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Friday, July 06, 2018

Merkel caves on trade

Chancellor Angela Merkel will cut German tariffs on American cars rather than risk losing the U.S. car market. President Trump and America are winning. Once again, Washington's experts were wrong.

They created this problem. They let German impose tariffs and other barriers to trade so that last year we had a $65 billion trade deficit with Germany.

That's like giving $1,000 to each German each year.

Hitler is laughing his moustache off in hell.

But President Trump is fighting back after a string of presidents refused to do so. And President Trump is getting results.

"Merkel said on Thursday she would back lowering European Union tariffs on U.S. car imports, responding to an offer from Washington to abandon threatened levies on European cars in return for concessions," Reuters reported.

"However, she added EU tariff negotiations required a 'common European position and we are still working on it.'"

She is trying to give herself wiggle room -- but there is none.

"The U.S. ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, has repeatedly met with executives of German carmakers Volkswagen, BMW, and Daimler, and automotive suppliers including Continental, most recently on Wednesday, to discuss the issue," Reuters reported.

"An industry source told Reuters earlier that Grenell had mentioned to the executives that Trump could abandon his threats if the EU scrapped duties on U.S. cars imported into the bloc."

In other words, President Trump wants free trade, not this Fake Trade we now have.

Reuters wrote, "Trump’s protectionist trade policies, which also target Chinese imports, have raised fears of a full-blown and protracted trade war that threatens to damage the world economy."

They said the same thing about a nuke war with North Korea.


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  1. Basically iur trade deficit with Germany is like a tax of a couple hundred bucks per person that our govt sends to Germany.

    It's just a modern form of paying tribute. But to the losers.

    Trump is right. This makes no sense at all.

    It's as if Athens was paying allies to be in the Delian league and all of the war expenses to boot.

    The next tyrant that wants to take over Europe can have it.

  2. Frau Merkel is not having a good week. Caving on immigration and now trade. MAGA

  3. All of a sudden, she's looking fraugile.

  4. This was totally predictable, Germany needs the trade with the US much more than we need anything from the EU. Merkel is already in over her head with the stupidity of her past decisions and needs something good to remain in power. The EU clowns see the end of the tunnel coming quickly and its a cliff, They have a rebellion building because of the far left approach to government and the lack of continued payments from the US. The UK is leaving, Poland, Hungry, Spain and Italy are beginning to see how they have been duped into the EU Dictatorship and are starting to review that decision and when they realize how screwed they have been they will follow the UK back to sanity.

  5. Merkel seemed to be riding high until she was about half way across the Atlantic after the G7 meeting.

    I'm waiting to watch the fall of the mayor of London. I did see there is a move put up a Baby Khan alongside Baby Trump.

    1. maybe someone will stab the balloon...

  6. And with each whack of Trump's economic machete, another revenue stream of the already-cash-strapped EU is cut back, and the ultimate collapse of the EU becomes more certain.


  7. Merkel ought to shut her whining trap before Trump restricts all imports of German autos to this little winner: