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Monday, July 30, 2018

Making the USA a Swiss colony

"Donald Trump is a real estate developer. He doesn't get the benefits the US gets from trade," read the headline on a CNN column by Howard Yu.

Oh, President Trump gets it all right.

And that is why Yu and CNN -- the propaganda arm of Time-Warner -- are furious.

Yu is the LEGO professor of management and innovation at the IMD business school in Switzerland. I assume that LEGO sponsors his professorship -- pays him -- as opposed to being a professor made of LEGOs.

He argued that because President Trump is a developer, his understanding of trade is skewed.

"In real estate development, land grabs are a zero-sum game: When you win, it means someone else loses. In the same line of thinking, imports result in trade deficits; trade deficits destroy jobs and, consequently, lower citizens' standard of living. But what if trade deficits have nothing to do with our economic well-being, which in fact relies on a healthy dose of foreign competition?" Yu wrote.

That is rich, an academic trying to explain the real world to an international developer.

But Yu is bought and paid for by a Denmark company that relies on foreigners to buy its toys, particularly Americans.

And he lives in a nation that profits quite well from foreign trade.

65% of Switzerland's GDP is exports.

It enjoys the 12th best trade balance in the world out of 145 countries.

You know who is 145th?

The United States of America.

Tiny Switzerland had a trade surplus last year of $35,534,064,983 -- nearly $36 billion.

That works out to a profit of $4,244.39 per person in Switzerland.

Yu is pushing this poison on the USA. Our country suffered a trade deficit of $797,751,651,811 last year.

That works out to a tax of $2,449.34 per person in the USA.

That is nearly a trillion dollars we lost in this game of globalism. In one year. More than two-thirds of the world's trade surpluses come at the expense of Americans. We are the suckers of the world.

Of course Yu wants us to think we are not being ripped off.

And CNN does too because Time-Warner makes a lot of cash overseas.


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  1. Real estate development is a zero sum game? So if I have a plot of land that's worth $10,000 with one house on it the value will never increase? How about if I put a skyscraper on that land and sell million dollar apartments to 100 people? Is it still only worth $10,000 or did my vision and entrepreneurship raise the value? Did everyone who bought a million dollar apartment "lose"?

    1. Yu should be the professor Poopsie, and Yu should be working at LegoLand.

    2. In my understanding a 'zero sum game' is where one person wins which causes the other person to lose. Did you catch the term 'land grabs'? That's when the government takes your land and gives you pretty much nothing then gives it to somebody else. When someone 'buys' property, both sides usually are happy and both sides gain something of value.

    3. You nailed it, Tim. Methinks the Prof is deliberately attempting to play a game of Three Card Monty with the American people. Sleight of hand. Don’s numbers don’t lie. We’re sick of it. And you suck, Yu.

    4. Never expect sound or serious advice from a member of academia. They will quote you theories from other academics usually someone that knew even less about the subject then themselves.
      The idea of practical knowledge is shunned for the theoretic.

      In other words most of the time it is useless and just playing to the ego of the speaker trying desperately to convince his peers (not you) that he is an expert because he studied the subject.

  2. Mr. Surber, Thomas Sowell’s Basic Economics is a great resource.

  3. "When you win, it means someone else loses."

    Yu needs to take a course in the concept of free market economies. Perhaps he was talking about land confiscation, but if he's talking about one person offering to buy something another person is willing to sell, both in theory and in practice each party has gained something he wanted in a voluntary transaction. It is Win-Win.

  4. Econ is the dismal science. The professor has a job for which there is little if any competition. I'm sure it carries zero risk of ever ending. He deals in large anonymous numbers and flexible theories that have no personal consequence if proved wrong by experience. Trump realized that large parts of the population were not only jobless but likely to stay that way for generations if something was not done. What he is doing is not what every economist believes is right but it sounds rational to the guy who needs work at a self supporting wage. Also today Mnucin predicted 3% growth into he far future asking as the Democrats don't regain control. At such compounding the US economy will double in about 12 years to almost 40000 billion dollars. That is a lot of Lego blocks.

  5. I wouldn't mind being a Swiss colony -if i get to keep an full auto rifle in my

  6. LEGO makes plastic blocks for children. Professor Yu is a plastic blockhead paid by LEGO.

    Full disclosure: I worked at Legoland for 8 years, and I know about plasic blocks and plastic blockheads. The blocks are of excellent quality; the blockheads, not so much- which is why I no longer work at Legoland.

  7. I'm guessing Yu has no clue what a win win situation is.
    Of course, being an academiac, he has no clue what reality is either.

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  9. "an academic trying to explain the real world to an international developer."

    I think you misspelled money launderer. Trump: shady & crooked. From mob money to oligarch money launderer, he's "career" is about as much to be envied as a terminal disease. Even the book Tony Swartz ghost-wrote for him is laughable.

    1. Well one thing is for sure,he is a billionaire and you are still making minimum wage for trolling.

  10. Trump knows a shitty deal when he sees one. We've had shitty trade deals with Europe, Asia, and Mexico for DECADES, and Canada to a lesser extent. It was past time to renegotiate. Liberals think we should take wealth from the US and give it to others. I disagree.