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Monday, July 09, 2018

AP works for Mueller now

Do not talk to the Associated Press without a lawyer.

The organization works for Bob Mueller in his fascist attempt to nullify the 2016 presidential election. Two news stories make this clear.

1. The Daily Caller reported, "Justice Department documents released on Friday confirm that the DOJ attorney known as Robert Mueller’s pit bull arranged a meeting with journalists in April 2017 to discuss an investigation into Paul Manafort.

"The documents show that Andrew Weissmann arranged a meeting with DOJ and FBI officials and four Associated Press reporters on April 11, 2017, just over a month before Mueller was appointed special counsel."

2. From the Politico report, "A meeting last year where Associated Press reporters discussed with federal officials the news outlet’s investigation of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s finances may have led the FBI to a storage locker the bureau raided, an FBI agent testified Friday.

"The unexpected testimony from FBI Agent Jeff Pfeiffer at a federal court hearing in Alexandria, Virginia, on the legality of the May 2017 search was the first live witness the government has offered against Manafort since special counsel Robert Mueller’s first indictment against the longtime lobbyist and political consultant was returned last October."

The revelation shows that Mueller was investigating a private citizen without authorization before Rod Rosenstein launched his witch hunt.

At the time, Mueller was not working for the government. Unless he has a client and a private investigator's license, Mueller may have been breaking the law.

But we know repeatedly political reporters are in bed figuratively with the Deep State and the Democratic Party. In the case of Ali Watkins of the New York Times, it is literal.

Mueller is out to ruin the life of anyone associated with President Trump as a fascist warning to others who dare to challenge the power of the state.

He is the Red Hen restaurant of politics. Not only should he be shut down and investigated, but so should this collaborators in the media.

Beginning with those four AP reporters.

A democratic republic cannot survive having a cabal of the press, the state police, and politicians running things.

Look at England and Brexit. The politicians are ignoring the will of the people.


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  1. Excellent point.

    Good to see Manafort is fighting back on the grounds this, in fact, was illicit.

    Mule Ears is not a competent guy, so he may have painted himself into a corner.

  2. If a rumor offered up by people who are notorious for lying about anonymous sources is accepted as probable cause, you may as well let cops go around digging into everyone's stuff on "hunches" again.

    In fact, this kind of illegality goes right along with the FISA crap.

    The entire federal government needs an overhaul or if not it should be destroyed completely.

  3. AP stands for Associated with the Police?

  4. Vote in November, and make sure every right-thinking person you know votes, too. 2018 is as critical as 2016. The left must never hold the levers of power again.

    1. Amen. The libswine are relying on the fact Trump himself is not the ballot to suppress R turn out. In the meantime they are flogging their own with emotional border mania. It may also be that the recent intimidation campaign is also designed to lower R turnout by creating a desire to avoid potential harrasment at the polls.

  5. Who would ever want to speak with an AP reporter anymore?
    The fix must have been in That Mueller would be appointed special counsel. Why else would he be operating a month before being named?

    PDJT knows what is going on and along with Jeff Sessions and Inspector General grand juries, they all will be rolled up at once. I still believe.

    1. I hope this is right. Sessions is not a strong person otherwise he would have told DT he was going to bail before he was appointed.

    2. Always do your best to avoid the press is my advice no matter who they might be. I never met one who had anyone's interest in mind other than his own. Of course I never met Don when he was working but out here in NY they are a plague spot.

    3. Yep.
      PDJT had only been in business, dealing with Vendors, customers, clients and government people (around the world, across the nation, and up your street - H/T Al Sleet the hippydippywestherman) for 40+ YEARS before he didn't know enough about how government works to be president.

  6. When Mueller falls ... and he will, don’t doubt it for a second ... he’ll take his fellow travellers with him.

  7. Obviously AP didn't learn a lesson from the Obama campaign to spy on them in 2012-13.

    On the other hand maybe they did learn a lesson. Just not the one they should've.

  8. Several weeks ago I was with a friend when he got a phone call from a loco reporter. After speaking for a half hour, my friend injected, "By the way, this is strictly off the record, you may not quote me on anything, nor use my name in your article."
    This concerned an interaction he has with the local PD. Not a criminal matter either.

  9. AP has been Butt Buddies with Mueller for over two years and he has their full support. The fact that their credibility is so often in question and their stories way to often false is a credit to their dedication to the liberal agenda and Bobby Mueller.