade. WE should not leave OUR borders open while THEY work to fix what ails THEIR society.

  8. Winning Wednesday,

  9. Negotiate an agreement with Mexico, and then shove it up Chrystia Freeland's butt by ending NAFTA and forcing Canada to negotiate a bilateral agreement. That'll teach her to go around whining to Congress and the Senate, which is what she did prior to the G8.