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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Backing a man who renounced his citizenship, denouncing Trump

Politics used to end at the nation's shores. No more. Globalists slammed the president before, after, and while our duly elected president met with the leader of Russia.

Just as they did when he met the prime minister of England.

Just as they did when he met the heads of NATO.

Just as they did when he met the head of North Korea.

Just as they do any time President Trump does anything. They fear and oppose his America First policy, which raises the question: if not America, who do they put first?

London-based Russian hedge fund magnate Bill Browder?

Jay Nordlinger of the Never Trump National Review wrote, "Sergei Magnitsky was Bill Browder’s lawyer — and a whistleblower. Magnitsky was tortured to death, real slow, by Russian authorities. Since that time, Browder has dedicated his life to human rights and justice. He has campaigned all over the world for 'Magnitsky acts,' which place sanctions on Russian officials who abuse human rights. His activism has made him a prime target of Putin and the Kremlin. Bill (he is a friend of mine) has to watch his step at every turn. He has stuck his neck out, for truth and justice."

Nordlinger left out of his piece that his friend, Browder, renounced his American citizenship more than 20 years ago. Real patriots do not befriend those who renounce their citizenship.

Unlike Nordlinger, Mathew Cooper of Newsweek confronted Browder.

Cooper: "You renounced your American citizenship in the ’90s and moved to London. Tell me about that decision?"

Browder: "My grandfather was an American Communist, and he married my grandmother, who was a Russian Communist. During the 1950s, the McCarthy era, my family was viciously persecuted. [When] my grandmother was dying of cancer…the U.S....wanted to deport her back to Russia. It just left a legacy of bad feeling about the rule of law. Things can swing wildly in the wrong direction from time to time. And in a certain way, we’re sort of seeing that right now."

Cooper: "Would you ever move back?"

Browder: "I’ve been [in London] 28 years. I’ve made my choice."

By friend, I think Nordlinger means donor to the magazine and whatever Counterfeit Conservative think tank has him on the payroll.

Browder's story does not add up. He said his family was persecuted in the 1950s but his grandmother was not facing deportation until the 1990s.

But he is against President Trump, and anyone who is against President Trump now has the support of all these unpatriotic souls.

Nordlinger should follow the lead of his friend, Bill Browder. All of them should. Renounce their citizenship and go live someplace else.

We really don't need them.


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  1. NR nevertrumpers best pals are rich cosmopolitan communists now?

    They need to change their name to Citizen of the World Screed. They don't deserve the right to use "national" in their name any more.

    1. You don't deserve to be called an American anymore. Go back to ancient Greece.

    2. Anonymous troll @10:05- pound sand, jerk.

      Hie ye back to the swine which bore ye, and trouble us no more!

    3. How's the weather today is Kazan Esky?

    4. Hahaha...Nony made a funny!

  2. Strange "America First" policy. Profess loyalty to a known tyrant before you believe your country's entire intelligence agency community, all led by your appointees. This blog has finally revealed itself as a mouthpiece (albeit to a very small audience) of Russia. Congrats.

    Prove me wrong. Denounce Putin and his Russian hackers who are posing as ISIS sympathizers and harassing U.S. military families. Denounce President Dennison's acceptance of allowing North Korea to rebuild its nuclear facilities with China's assistance.
    You can thank me in advance for the comments are about to roll in.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Nah, we're going to wait for your infantile tantrums to run their course, then we'll get back to business.

      BTW, where IS that confounded DNC server and those 33,000 missing emails?


    3. so Anon,the Coward-assuming you are the resident troll
      are you aware far worse has gone on with th old USSR? Roosevelt gave Stalin ( a far far badder dude than Putin) Eastern Europe
      and three million "statistics."
      to devour. All US Presidents have met with Russian leaders gave alittle or a lot.
      Trump is trying to avoid Nuclear war. The Rinos' and Dems seem to want it. If it take a bit of submission to do so fine. The NWO folk shave this concept that we can defeat Russia. Well, maybe..TG

    4. Good replies Anon - not. As for the DNC and missing 33,000 emails, why not ask the Rs who spent four years and millions searching for them where they are. snort.

      What did Reagan give the USSR? Or Clinton or the Bushes or Obama (please spare the widely debunked uranium story).

