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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Germany lives in our basement playing video games

"I've experienced myself a part of Germany controlled by the Soviet Union and I'm very happy today that we are united in freedom as the Federal Republic of Germany and can thus say that we can determine our own policies and make our own decisions and that's very good." -- Angela Merkel, chancellor of the U.S. protectorate of Germany to the President of the United States, Donald John Trump.

She is like that mayor of San Juan biting the hands that feed her. The mayor is prettier.

While the American media portrayed Merkel as standing up to President Trump, the reality is we have bases in Germany and the Germans have none here.

As long as Germany is unable to defend itself, it is not an independent nation.

Surprisingly, the best leverage President Trump has is closing those bases. Merkel's government -- already shaky because of her open borders policy -- would collapse if we began pulling out of those 37 bases.

Kaiserslautern and Wiesbaden would be ghost towns like Nitro, West Virginia, when the chemical plants closed.

And the two are related. While we built up our military to protect Europe, Europe built up its economy. We were covering some of their costs of being an independent nation.

No more Mister Nice Guy. I would bring our troops home so quick, Merkel's head would spin. Let her turn Ramstein Air Base into a refugee camp for all I care.

But I am not in charge. Leaving NATO -- as logical as that may be -- is not an option. We cannot kick these kids out of our basement, but that is where they live.


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  1. "we can determine our own policies and make our own decisions and that's very good"

    Fine. But didn't you complain bitterly when Trump pulled the US out of the Paris Climate Accords for the same reasons you just gave? Show a little bit of consistency on your part, Frau Merkel.

  2. But it's ok for her to boss around the other EU countries and not let them make their own polices. She's a hypocritical bitch

  3. Germany looks set to descend into Eurabian anarchy in the next decade or two.

    That’s when a military presence there becomes more akin with the IDF experience of Gaza or the West Bank.

    The best way for Trump to make a point would be to announce an immediate reduction by one-third of the US forces in Germany, with further reductions to be considered in the following two years.

  4. She is the European Hillary. Can she please go away. And oh, we need more world leaders who look like the President of Croatia!!!

  5. I have a feeling the Germans like screwing us because we beat them and it is unlikely they have forgotten deep down. I visited East Berlin for a day in 1961. Compared to the busy carefree west side of the city it was a depressing version of Moskovian gloom. The Germans owe us, specifically Reagan, so much. That they won't step up while they are spending a fortune on political failures like Greece is hardly acceptable. But in a way Merkl is no different than any other head of state trying to get the whole enchilada for her people. Gratitude is not part of the statesman's portfolio. But that said a gradual wind down of our expendures there is the right thing for us and them. Make the world more real to them and force their socialist assess to stand up and salute there own military. If not they can salute Vlad. Who cares? Not I.

  6. If the average American knew just how deeply anti-Americanism is ingrained in the average European, it would be the end of the Atlantic Alliance.

  7. "While we built up our military to protect Europe, Europe built up its economy."


  8. Move our bases from Germany to Poland.

    1. Honestly, Poland is like a bulletproof vest for Germany, you have to penetrate one to hit the other. Plus it would be harder to reach. Also, quite expensive.

      Poland offered to spend $2bn on US bases. For that $ - Sell Poland a hundred updated Pershings (call 'em Pershing IVs), and nobody will invade nobody in Europe anymore.

  9. No, don't make Germans defend themselves. Then their engineer and manufacturers would all have to go and support defending their country by designing and building tanks and airplanes. Then all that would be left is crappy Muslim engineers designing the future models of cars like the Porsche 911 Turbo S. Not a good thing...

  10. I am with you 100% Don. If not immediately after WW II, we should have pulled all troops out of Europe after collapse of USSR. Its not up to the US taxpayer to provide military protection to Europe. Along with that I would wind down the middle eastern non-wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The world is not going up in flames if we don't have military bases in every corner of the world. We are $21T in debt and it's time to end this overreaching nonsense. Most of the boogiemen and monsters are in the imagination of Pentagon 'war without end' types.

  11. I served at Lindsey AS in Wiesbaden, which at that time was HQ of the USAF in Europe.

    Lindsey's been gone for a long, long time. I remember Wiesbaden as a lovely city, cobblestone streets & beautiful buildings; I'll bet it's changed. When I was there, not a burka to be seen!

    1. Wiesbaden area around the U-Bahn station to Frankfurt isn't that nice anymore, but rest of the city still fine (and closed after 5, lol.) Few years ago, probably gotten worse since, sadly.

  12. Here's Merkel explaining her policies, using sign language:

    Warning!!! What you are about to see, can never be unseen!


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