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Monday, July 16, 2018

How not to negotiate

The best part of President Trump's meeting with Putin today was all the advice from the peanut gallery on negotiating with Russia from people who have not yet read, "The Art of the Deal."

Democrats and their lackeys in the Fourth Estate demanded President Trump confront Putin about Crimea, about human rights, and election meddling.

That is how they negotiate?

Democratic lackey to boss: You smell, your wife is fat and ugly, your daughter's a slut, and your idiot son ain't ever gonna get laid.

This explains why journalists are so low paid.

Instead, President Trump complimented Putin's hosting of that soccer thingy, and worked on areas of agreement. They have many common concerns: Afghanistan, Korea, and Syria, although they are today on opposite sides of that issue.

But the journalists are either too stupid, too dishonest, or too stupidly dishonest to accept that.

"Trump’s attitude to Putin and Russia is deeply conflicted, but it’s fair to characterize it by saying that he tends to praise Putin personally even as his administration sanctions Putin’s cronies and stiffens U.S. opposition to Russian military advancement in Ukraine and elsewhere. That has led some observers — surely Vladimir Putin is among them — to suspect that Trump himself isn’t calling the shots on his administration’s policy on Russia. From the Russian point of view, then, the Helsinki meeting serves as a valuable opportunity to extract promises from Trump that run counter to U.S. interests and the administration’s overall stance," the Weekly Standard editorialized.

If, after all that has transpired over the past three years, you still cling bitterly to the notion that Donald John Trump is not in charge, then you are at a level of ignorance that overwhelms my imagination.


Let us see what President Trump brings back home. Some of it will become public knowledge. Much of it will not.


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  1. Don

    Good post. One typo though.

    You wrote:

    "If, after all that has transpired over the past three years, you still cling bitterly to the notion that Donald John Trump is in charge, then you are at a level of ignorance that overwhelms my imagination."

    I believe you meant to write, " not in charge..."

  2. My favortie part (there were many) was that Putin invited-quoting the 1999 law.,
    Muller to interview the 12 ham sandwiches-and Putin just provided the Russian dressing..TG

  3. That presser they gave caused soiled shorts in the media. Now the media is running around screaming "Treason!"

  4. "Democrats and their lackeys" Ha. The biggest howls of disapproval abut Trump sucking up to Putin are coming from high-ranking Rs. And if Trump's butt kissing wasn't gross enough already, consider that two U.S. Senators are asking the Dept of Justice to investigate Russian hackers posing as ISIS sympathizers to cyber harass U.S. military families. Oh yea, Trump has Putin by his stones - with his big fat cocaine-induced lips around them that is.

    Surber got one fact correct, "Jpurnalists are so low paid." Finally, a firsthand accuracy from Don.

    1. Always with the homophobic gay slurs. What's wrong with you liberals?

    2. Flak from Nonny Don and Trump are over the Target....TG

    3. The people who are outraged today over what President Trump said/did/tweeted are the same people who are ALWAYS outraged over what President Trump said/did/tweeted.

      "The lion does not concern himself with the opinions of sheep."

    4. Envy is the ugliest deadly sin.

  5. "with his big fat cocaine-induced lips around them that is."

    Sad. Just sad. You have our non-drug taking, non-alcohol drinking president confused with his predecessor, a self-admitted drug user.

    1. Sad that President Trump - while on both knees before Putin - disrespected America more than any athlete who takes one knee during the national anthem.

    2. So both Trump and Putin called the
      cards on Muller's little clambake.
      The disrespect comes fro the media.
      Now if Trump has the Servers.
      of both Hillary and the DNC
      -we'll see where the treason begins.. TG

    3. PDJT has the servers. He knows the story. Jeff Sessions and a few others are just waiting for the right time to spring the full story. He enters the battle knowing he has already won.

      And Putin hit Hillary with the $400 her campain received from Russia!!

  6. Just imagine the praises the press would be singing if it was Obama meeting Putin instead of President Trump. Their lying is blatant and their hypocrisy is palpable. Pardon me while I wretch. - Elric

    1. Obama - and Bush I and II - and Clinton all met with Putin in hopes of a new line diplomacy and all came to the same conclusion. Putin is a wretched liar. I don't recall your god, Ronald Reagan, speaking so highly of Russia or the former Soviet Union either.

    2. Ha! Ha! You funny! And blasphemous. You need to have your doctor check your medications.

    3. That far-right crackpot publication known as the Huffington Post said this about Ronald Reagan and Gorbachov of Russia:

      "Reagan and Gorbachev succeeded in that ultimate goal [the end of the Cold War] thanks to their courage to trust each other at a time when no one else thought they should. That trust, however, did not come easy for either of them."

      Reagan was a great negotiator, just like Donald J. Trump; they had different styles, that's all.

      It's amazing to me that so many supposedly educated & sophisticated people want to taunt the bear while standing in front of him, regardless of his claws and fangs; seems like a better idea to me, to throw the bear a fish!

  7. The media does not seem to attract the intellectual class any more, perhaps cunning is a better term, but Putin is the true end product of their Stalinist fantasies. He is a Czar from the time of Ivan the Terrible, his oligarchs Boyars. To keep peace they share a little of the national loot from time to time with the peasants. After all, how much land does a man need?
    Putin is pretty popular with this own people too. There is no hostile press controlled by disgruntled boyars to disparage him. Those who did in the past were rewarded with permanent ambient temperature. not a Pulitzer
    Yet the American Press target is Trump who can do nothing to them for their lies. In fact, They have contempt for him for the very fact that he has no direct physical power over them. They admire Czar Putin though as a badass, like they secretly see themselves.
    But Trump is in fact a Czar over himself: As a result His opponents are at the same temperature as Putin's and although still alive, still ineffective , still useless against Him.

  8. One thing you didn't see today: You didn't see Trump whisper to Putin that he will have more flexibility after he is reelected.

  9. My eyes are playing tricks on me. Where Don wrote, "Democrats and their lackeys in the Fourth Estate demanded..." I saw this instead:

    "Donkeys and their lackeys brayed...."

    Waitaminute- Dems are donkeys, so are their lackeys in the media (Dems with bylines,) and they do bray! Heee-yaw, hee-yaw, hee-yawp, this is CNN, I'm Don Lemonade.

    So I guess I'm seeing the truth after all!

    1. You picked up the wrong eyeglasses. "They Live!" - Elric

  10. Nevee will understand how people who have never negotiated for anything in their lives have the temerity to criticize a guy who has spent his life as a negotiator.