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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Democrats want restaurants closed

Ellie Bufkin of the Federalist wrote, "The $15 Minimum Wage Is Wreaking Havoc On New York City Dining."

That's the plan.

The subheadline to her story said, "Eventually, the world-renowned restaurant life in cities like New York, DC, and San Francisco will die. The only survivors will be fast-casual chains with low overhead and deep pockets."

Again, that's the plan.

In Bufkin's column, she said, "For many businesses, this egregious law is not just an inconvenience, it is simply unaffordable. The most recent victim is long-time staple, The Coffee Shop, a tremendously popular Union Square bar and café favored by many celebrities."

One last time, that's the plan.

Democrats want restaurants that cater to the middle class to fail because the middle class poses an existential threat to the party, which has sought refuge in cities where people are either very rich or very poor.

That is why they want only two kinds of restaurants in New York City. McDonald's to serve the masses, and the ritzy ones top serve the party's echelon. Consider it the Soviet Union v2.0.

Over the years, Democrats have mocked suburbia, tried to outlaw our cars, and gone out of their way to de-industrialize the mightiest industrial power on Earth.

The Democratic Party's war on the middle class has sped up because under President Trump, more Americans are able to work and join the middle class. That leads to assimilation. By golly, young black people might turn their backs on thug life rap music. And then what will happen? How can a party built on grievances survive if no one has a grievance.

Things could be worse for New York City, where Bufkin inexplicably lives. San Francisco -- always a magnet for bums -- began recruiting the homeless in earnest by abandoning its laws against peeing and defecating in public. The result is a stinking heap.

Critics warned them about businesses folding if Democrats raised the minimum wage for a busboy to $30,000 a year. Democrats liked the idea of businesses folding, and so they raised it because that is their plan for America: to turn our country into San Francisco.


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  1. Scary as Hell.

    Scarier yet:

    They are the "Self-Brainwashed" Left!

  2. They say there are 70 million rats in NYC. But that's not counting the Democ-Rats.

  3. They want people out of work because they are easier to control. Dimocrats love poor people. That's why they create so many of them. BTW, conservative economists like Sowell and Williams said raising the minimum wage puts people out of work. It happens every time. - GOC

    1. Sowell said, "The real minimum wage is always zero." A national treasure, the man was/is always direct to the point and always bang on.

    2. I too love Sowell, but he was wrong on PDJT. Not sure if he’s changed on that but I would think so. Sowell used to be a commie.

    3. Ah, but Dr. Sowell admits he was a socialist and explains how he learned better: he saw how the government really "works."

  4. Good thing there are more jobs now.

    Consider it the Soviet Union v2.0.

    About 10 years ago, they were called Bobos - Bolshevik Bourgeoisie.

    Too bad it never caught on.

  5. “Consider it the Soviet Union v2.0.”

    Or Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis”.

  6. That's ok, learn how to cook and eat home more. Restaurants are over rated.

    1. I stopped eating out a long time ago except when absolutely necessary. I can have a nice steak dinner for less money than a meal at McDonalds, and I don't have to worry about some dropout messing with my food or giving me hepatitis. - Elric

  7. NYC Is trying to catch up to San Fran. They too allow public urination and defication.

    The prices alone in NY are driving out the middle class. What a dump.

  8. We subsidize the poor so they can live in places like SF. Middle-class workers in SF have to commute 2 hours each way because they can't afford to live any closer but poor people can get free housing in the city. And God help anyone who tries to "gentrify" a slum.

    1. As for the homeless, there is a reason these people are homeless and it isn't "bad luck."

  9. Great line-- "How can a party built on grievances survive if no one has a grievance."
    The Communists behind the Democratic party today are deeply invested in inciting grievances.
    But there is another factor operating, that will continue to prop up the Democrats. They fill a psychological need some people have, to have someone to blame for the problems in their life and their world. Any unpleasant inner feeling they have can be redirected to hatred towards Republicans. "If only the Republicans weren't such stupid, cruel meanies, everything would be OK." Many Democrats, (OK I'm speculating and generalizing just a bit, but this is what I see in many personal acquaintances) lacking religion and other healthier ways to resolve hurts, guilts, and other unhappy feelings in their lives, instead siphon those bad feelings off into venting and dumping on Republicans. Maybe some of the intense "Resistance" craziness we're seeing right now is the psychological desperation of having that Republican scapegoat start to seem less plausible as Trump starts turning our country around and Republican policies actually are seen to be helpful. The cognitive dissonance must be getting really rough.