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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Another waiter lying about bigotry

The world as we know it collapsed briefly this weekend when waiter Khalil Cavil in Odessa, Texas, scribbled, "We don’t tip terrorist," on a receipt and claimed a couple had left it.

Matthew Martinez of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram ignored earlier waiter hoaxes of a similar nature, and went with the story, which the newspaper promptly published as "They only knew his name: Khalil. Diners left $0 tip, a note calling him a ‘terrorist.’"

Apparently no one at the newspaper ever heard the salty journalistic saying, "If your mother says she loves you, check it out."

This bit of Fake News was picked up by the New York Post, the Daily Mail, and other news fakers because it fits a stereotype of intolerance. Never mind the previous hoaxes, this time was different.

They would have you believe that someone was stupid enough to write that and use a traceable credit card to identify them.

Martinez and his editors ignored the November 26, 2013, report, "Couple Denies Leaving Anti-Gay Note in Lieu of Tip, Says It's a Scam." That was waitress Dayna Morales.

Martinez and his editors ignored the February 27, 2017, report, "Lawyer: Waitress showered in cash after 'don't tip black people' story a fraud." The was waitress Kelly Carter.

Martinez and his editors ignored the May 24, 2014, report, "Man accused of leaving racist receipt at Red Lobster sues waitress, restaurant." That was waitress Toni Christina Jenkins.

Nope, the Mortimer Snerds at the Star-Telegram went with the story because they care about clicks, not the truth.

Nearly five days later, the newspaper amended it report, changing the headline to "Waiter said diners called him a ‘terrorist.’ Texas restaurant says it isn’t true."

And it changed its lead to "UPDATE: The chief operating officer of Saltgrass Steak House says an investigation has found that an employee fabricated a story about a receipt left by a customer with the word 'terrorist' written on it. The story below has been updated."

Oh, and they picked up the original story from Facebook.

That is what passes for journalism these days.


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  1. And were any of these waterheads fired? I’d look it up if I gave a shit.

    1. The waiters and waitresses? Several were. The reporters? Likely promoted.

  2. The writer, Martinez, has a email address, so perhaps he is not at the paper and the paper just printed the column blindly off the news service. As for Martinez, he has lots of quotes from Khalil, but does not say he contacted the waiter to confirm the story with him. So it appears Martinez is just surfing Facebook for articles to write. Wow, what great journalism. And to think he went to journalism school to learn how to quote long sections from what people post on their Facebook pages.

  3. Saltgrass needs to fire that manager too. How did he let a ding-dong employee like that rope in corporate and then have to apologize to a customer? I'll stay out of that resturant chain. The customers being abused by employees doesn't seem to be a biggie to them.

    1. Uh, the chain followed up and through on the whole matter and forced the punk to come clean. This is like the little shop in Portland where an activist purposely said she was going to do what she did, and cried racissssss! when they would not serve her after hours.

      These are rank set-ups. If you're going to stay out, it means the waiting line won't be nearly as long for me! They put out a great steak platter, and according to my wife, an excellent fish platter as well, for a steakhouse.

      That kind of over-reaction is just self-defeating.

    2. You are welcome. I'll go to Flemings which I do anyway. As a rule corporate expects managers to get to the truth quickly, not involve them, and certainly not insult customers with the staff idiocy such as posting insults and lies to the public.

  4. Terrorist. Singular.
    We don't tip terrorists. Plural as in standard english.
    I wonder if there might have been a blindingly obvious clue Khalil wrote that his own damned self?

    1. Being of simple tastes, I took pleasure in discovering that this fraudster's mother's name is "Swindle."

      I'm sure she brought him up well.

  5. Well, now we know what makes the Saltgrass grow.

  6. College will be starting soon. More fake hate stories will be coming our way.

    1. From the Humanities students maybe.

      I’m yet to meet a guy or gal who can play hookey from Field and Wave Electromagnetics lectures to attend political demonstrations, and still pass.

  7. I don't really believe in hate crimes because no one has ever explained to me what a love crime is. Besides the Clinton Administration.

    But if we're going to have them, the falsely accusing others of it is itself a hate crime. So a hate crime was actually committed here--by Khalil.

    1. A hate crime happens when someone is accused of thinking bad things about someone else who hates them; they get prosecuted when the hater has more political power than the one they are accusing of hate.

      So you know there is some hate going on. Your guarantee is that the one doing the accusing is a hater for sure. The one being accused may or may not be a hater, but when the accuser's side is more powerful, there is a conviction.

    2. This came from someone who posts at zerohedge:

      “politically motivated hate crime”

      Calling it a hate-crime is “Word Play.” There’s absolutely NO such thing as a “Hate Crime.” This is Open in your Faces Political Persecution. PERIOD! FULL STOP. There are NO such things as “Hate Speech”, “White Privilege.” or “Assault Rifles”. They are made up terms are used to create Chaos, Divide & imaginary “Groups.” Refuse to be Gas Lighted.
      And, it was a LEAK not a “Hack.” His name was Seth Rich. Control the Language, Control the Narrative.

  8. As noted on AR15 dot com
    "The demand for racism exceeds the supply, so one must make it up to satiate those who demand it."

    1. The demand for hate is ALL coming from the left. They were forced to give up their KKK, and like a smoker craving nichotine.....

  9. Ace of Spades: "It's time to add Munchausen Syndrome (Social Justice Warrior type) to the DSM psychiatric manual. This is a fairly major psychological problem now."

    A real epidemic. Not a fakey, inanimate "Gun Violence Epidemic", but an real epidemic that real hoaxers are suffering from in droves.

    A century ago, people valued gold and would go as far the Yukon to get it.

    Today we value Glamorous Victim Status and will go even farther to have it. We used to want io be heroes--but that takes effort. Today, we want to be victims.

    It's crazy how people will stab, punch, bruise, assault, shave, graffiti and perjure themselves to get it. They'll smear feces on themselves, rip their clothes, start fires, lie to reporters and e-mail themselves threats and drag mattresses around campus just to obtain it, just to get that mental selfie of Me as Mandela, Standing Up to the Man!

    But the payoffs can be huge: fame, fortune, celebrity, scholarships, endowed chairs, tenure, Pulitzers Prizes, instant steet cred, magazine covers, grants, federal laws bearing your name, famous people fawning over you, actors portraying you in Hollywood blockbusters, book sales, movie rights, rock stars singing your song, the moral high ground, trips to the White House, get-out-of-jail free cards to riot and burn down your town, the ability to discredit, silence or even jail your opponents--and that's just a partial list.

    When you think about that way, you'd be kinda' crazy not to.

  10. Liberals and Marxists (including media) are downright tiresome and obviously totally committed to their "the right is all racist and hate driven" agenda. While they prove time and time again where the real hatred exists. With the accusers and those so anxious to report lies.