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Tuesday, July 03, 2018

"Australia following US lead"

Donald Trump is not leading from behind because he is an actual leader, not a frontman for George Soros. His decision to move the embassy to Jerusalem has other nations following.

His decision to get Congress to cut some funding to Palestinian groups is another example.

"Australia has ceased providing direct aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA), with Foreign Minister Julie Bishop saying the donations could increase the self-governing body's capacity to pay Palestinians convicted of politically motivated violence," News Australia reported.

The $10 million that Australia sends each year will instead go to the United Nations to help Palestinians. That's a slight improvement.

Palestinian official Nabil Abu Rdeneh, who condemned President Trump's move in the spring, praised Bishop.

"Minister Bishop's strong and decisive decision today to ensure that the Palestinian Authority can no longer use our aid to free up money in its budget for state-promoted terrorism is very positive," Abetz said.

"It is vital that we ensure that our foreign aid is not being spent on, or making money available for, the promotion of terrorism and so funnelling our aid to the Palestinian Territories through the United Nations will provide greater assurance that the Palestinian Authority's clever accounting cannot occur."

The Australian news site nevertheless said, "Australia [is] following US lead."

We no longer have a figurehead in the Oval Office; we have the real deal.


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  1. Makes no sense to support both Israel and the PA, unless the goal is perpetual conflict.

    It's like giving to your local Republican Party and continuing your newspaper subscription.

  2. The guys down under are on top of things.

  3. It would be nice if the Aussies asked the Clinton Crime Foundation for a refund of the some $88 Million they gave to that pack of thieves, too. The same Julie Bishop has always been BFF with Hillary which probably explains it.

    At least they have cut off any further payments, but the Aussie taxpayers should get that money back!

  4. AU$10 M is a pittance. In 2016, the US gave the PA US$350 million in direct aid and donated another $350 for Palestinian relief to the UNRWA. Meanwhile, the PA spent US$350 M in payments to the families of dead terrorists, or "martyrs" as they call those killers..

    1. We need to reduce those payments to zero, and deduct any other payments made by the UN to the Philistines from what we give the UN overall. That reduction to remain in force until we stop any funding of the UN altogether.

    2. Few know it, but every man, woman, and child in America gives the PA $2 a year. If they knew that, do you think they'd be happy with it?

  5. Arafat's wife still lives in a large apartment in Paris near the Arc de Triomphe. The several billion He stole provides her a nice life.
    Corruption is endemic and well accepted among the Palestinian "elite". Trump did their people a big favor by cutting them off. Perhaps they will demand more investment in themselves from their leadership.

  6. Giving the $10mil to the UN to dole out is still dumb. $5 mil will be skimmed off for the UN’s corruption. Then the remaining $5 mil will go tback the Palestinians for tunnel building and payment to terrorist martyr families.

  7. Name any war Americans have fought in over the past 100 years, and chances are there’ll have been Australians fighting alongside.

  8. Amazing what a little bit of leadership can do.