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Thursday, June 21, 2018

What part of "president" do they not understand?

Robert Costa, national political reporter for the Washington Post, is alarmed because President Trump is setting federal policy.

"Bannon is gone. Miller gave a quote and is a force behind the scenes. Sec. Nielsen is a spokesperson for the policy. But like so many issues in this admin., it's not about the players but about the president. He is the one insisting, the one pushing others to hold the line," Costa tweeted.

After eight years with a figurehead as president, Washington cannot handle a president who follows the Constitution and the law.

Remember how upset they were when he granted pardons without following protocol? Washington was in an uproar. He carried out a constitutional duty without authorization from the Department of Justice.

The reaction to a president actually presiding over the government was informative.

"He's a President, not a dictator. People can resign. People should leave their posts over this policy. They have the option and if they don't take it, then it's just as much about them," a lawyer replied to Costa's tweet.

"They have been hand selected to serve these roles. They are believers. They don’t consider resignation because they believe in this poisonous vision," actor Robert Wisdom replied.

"Yes! My point exactly, which is why this says as much about these people as it does about Trump. We need to call out the players (as named in the original Tweet) for exactly what they are: cruel, xenophobic, and dishonest. It's just as much about them -- they should be shamed," the lawyer replied to the reply.

And on and on they got themselves all worked up. They disagree with the policy, therefore, the policy must be immoral, unethical, and unAmerican. Everyone in Washington said so, so it must be true.

Only 4% of the capital voted for President Trump.

They wanted another figurehead. They got a president. They cannot deal with it.


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  1. When in doubt, listen to the experts. Then do the opposite.

  2. When will We The People begin to prosecute Government Officials for violating the Oaths of Office that they ALL swore (or affirmed) to... Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States against all Enemies Foreign and Domestic...?

  3. Anger followed by depression is what shrinks forecast for the abused child. I wonder if li'l Costa signed that petition along with his fellow slaves groveling for a few more pennies from their $150x10^9 Owner. Shouldn't He take advice from his servants too? He didn't build that, you know.
    Yes, depression, then perhaps the Bourdain neck tie. We can hope any way.

  4. Funny part is he's describing the last 2 Democrat Administrations.

  5. The Crazy Meter is hitting max vU right now, folks. Dems appear to be unconcerned if what they say and do today COMPLETELY contradicts what they said and did yesterday. ANYTHING to get Mr. T. Big D, I’d keep that list warmed up. It may be up to 200 by the end of the year. Next up: Peter Fonda, whose new movie is gonna bomb so hard it’ll make the MOAB look like a firecracker.

    1. Dennis Miller pointed out that peter fonda's movies are so poorly attended that it would be impossible to tell if they are boycotted.

  6. What is it about "consent of the governed" that doesn't get through to these people? We tried Miss Manners and that didn't work. So we hired Donny Two Scoops. They did it to themselves.

  7. They want their sex trafficked children and they want them NOW!

  8. We are fortunate beyond understanding, since we now have a President who acts Presidentially!

    Sometimes I wonder- what would happen in Britain if Queen Elizabeth were to put on her crown and carry her scepter, and publicly command her subjects to save the realm by kicking out all the foreigners?

    If that were to happen, wouldn't it be awesome! Sadly, it won't, and Britain is lost.

  9. Is Acosta in a foreign language for b00gger eating moron? It seems every time that name comes up it reflect the stupidity of the person using it, and the always seem to be associated with Americas fake media.

  10. Not long after 9/11, president Bush became another figurehead president. We went 14 or so years with one.