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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Trump's strategy in Singapore

Asked how soon he will know if Kim Jong Un is serious about peace at the summit, President Trump said, "I think within the first minute I’ll know."

Why not? He wrote the book on negotiating. Kim read it.

Trump has many tools in this negotiation. The military and economic tools are well established.

And utterly useless. Every president from Truman forward has had these tools, and still the war continues. The Kim dynasty is unafraid of America's military might. We used it once and drew China in, which led to a butchery neither side wants to visit again.

As for sanctions, Kim is not personally affected by our refusal to do business.

Trump figured out what Kim wants most: legitimacy. That Trump can deliver. He can make North Korea Normal Again.

Trump already has raised Kim's esteem in his world by meeting with him face-to-face, but there is so much more Kim can have.

A McDonald's.

Don't laugh. The Big Mac is the first symbol of civilization. Alas, parts of my West Virginia have none.

Trump is willing to think outside the box because the thinking inside the box failed. Besides, the box bores the tears out of him. He is too smart for the box.

Offering to help build the economy is a tried and true path to the pacification of other nations.

"It's part of an anything-goes approach that includes, as scooped last night, the possibility of establishing official relations with North Korea and even eventually putting an embassy in Pyongyang," Axios reported.

Much of his strategy is Nixon in China. Trump can establish diplomatic relations with North Korea. Also, there can be cultural exchanges.

But that first handshake will decide whether Kim is serious. If so, Trump can land a deal. If not, he will fly home. I think he can.

Nukes are a lousy military weapon. It will only lead to the destruction of your country if you use one.

But they are a great negotiating tool. They brought Trump to the table.

This is not Reagan in Reykjavik, a summit between two equals. This is Trump in Singapore, trying to end an endless and now needless war.


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  1. Who else is gonna be in the room? Bolton? The Worm? Unclear at this point. Well, as long as Mr. T is, we’re good to go.

    1. As long as Rodham, Sotero, Kerry, Not-so-bright, McCain, etc. are not on the room, we are good to go.

  2. Trump is not Obama. Obama would have made concessions to keep the deal alive. Trump won't.

  3. Maybe Kim wants what most dictators seem to want, to be rich and very secure in power. Putin is a good model I guess but how he keeps himself levitated is unknown. Perhaps he just makes it easy and safe for his cronies. Xi is a nearby example. He is now dictator for 'life' but there may be a performance clause in his contract. For Kim promises of prosperity for his people are frought with risk unless he can be seen as the one and only source for it. I don't envy Trump but I'm sure he has something to offer that will address these concerns even though "human rights" won't be in the equation, nor should they be. The media is portraying this as on the fly diplomacy but it is probable some deal has already been reached, as is usual before meeting of foreign leaders.
    Whatever happens the media will call it a disaster. In fact they already have begun in a peculiar way, resurrecting the tattered rep of Jimmy Carter, their now unrecognized genius in foreign affairs. Obama, whose rep shriveled up before DT's Iranian onslaught, is no longer available it seems. Carter's dictatorial caving is the new avatar for greatness. His disasters are far enough in the past to be modified with impunity, an easy memory hole option.
    Personally I hope Trump humiliates his smarmy media and NT opponents again. They deserve no less, to semi quote major Strasser.

  4. "Offering to help build the economy is a tried and true path to the pacification of other nations."

    It is also a challenge for our Master Builder, President Trump, as well as an opportunity for investments and trade across a wide spectrum. North Korea is one of the last frontiers to be opened and developed by Western countries. Most Third-World countries have no baseline of education and industrialization to begin with, therefore they are too costly to develop. North Korea is a plum, ripe for the picking. - Elric

  5. A friend of mine (now deceased) would have disagreed with you about the Bic Mac as the first symbol of civilization. For him, it was A&W. Still the best root beer and shakes, but getting harder and harder to find.

    1. A&W is a painful yet very strong memory for me. Dad was a teacher in a one income family. Money was tight. He’d pull into the brown and orange, get himself a burger, and get Baby Beers for free for my brothers and me. They came in a glass cup but you could kill it in one gulp. Lemme tell ya, that was all the motivation I needed to make something of myself.

  6. A year after my late Dad arrived in the United States from Ireland, Uncle Sam offered him an all-expenses-paid trip to a place he'd never heard of called Korea. (Return ticket NOT guaranteed....) I sometimes wish he could have lived to see this.