      Spit my coffee out with "Trump is trying to avoid a nuclear war." The US military could kick Russia's ass in a NY second, yet President Dennison is cowering to Putin and throwing America under the bus in the process. Why?

      Second biggest LOL of your post - "If it takes a bit of submission to do so, fine."

      Hey Surber, TeaP, Iaepetus, Zregime. You all want America submitting to Russia? Cowards.

    5. It's this kind of utterly unhinged hysteria over a diplomatic press conference that makes me realize the left should never hold the levers of power again.

    6. Speaking of submitting to Russia, how about Obungler removing missiles from Poland while getting nothing in return from Russia. That was part of the "Reset button" that Crooked Cankles gave the Russians. That's far closer to "treason" than anything Trump has done. You libs are going batshit crazy and are fun to watch. - GOC

    7. The line the trolls are pushing. All of them. And they are all trying to present themselves as newly incarnated "patriots".

      Remember Lurch telling us dissent is the highest for of patriotism?

      Remember how that kind of patriotism went? American soldiers are baby killers? Bush lied, people died?

      Fact is, after Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Lynch, Stinking Liar (or whatever his name is), and McCabe, who wouldn't trust Poot?

      He told Trump about the 400 mil.

    8. So who is going batshit crazy exactly?

      "It is the most serious mistake of his presidency and must be corrected -immediately." - Newt

      "This answer by President Trump will be seen by Russia as a sign of weakness and create far more problems than it solves." Lindsey Graham

      "We need to be holding Russia accountable and putting an end to its vile attacks on democracy.” Paul Ryan

      "Russia is not our friend. Russia attempted to undermine the fundamentals of our democracy," Trey Gowdy

      "Trump, finally asked whom he believes on Russia interference, gives a vague and rambling non-answer, with renewed complaints about Hillary’s server. Says he trusts US intel but made clear he takes Putin’s denials seriously. Lame response, to say the least." - Brit Hume.

      "Appalling moral equivalence & equivocation — rooted in an embarrassing, juvenile, insecure, consuming obsession over his own legitimacy. Easily one of his worst days as president. And again, juxtapose that performance with how he just treated our European & North American allies." - Fox News Guy Benson

      "Putin eats Trump’s lunch in shocking Helsinki summit. I’m sorry. It’s the only way I feel. It’s not a right or left thing for me—it’s just wrong. A U.S. president on foreign soil, talking to our biggest enemy or adversary or competitor, is essentially letting the guy get away with this and not even offering a mild criticism. That sets us back a lot." - Neil Cavuto, Fox Business News

      "Look, I'm no big deal, but today is the final straw for me. I will never support Trump again. If that makes me a NeverTrumper, so be it. I am a tea party conservative, that will never change. But Trump was a traitor to this country today. That must not be accepted. Speak out." - Joe Walsh

      "his actions in Helsinki were self-serving and utterly grotesque. - Ben Shapiro.

    9. Newt trying to sell a new book and the rest a known commodity.And you are just as irrelevant as the rest of them.

    10. President Trump’s PRESSURE on RUSSIA delivered SUMMIT SUCCESS!

      1. Russia will work with us on North Korean Denuclearization.
      2. Russia will jointly lead on a Syrian Peace and Reconciliation Solution.
      3. Russia will jointly separate Syrian-Israeli forces for the security of Israel.
      4. Russia will work to mitigate the Syrian Migration to Europe.
      5. Russia will collaborate to crush Terrorism and Transnational Crime.
      6. Russia will likely cooperate on Iranian De-Weaponization.
      a. Trump sought Russian pressure.
      b. Less Iranian oil exports -> Higher Russian oil prices and exports.
      c. Russia compliance with sanctions and more likely pending.
      7. Russia will cooperate on Cybersecurity.
      8. Russia will negotiate a new Strategic Offensive Arms Limitation Treaty by 2021.
      9. Russia will operationally coordinate on ALL with our National Security Council.
      10. Russia will reciprocally interrogate Russian & American criminality.
      a. 12 Russian Intelligence Officers for Election Interference.
      b. Democrat Bill Broward for Tax Evasion & Campaign Finance Fraud.
      11. Russia will likely jointly analyze data reflection American Election “meddling”.
      12. Russia will NOT interfere in any American Elections or Affairs.
      13. Russia seeks to grow American Business participation in Russian Economy.

