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Thursday, July 05, 2018

Kennedys say, Break Bread Not Families. Including Sarah Sanders?

Ethel Kennedy, 90, led her clan in the annual Hyannisport Fourth of July parade. They wore jackets that said, "I really do care!"

Is it OK if I don't care if she cares?

"Kerry Kennedy, who is the daughter of Ethel and former wife of New York governor Andrew Cuomo, posted a photo of the finished jackets on Tuesday night. [SNIP] She then promoted the families new charitable initiative Break Breads Not Families, which is being supported by the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights organization," the Daily Mail reported.

I think bread is more appropriate. The point is to bring people together, not rye, wheat, and corn.

Or maybe not.

If they wanted to break bread together, they would protest restaurants that kick Trump administration officials out. Indeed, the Kennedys would have spoken out against Maxine Waters' demand that people stalk White House officials. A woman widowed by an assassin's bullet 50 years ago at age 40 should want members of her political party to cool down before someone else gets hurt.

But no, the goal is virtue signaling, not accomplishment.

Melania Trump visited the facilities that house young illegal aliens. No one named Kennedy has.

But they have these nifty jackets, right?


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  1. Mary Jo kopechne’s family was not asked to comment. The Kennedy’s bring nothing to the morality or ethics table.

  2. The very idea that the Kennedy clan represents ethics or morality is one of the biggest scans the Democrat Party has run to date.

  3. Once again the Trumps lead and the Loony Lefties try to respond.

  4. Only in Massachusetts could a family so corrupt, so lacking in principle, have risen to such prominence amid public adulation. The Bay State's political royal family is rotten to the core. The difference between the Kennedys and the Bulgers is thinner than the thinnest piece of paper.

    1. The dumb ones become criminals. The smart ones become corrupt politicians.

  5. The Kennedys are a perfect example of why inherited aristocracy is a bad idea. Dynasties never end well.

    The Kennedys are the Irish version of the Corleone Family.

  6. Virtue signaling is its own reward.

  7. "I really do care"

    Except they didn't care. Not till Trump was Pres. And they won't care, if/when (God forbid) a Dem is Pres again.

  8. "A woman widowed by an assassin's bullet 50 years ago at age 40 should want members of her political party to cool down before someone else gets hurt.

    But no, the goal is virtue signaling, not accomplishment."

    Mike drop! Kennedy's owned!


    Your acute incite never ceases to amaze me. It's no wonder that your blog and Neoneocon's are my two daily go-to sites.

    Thanks for all your effort.

  9. she still alive ? why?

  10. This is the seeond time today that Ethel Kennedy has come up. The first was at Althouse. I get to share my Ethel story twice in one day!

    My Dad's family settled with other Lithuanians in New Britain, CT when they got off Ellis Island. Many many years later, Dad took us on vacation to Cape Cod.

    Back then, ant poison was a sickly sweet liquid in a metal bottle. Apparently, I found the bottle under the sink and drank it. They took me to Cape Cod's hospital to have my stomach pumped, but we had to wait quite a while because they only had one pump back then and they were using it on Ethel Kennedy.

    Obviously I survived, not sure about poor Ethel

  11. Didn't Kerry Kennedy have affairs behind Andrew's back?

    1. Wasn't one of persons convicted of porking a 14 year old baby sitter? Didn't her nephew get convicted of murder? Didn't one of her son's pass out from a heroine overdoses on a plane? What an example of high morale values.

  12. Too bad for Mary Jo that Ethel's brother-in-law Teddy seemed not to care.

  13. Marilyn Monroe also could not be reached for comment. Ethel's husband Robert and bil Jack did not care. - GOC

  14. "I am not a Crook"

    "I really do care"

    "I did not have sex with that woman"

    "Don't be evil"

    When you hear statements like this, you know that the truth is just the opposite.