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Wednesday, July 04, 2018

He didn't need the job

He didn't need the job. He had fortune and fame. He had earned a time to wind down from life. He was not a politician, after all. But because the country was divided and floundering, he came out off the bench and ran.

And so, George Washington became the first president of the United States of America.
He didn't need the job. He had money, a satisfying career, and a wife who was one of the most beautiful women in America.  But because the country was divided and floundering, he came out off the bench and ran.

And so, Abraham Lincoln became president during the darkest crisis the United States of America ever faced.

Now look at Donald Trump. He had fortune and fame that rivaled Washington in his day. His wife -- need I say more.

He didn't need the job. He didn't need being shown as a clown in newspapers that once kissed his keister for a story. He didn't need the endless ridicule on television. He didn't need his family being attacked. Really, you can call a man's daughter the C-word on network television without being fined or at least getting a bop in the nose?

And yet he persevered over great odds, and at great expense -- he will have lost a billion by the end of two terms -- Donald Trump prevailed.

Readers know what I will say next: Donald Trump does not enter battles until he is sure he can win.

Let me tell you a little story about President Trump. A reporter for the New York Times followed him for a day in 1984,and he filed this report:
'DONALD! HEY, DONALD! DONALD!' THE men were yelling, eager to call him by name. A storm front of cigar smoke was gathering above the hotel ballroom, packed elbow-to-elbow for a breakfast-hour sports forum with a crowd that included some of New York's most wealthy, powerful and famous men.
Mayor Koch was there, former Mayors Lindsay and Beame, two United States Senators, the five borough presidents, judges, labor leaders, business tycoons and sports celebrities, as well as team owners and executives such as George Steinbrenner, Sonny Werblin of the Knicks and Rangers, Fred Wilpon, president of the Mets, and several hundred men who make it their business to rub shoulders at such functions.
Yet, somehow, everyone at this sports function was drawn to Donald Trump, the 38-year-old owner of the New Jersey Generals, a franchise in the upstart United States Football League. As Mr. Trump inched his way toward the exit, dragging a dozen reporters, men in the crowd stood on their tiptoes to wave and call to him -- like so many bejowled rock-star fans. There was a desperation about them as they reached through the reporters to pat him on the back, to grasp his hand or just to stuff a business card into his coat pocket. If only he could cut them in.
Beame was there.

Koch was there.

Senators were there.

For crying out loud, George Steinbrenner was there.

And who was the main attraction for these sophisticated elites in Manhattan wanted to touch him>

Years before the iPhone came along, they wanted selfies with him. He had burst on the scene seven years earlier thanks to Liz Smith, the queen of gossip in a town with two daily tabloid newspapers.

Part huckster, part genius, and all American, Donald Trump dreamt big and made it so.

"Having just opened last year, Trump Tower is already becoming something of a New York landmark. The shimmering glass skyscraper rises above its understated neighbors on Fifth Avenue, upstaging even Tiffany, next door," the reporter wrote.

"It is home to shops so exclusive, Melody said she couldn't even brag about seeing them because nobody back home had ever heard of the likes of Mondi, Fila, Amazoni, Botticellino, Buccellati. It all sounded like last night's dinner at Mamma Leone's to her. Johnny Carson, Sophia Loren and Steven Spielberg are among the notables who have purchased Trump Tower condominiums, which, with prices ranging from $550,000 to $10 million, are among the most expensive in New York."

Trump spent the day meeting architects, contractors, and the like.

"His last appointment of the day is a committee meeting of the New York Vietnam Veterans Memorial Commission. He walks in late to a conference room at Price Waterhouse and Company, the accounting firm, where a group of about 10 men, most of whom look to be corporate junior executives about his age, tired looking young men with their ties loosened after a long day at the office, gathered around a conference table," the reporter wrote.

Got that?

Junior executives about his age.

He was the co-chairman and bored by the committee.

"A good deal of hand-wringing is going on over how in the world to raise even a small portion of the $1.4 million needed. The men are stating the need to energize that component of the campaign, to plug into that sector, to interface. Mr. Trump does not take off his coat and slouches in a chair. When he finally speaks up, he says that he is on the commission because the young men who went to Vietnam got a bad deal -- which is about the worst thing that can happen to anyone," the reporter wrote.

"He then throws out the names of some people, friends of mine, whom they could probably tap for substantial contributions. Then, we're going to have the fund-raiser at Trump Tower, he says, punching through the canvas. I've called the White House. The President is coming, so we can raise the price of the 800 tickets from $500 to $1,000. That will just about put you where you want to be."

Then he picked up his copy of that afternoon's New York Post, rose, and left.

He was rich and powerful. The reporter was surprised by the 10-hour day. Trump likely went back to the office and worked a few more hours while the reporter went home.

President Trump does not need the job, but we need him as president.


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  1. It hasn't been noted in the media but at the end of every Trump rally the music played is the Rolling Stones "You Don't Always Get What You Want" - at least this portion:

    No, you can't always get what you want
    You can't always get what you want
    You can't always get what you want
    But if you try sometime you find
    You get what you need

    I'm sure Donald Trump chose that personally. I smile every time I hear it.

    1. "You Can't Always Get What You Want"


  2. One day they'll be singing, "has anyone seen my old friend Donald, why he's up there now with George, Abe and Ronald."

    1. If you remember the old Wyatt Earp song.

      Well, he cleaned up the country,
      The world, even DC,
      He made law and order pre-vail

      And tho' we love Ronald,
      The legend of Donald,
      Forev-er will live on the trail

      O, Donald Trump, Donald Trump,
      Brave, courageous, and blond

      Long live his fame,
      And long live his story,
      And of him we'll always be fond

    2. Do you think DT will have his own western on Grit TV?

  3. Yup. Thanks for the story. Have a great 4th.

  4. I feel blessed.

  5. Ditto Teapartydoc, and so blessed that President Trump again followed his G-d-given instincts and stepped up...providence still favors the Republic and our countrymen.

  6. As they used to say, makes ya proud to be an American.

    1. Used to say? Maybe somewhere away from me.

  7. Not only did America need him, but the world needs him.

  8. I truly thank God for Pres. Trump.

    NOT the savior of Christianity -- but a pause in the PC-bully steamroller, so maybe we have a chance to fight more effectively for a pro-American, pro-Christian, pro-Capitalism, pro-Success set of gov't laws & policies.

    Trump ... might be God's blessing to America, for this cycle.

    Who will he pick for SCOTUS, and the up-coming SCOTUS PR battle, on Monday?

  9. The author must be blind. Ever seen a painting or picture of Lincoln's wife? Homely would be a compliment. Lincoln was the highest paid railway lawyer in Illinois, but rich?

    Finally to compare Trump and Lincoln is to compare Washington to Hitler. Sorry no sale.