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Sunday, July 01, 2018

Happy Canada Day

Rap version of "Oh Canada."


  1. My favorite Don Cherry bit:

  2. Happy Canada Day, all!

  3. How do you spell Canada?

    C, eh?
    N, eh?
    D, eh?


  4. Whoaaa, unwind your mind and rethread your head, maaan, Canucks done made groovin’ behoovin’.

  5. I've been critical of Don when he seemingly uncritically extols the virtues of capitalism, pointing out that much of what he calls capitalism is in actuality entrepreneurialism.

    Canada's problem with multiculturalism and mass immigration provides an example of the pernicious aspect of the capitalist that is unrestrained by local affections.

    The large producing capitalist wants cheap labor, period. And he will do literally anything to get it. Many of them love, love, love a country like Canada, where they don't have to worry at all about health insurance for their workers. But with a small population of people raised in union households, who want a piece of the profit pie, and who tend to favor heavy regulations on industry there can be a problem keeping costs down for other reasons than health care. How to skirt this? On moral grounds, of course.

    What the elites running the industries up there have done is team up with the left in promoting the individualism of hedonism with the multicultural moral imperative to break up adhesion in society and allow them to import more cheap labor to compete with the native labor force. The people they bring in are more than grateful, and less likely to organize any activity that will jeopardize their new situation, at least for a generation,and for the capitalist, one generation is about the limit of his timeline.

    Plus, he has no moral qualms about what he's doing because it follows his newfound moral imperative.

    It's actually a sort of perverted idea of manifest destiny, only the thing to be conquered is the native working class, at the expense of it's culture and any cohesion that culture provides.

    But instead of the people bowling alone they curl without sweepers.

  6. Hey Don, just FYI I am unable to post any comments to your latest "Luck of the Trumpish". Dunno if this is a problem for others too..

  7. Don Cherry, Donald Trump and Don Surber. A hat trick of Don’s.

    1. Don Cherry has long been a favorite because of how much crap he will not take.

      Aside: At one Stanley Cup Playoff Game in Detroit, Don Cherry arrived at Joe Louis Arena aboard a 25' Coast Guard boat from USCG Station Belle Isle.

      Now that was just awesome.

      -Mikey NTH