      • Putin made NOT ONE SINGLE COMPLAINT against America … WINNING.
      • Putin sought Trump collaboration on oil & gas pricing (riiight) … WINNING.
      • Trump made NOT ONE SINGLE CONCESSION to Russia … WINNING.
      • Crazed Liberal reactions suggest Putin may SHARE HILLARY EMAILS … WINNING.

    11. No one cares what you think, but your overblown opinion of yourself provides some amusement.

  3. All of these red diaper babies crawling out of the ooze. Why now? And when seeing Browder I knew there was something off about him. Tell us about you and Hillary's money Browder.

    1. Poot knows the Russian side of this. He remembers some of these psychos were calling for war with Russia.

      They were against this meeting from the start. Now they denounce it as "treason" (pot, kettle) because Trump doesn't trust the Deep State, like most people don't trust them.

      And Lisa Page is still testifying and she's co-operating, so there's a double whammy.

      They are running scared.

  4. Man gets rich working with communists. Communists punish man when he gets caught not giving them their cut. Man wants the global community to help exact his revenge against former (communist) business associates. Let the gaslighting begin.

  5. No amount of whataboutism covers the pathetic display of treason displayed yesterday by the orange kompromat kleptocrat. Pootie paraded Trump like Robert Kraft's superbowl ring.

    1. Envy is the ugliest deadly sin.

    2. Yikes! You'd think the only thing worse than a nuclear war is a Trump presidency.

    3. See my previous comment about Obungler removing missiles from Poland. - GOC

    4. Poot told Trump about the 400 mil.

      We know where the treason was.

    5. And Trump knows where the
      $400,000,000 is...TG

  6. Putin deserves the Medal of Freedom for helping defeat the warmonger Clinton and electiing DT. The idots attacking Trump 'care' more about optics than reality. Screw them.

  7. "See my previous comment about Obungler removing missiles from Poland. - GOC"

    Democrat collusion with the Russians goes waaaay back. It's nothing new. FDR planning to give Russian sway over half of Europe after WW2. JFK quietly removing US missiles from Turkey to please Russia during the Cuban missile crisis. It's what the Dems do. They especially like to start the wars our children end up paying for, often with their lives. Now they are mongering for another shooting war as a way to get back to the White House. True patriots will resist the Dem war-hawks efforts to start a war the world doesn't want and can't afford.

    1. And Ted Kennedy trying to get the Russians to help defeat Ronald Reagan.

      I’ll take the deplorables over the liberals and never-Trumpers each and every day.

    2. Demos got us into Vietnam and then stabbed our soldiers and our allies in the back and handed the country over to their buddys, the communists.

  8. I see a raft of people have lost confidence in Trump because of the way he's playing Putin. Ye of little faith need to remember the lengthy list of smarties Trump has humbled because they just knew they were smarter than he.

    For those who are ticked, recall that Trump isn't a bit shy about reversing course on a dime when he sees he had something wrong. He's open to argument. These two traits define him. He knows things we don't. If he's wrong about Putin he'll fix it soon enough.

    Keep the faith and let's see what happens.

  9. It's wonderful how President Trump is causing all the cockroaches, rats and slimy things to crawl right out into the open and reveal themselves. I wouldn't have believed it if I wasn't seeing it with my own two eyes!

    It's sad to think how many of these ratbastards I used to trust. Never again!

    Once I thought the world of Trey Gowdy- thought he was a hero with a bright sword, mounted on a charger, riding to save us from evil. Now I see him for the swamp creature he's been all along: a frog with a sweet singing voice.

    They're all just covering their own asses, or trying to; but instead they are showing their true selves to anyone who cares to look.

    I am angry for being such a fool to have believed in them, and I'm really looking forward to Hammertime!

    1. My sentiments almost exactly, Esky. I don’t like getting played, but I sure got snookered by those bastards. Instead of embracing some fresh, positive change, they continue to embrace the suck. To hell with em all.

  10. Well now lookee here: it's illegal for Browder to donate even $1 to Hillary's campaign, as he is a foreign national! My my my, ain't that hotseat gettin' warm!

  11. I like what anonymous says. Keep our President safe.
    I did not like that fly over in Scotland.