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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Europe blinks. America wins. Trump shines.

"President Donald Trump and European Union officials appeared to step back from a trade war on Wednesday as they struck a deal to work toward 'zero' tariffs, barriers and subsidies," the Guardian reported.

Who is the Free Trader now?

Who is the wheeler dealer?

Who is the champion of capitalism -- as well as these United States of America?

Two key tweets:

Trump has achieved more in one day of trade negotiations with the EU than May has in 2 years. If only we had a leader, not an appeaser.

I came for a deal, we made a deal. The EU continues to stand up for free and fair trade. My joint statement with :

President Trump had Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission president, in for a chat in the White House this afternoon. Afterward, they spoke with reporters.

"We agree today, first of all, to work together toward zero tariffs, zero, non-tariff barriers, and zero subsidies on non-auto industrial goods," President Trump said.

Once again, President Trump is negotiating on behalf of the American people, not just the politically connected. The end of tariffs will make the playing field more level, although government rules and regulations also serve as barriers to competition that protect local industry.

Farmers and frackers made out as Europe will rely more on the USA for commodities.

"The eurozone and Washington also agreed to lower industrial tariffs on both sides and increase liquefied natural gas and soybean exports to Europe, with an agreement to avoid tariffs on European auto makers also in the works," according to the Wall Street Journal.

Now for the most important development: I made money on the deal. My modest portfolio is invested in Vanguard's S and P index fund.

"U.S. stocks rallied to the close late in the session Wednesday, with Wall Street equity benchmarks jumping to new heights following the announcement of a pact to ease trade tensions between the U.S. and the European Union after an important tête-à-tête between President Donald Trump and the EU’s Jean-Claude Juncker in Washington," Market Watch reported.

That was a 0.91% gain for the S and P 500. Not bad.

The joint statement is here.

Let's see, North Korea de-nuclearizes and the EU lets the USA in without having to follow EU parliament's edicts. Red China is next.

I said all along, President Trump's tariffs were bargaining chips.

As for Britain, the USA will gladly loan you President Trump to serve as prime minister after we are finished with him in 2025.

Oh, and Never Trumpers, you now officially have no principle left to oppose the man. He is doing more for free trade than the passengers on Bill Kristol's cruises ever imagined was possible.


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  1. I understand the name of Kristol's next cruise ship is the Tinytanic.

  2. No, the Losertania -sunk by the U-45...TG

  3. Wasn't Canadian trade negotiating strategy to join with Europe to stand against US in trade war? How's that working out for Justin?

    1. Justin's having a nightmare summer and every move on PDJT's part puts sox puppet farther behind the eight ball.
      Justin,(not him but the brains of his outfit) figured that a self righteous put down on those, "damn Yankees" was just what was needed to drum up misdirected patriotism in the demented dominion and help the Libs win a 2nd term in 2019.

      Unfortunately for him, the Ontario election didn't go the way he wanted and the Ontario voters kicked the socialists out with a resounding majority to the Ontario Conservatives. Quebec may flip here in the near future. Oil rich Alberta most likely will go back to an oil friendly conservative gov't next year...and Canadians on the whole hate Justin's pet project, the Carbon Tax.

      Careful when you employ divide to win tactics might just end up with nothing.


  4. President Trump is in the catbird seat. He - and the U.S. - can't lose. Previous administrations sold us out to the point where anything is better than the status quo. - Elric

  5. We ought to be feeling some of the results right before the elections.

    Is this guy good or what?

  6. I love that guy more and more each day.

  7. First president since Reagan that has fought for us instead of selling us out.

  8. If the generic ballot poll numbers are right, none of this means a hill of beans. Dems retake the House in November and hello impeachment...

    OK, show of hands - how many believe the Dems have a 12 point lead in the generic polls?

  9. U.S. Stocks rallied, but sad to say, Facebook lost BILLIONS of dollars in just this one day!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHA

    1. Schadenfreude - it's what's for dinner. ;)

  10. This means a new round of whining, carping, bias and hate from the media and all of their liberal friends.
    The tears are sweet but the noise is becoming annoying and no I am not tired of winning.

  11. Sooooo, how is this different than when he started? Sounds like a Trump walk-back because he was failing....again....He's got enough to worry about trying to please Putin.

  12. Walkback? Trump has been pushing for zero tariff trade deals since ... forever.

    Walkback? I do not think that word means what you think it means...

  13. Since every prior agreement had the US unfairly accept imports with equal or lower tariff barriers, it's "easy" for Trump to call them unfair. 'Cause they are. Naturally, those foreign exporters won't like losing their unfair advantage.

    But the local useful idiots fail to understand that for virtually all exporting countries, the USA is a huge market they don't want to lose -- and they lose more in a trade war than the USA. The US pretty much has locals, including Harley, making competitor products to virtually everything imported.

    Trump gives them the choice: WIN-win, or lose-LOSE, rather than the prior lose-WIN the USA has been doing. Ya, he risks a (very small) lose in the US vs a big LOSE by the exporter (EU or whoever), but he's giving them the choice. And so far most are choosing more wisely than the Dem media bullies.