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Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Why the anti-Trump plan failed

Ben "I Will Never Vote For Donald Trump. Here's Why" Shapiro discarded self-awareness to attack Democrats for never giving Trump a chance -- just like Shapiro did.

He's about as loyal as an amoeba.

Still he explained well the Wile E. Coyoteness of Never Trumpers like him.

"Instead of playing nice with Trump, while stoking the flames of anti-Trump ire with their base, Democrats promised a deus ex machina: Trump would flame out, retire, be impeached, be prosecuted by Robert Mueller for Russian collusion, and all the rest. Trump wasn’t merely a bad guy — he was the worst guy, a buffoonish Hitler clad in the armor of cruel conservatism," Shapiro wrote in the Never Trump National Review.

"But there’s a problem: Trump hasn’t flamed out. Mueller so far hasn’t come up with credible evidence of Russian collusion, and even the high hopes surrounding porn star Stormy Daniels have gone flaccid. Trump himself seems alternatively irked by his office and trollishly empowered by it, but never willing to walk away. That’s dispiriting to the Democratic base, which spends each morning fuming over the latest Trumpian twitterstorm, thrilling to the extremist musings of kooks such as Maxine Waters (D., Calif.)."

As Stephen Green wrote at Instapundit, "Any plan which relies on the ineptitude of your opponent is hardly a plan at all."

So why did they pick this plan? Why did they not try to work with Trump as they had George W. Bush in his first term?

The answer is Barack Obama.

President Trump drew the wrath of Obama in 2011 with the birtherism. At the time it seemed dumb. But seven years later, the sane genius of the move illuminates the Bungling Bobby Mueller investigation.

Trump sized up the situation, and figured out where Superman Obama's kryptonite was.

It stung. Obama has howled ever since. His vicious and nasty mocking of Trump is something we've never seen in a modern former president.

Sure, Truman despised Eisenhower, and there have always has been the possibility of bad blood when a president is defeated.

But Obama had a personal grudge with Trump, which threw him off his game. Trump has seen many people feud with him only to come out worse for the ordeal.

Obama mocked Trump repeatedly in the 2016 campaign. However, like Aesop's hare, he took the race for granted.

Fifteen days before the election, Obama dropped the mike on Trump on national television.

What an arrogant, pompous hockey puck.

Which set up for failure the plan to undermine Trump.

Having learned nothing -- and I mean nada, zilch, zip -- from the election, Obama and his henchmen came up with this resistance nonsense. Such idiots. They thought because the Tea Party's staunch opposition to Obamacare gave Republicans the House in 2016 that Democrats would win back the House this year.

All you had to do was oppose -- everything.

But Trump saw the flaw in that plan. All he had to do was oppose things that no normal person would support, and watch the Democrats foul themselves out. In recent days, Democrats have come out for MS-13, nukes for Iran, and Kim Jong Un.

Democrats own the news media. Trump said fine, and turned the media toxic. It's like owning a contaminated Superfund site.

President Trump is evolving into a historic president, not just a good president but a great one because he is bringing peace and prosperity to the land despite widespread opposition and sedition from the FBI, the media, the NSA, and Barack Obama.

Obama is learning that resistance is futile.

Or maybe not. The smooth talk aside, he does not seem to be very intelligent.


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  1. Heavens, no.
    Hillary will learn first, and SHE is dense as Schist and obtuse as a sidewalk abreast a tree.
    Takeaway: NPD trumps Parkinson's.

  2. Obama: "Don't bring a knife to a gun fight."

    Trump drives in with a flame throwing tank.

    The memes write themselves.

  3. "Trump said fine and turned the media toxic."
    Why, yes he did. What an insightful and articulate observation. It's why I visit this site daily.

  4. "...he does not seem to be very intelligent." Which is what I've been saying ever since obama picked biden for his vp. He needed someone dumber than himself and biden fit the bill.

    1. Yeah. Remember he used a teleprompter to address elementary school children.

    2. Reads better as "…only biden fit the bill."

  5. Obama, "What an arrogant, pompous hockey puck."

    That's an insult to hockey pucks.

