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Saturday, July 07, 2018

Getting Amazon to censor books

Bethany S. Mandel, a columnist for Forward has fallen for the notion that the Washington Post is somehow independent of its owner, Jeff Bezos, who founded Amazon.

The Post posted a story, "Amazon continues to profit from the sale of white supremacist propaganda, report says."

Mandel tweeted, "Interesting seeing this in the Washington Post."

I oppose white supremacist propaganda, but I oppose censorship even more. If we allow Amazon to ban "Mein Kampf," then we allow Amazon to ban "To Kill a Mockingbird."

Sounds preposterous. How can Harper Lee's classic about Atticus Finch, a white lawyer standing up for a black man accused of rape in a small town in the South during segregation?


In a manuscript disclosed after her death, Lee portrayed Finch as being racist, which would make him even more extraordinary as he overcame himself to seek justice for justice's sake.

Laura Marsh of the New Republic wrote three summers ago, "The portrayal of Atticus Finch, the lawyer hero of To Kill A Mockingbird, as a racist in Harper Lee’s new novel, Go Set A Watchman, has been variously described as a bombshell, shocking, and a revelation in early reviews. The New York Times suggested that the new novel 'could also reshape Ms. Lee’s legacy.' Yet scholars who have written on race and the legal system in To Kill A Mockingbird are less surprised. 'If you read the book from a racial justice perspective,' Katie Rose Guest Pryal, a novelist and former law professor, commented, 'it wouldn’t surprise you that this is who Atticus is.'"

Pardon me for pointing out the obvious, if you read anything from a racial justice perspective, everything is racist.

For example, Martin Luther King Jr. could be viewed as racist for saying, "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."

Such a statement ignores centuries of white privilege that placed his children at a disadvantage; thus, by seeking racial equality, King was a racist -- if you read his statement from a racial justice perspective.

And who do you think Bezos will hire to determine what is and what is not white supremacist propaganda?

I doubt Bezos had advance knowledge of the Washington Post story, but I can see the intention of this story; Post editors want their boss censoring what Amazon sells.

"Mein Kampf" is available on Kindle. As painful as that may be, this is a price paid for freedom -- and it pales compared to the price paid by 450,000 American GIs to defeat Hitler and company.


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  1. In 1936 Jesse Owens competed in the Olympics in Nazi Germany. Today our President, who shares the values of those who defeated Hitler more so than most Europeans, is not welcome in most European countries. In fact, they call him a Nazi.

    These kinds of comparisons and logic only serve to undo years of careful propagandizing. You can't go on twisting history without reaching a point where you contradict yourself. Eventually someone notices.

  2. Twitter and Facebook censor conservatives. Amazon needs to keep up with its liberal, left coast brethren.

  3. Without reading Mein Kampf it would be hard or maybe impossible to understand the murderous energy of Hitler and his political associates. Bezos should divest himself of the WaPo for criticizing the business that keeps it from bankruptcy. Or perhaps just fire them all for hating the 1A like their sister scumbags in NY. Let his righteous editors get SJW jobs with the DNC so they can sleep at night on pure white linen.

  4. Bethany is a nice person but she has a moderate case of TDS and a need to be part of the establishment.

  5. Ban Mein Kampf today. Ban 1984 tomorrow. Hell, ban the Constitution the day after that. Lib Commies still don’t know what kind of hornet’s nest they’ve waded into.

    1. They know what they want: the power to do whatever they want.

  6. To Kill a Mockingbird must be banned because it is allegory to how men of color are treated on college campuses, assumed to be guilty of rape when accused by a white woman.

  7. Bronco Hammer's Spank Me With A Dead Midget loses the deceased short person reference on the cover pic at Amazon - even though the full title is shown directly above.
    Nice catch there, Bezos people.

  8. The Art of the Deal is Trump's Mein Kampf.

    I actually saw someone post that once. I've read them both, and of course they are as far apart as you can get. But there are plenty of dopes who believe that crap