Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Why they let the FBI "get away" with ignoring subpoenas

I blog on what I know which was why I have not said anything about the FBI and the Department of Justice stonewalling demands for documents from congressional oversight committees. President Trump went a little Donald Duck over it a while back, but his tweets seemed rote to me, and lacking conviction.

Brian Cates of Draw and STRIKE! finally explained it.

Sex is part of the explanation.

Now my thought was this was a battle that President Trump cannot win. He only fights the ones he can win. That's what winners do.

But actually not squawking about it is part of his battle plan.

"There are two things happening concurrently in the DOJ to root out the corruption inside of it *and* in our CONGRESS, where the same corruption has spread," Cates wrote.

The congressional corruption includes the staff level.

James Wolfe, as head of security for the Senate Intelligence Committee slept with a spy, exchanging state secrets for sex. Since the spy, Ali Watkins, works for the New York Times, they call it leaking but it amounts to the same thing. Our enemies discover our secrets because a 50s-something man is having a midlife crisis and some bimbo wants to be Lois Lane.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a former senator, knows how these turncoats work. The staff leaks like a sieve (so do congressmen) so before he hands over sensitive material, he wants to ensure that it is in safe hands.

He's not so sure right now. And so he delays and delays. Good people get impatient. Every so often, President Trump vents for them.

"So it's never been about just cleaning up the DOJ, prosecuting all the leakers and partisans who corrupted that place," Cates wrote.

"You have to ALSO root out the leakers in the Congress who've been working in concert with those people."

This is why they are in no hurry to hand Congress sensitive material.

There is nothing patriotic about the New York Times and other news organizations whoring themselves out to get classified information. They indeed are a hindrance to a free republic because by publishing state secrets, they compromise the state's ability to defend itself.

Loose lips sink ships. These leakers would sink the Ship of State.

The draining continues. Horowitz and the others are keeping things close to the vest as they dot the I's. cross the T's, and get those ducks in a row. Cliches? But true.


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  1. “Loose lips sink ships.”

    That’s a good quote. Reckon Trump has another one.

    “Sighted S.O.B. Sank same.”

  2. God, the FBI is a mess. My daughter-in-law works for them. This is one topic I absolutely WILL NOT broach when wife and I fly out in two days to see our granddaughter, for fear of getting kicked out.

    1. We are slowly learning, from Trump via Scott Adams, the art of persuasion. What cannot be broached directly can be hinted at in subtle ways. If it can't go further, so be it. But sometimes their cognitive dissonance allows a small crack in the armor.

  3. Ali Watkins whored for her stories. Her editors either did not know, or did not care. If there are any reporters who are not whores still employed by the NYT they should be up in arms.

    1. Are you kidding? They are burning with jealousy!

  4. I would not be surprised to Learn that Adam Schiff is another one of the leakers.

  5. Hey great news!
    Ali Watkins was just nominated for the news industry's coveted Pullman Prize.

    Asked about her success she replied that, "Hey this is the second millennium...in journalism today,you don't need a phone, just a couch.
    Hollywood wasn't available for comment.

    1. Awarded on the basis of what part you pull the man by, I presume.

  6. Using state secrets to buy sex is no different than selling them outright for money. This is nothing more than bribery by the press.

    Being a member of some elite press corps is not a license to be treated differently that any of the rest of us.

    Hang the whore first and then throw her f-buddy out of a helicopter.

    1. "Mata Hari had a very wicked reputation. She was willing to be thrilling for her information."

      She also got stood against a wall and shot, so there's precedent!

  7. The phrase "loose lips" applies to both Wolfe and Watkins.

  8. Another reason why Sessions may be a better man than a lot of crybabies on the Right want to think.

  9. I find it strange none of the highly visible pundits in the blogosphere with legal backgrounds, including past prosecutors or law school professors, have mentioned the legal jeopardy Ali Watkins may be in. In my reading, Don, you are the first to raise the issue. I've been posting on-line comments on that for days, getting a lot of rote responses that journalists can't be prosecuted for publishing classified information. But they can, if they conspire with the leaker and act the way Watkins did to obtain that information for publication.

  10. "they dot the I's. cross the T's, and get those ducks in a row. Cliches? But true."

    I sure hope you're right -- but I fear that there will be too few indictments to really declare victory. Tho it won't take many to be a LOT better than before.

    Who watches the watchers, is always one of the impossible to really know questions. Even in the dictatorships. But Kim & Xi can do purges faster than Reps.

  11. There are no "good cops" in this country. The Blue Wall covers for its Bruthas and Sistas, no matter how foul their acts.

    Do you know where they live in your neighborhood? Do you know their schedules? Do you know their spouses' schedules? Do you have a plan to deal with them appropriately?

    And your local "Law Enforcement" are neck deep in this. They have officers assigned to the DHS Fusion Centers across the country:
    where they sit elbow-to-elbow with their FedPig Brothers in Blue, swilling coffee, sucking donuts, and doing WHATEVER they are told.