    1. It's also an insult to arrogance and pomposity.

    2. Hockey pucks have a useful purpose. Even horse$--t has a useful purpose. Obama doesn't have a useful purpose. In fact he is a bane to the body politic and detrimental to our country. - Elric

  6. Dems don't have anything to run on but hate. They have no policies that work just personalities. Their latest strategy is to run moderates who aren't supposed to be beholden to the alt left. People are on to that ruse though. As long as Nancy and Shuster are in DC they are screwed. The election this fall is going to be one for the books. Sit back and enjoy the show.

  7. “He’s about as loyal as an amoeba.”

    Yes, but which one?

    Well, you got your "brain-eating amoeba" Naegleria fowleri. But that would seem to be confusing cause and effect.

    You got your intestinal parasite Entamoeba histolytica, which causes amoebic dysentery. Otherwise known as the “galloping fantods”.

    Then there’s your multicellular Dictyostelium discoideum. This is the slime mould, which seems appropriate.

    Just think ... a few hundred million years of evolution, and Ben Shapiro has a one-in-a-trillion chance of becoming a human being.

  8. I am learning much from PDJT. I wish I had learned these lessons 40 years ago. The end game is going to be fun to watch.

  9. And he's entertaining as he goes there.
    President Trump is a savvy and consummate professional.

    As an aside, I laughed yesterday when those fools derided Mike Pence for being a Christian.
    In my opinion the VP realized early on that there was a lot to learn by being in close proximity to someone so large in life and competent as DJT.

    An apprenticeship if you will.

  10. That was an Obamaphone he dropped. At the criminal attempted murder trial I was a jurist on, the defendant had six of them.

  11. Trump sized up the situation, and figured out where Superman Obama's kryptonite was.

    It stung. Obama has howled ever since.

    Dennis Miller, rather early in '08, remarked, "I have no problem with the color of his skin, only the thinness of it".

    1. It's Obama's kryptonite also because his actual birthplace is still not known; IMHO he's a total fraud, and his whole life is a manufactured fairy tale (pun intended.)

      I'd still like someone who says that "the birther stuff has been debunked" to point out which Hawaiian hospital Obama was born in, with documentation proving it. So far no one has been able to do that, and his "birth certificate" is a photoshopped phony!

    2. I have a copy of a picture of Obama that was published in the Honolulu newspaper, which was taken of him and a classmate friend when he was in the third grade. According to Obama's official biography, he was enrolled in grade school in the third grade that year....except, not in Honolulu, but in Indonesia! Apparently he was so talented as a child he could be in two different places thousands of miles apart at the same time.

  12. I climbed aboard the Trump train before the Republican convention in 2016. I expected him to be a good president, based upon the overwhelming evidence that he possessed the extremely important character traits of (a) not being Hillary and (b) not being Obama/Soetero. (If the Trump haters think they're being clever calling Trump "Drumpf," then I must be the frickin' Marx Brothers/original cast of Saturday Night Live calling Hussein Obama "Soetero").

    Not only has Trump way exceeded my expectations, but everyday it seems something comes out that shows Trump planned things out several moves in advance, in a way that the great generals of history -- Patton, Alexander The Great, Napoleon -- would stand back in admiration. And yet they remained convinced that "Drumpf" is the idiot! Has any field general ever been so lucky in the opponents he was given?

  13. "If you can keep your head when all about you
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,"

    Okay, you did send out a couple of tweets so maybe you're a little responsible. Who knew that 144 characters could send their world into chaos. Well, you did, didn't you?

  14. Great insight as always, Don. One quibble -- I don't think Trump 'turned' the news media toxic, I think he exposed their toxicity by confronting them on it.

  15. Unquestionably the sharpest analysis yet.

  16. "But Obama had a personal grudge with Trump"

    Ever watch the video of Trump at the National Correspondent's Dinner that Obama invited him to?

    Instead of having a string of "comics" make good-natured (since he's a D) jokes about POTUS and then POTUS getting the last word telling jokes about the 'comics' and the press - they all tee'd off on Trump - who was present at Obama's invitation - but had no chance to respond.

    Just watch Trump's face.

    That was the day Trump decided to obliterate Obama's legacy. After that day, he wasn't playing any more at having fun pretending to be a politician.

    Obama did it out of pure spite.

    How'd that work out for him?