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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Trump's luck and the Axis of Evil

David Frum came up with the phrase Axis of Evil to describe Iraq, Iran, and North Korea. President George W. Bush took care of Iraq, albeit in the way that was the most expensive (in both lives and treasure).

Obama snoozed and even helped Iran acquire nuclear weaponry as well as helped facilitate its sponsorship of terrorism.

But now President Trump is the commander-in-chief, and he is taking care of the two survivors.

Much to the chagrin of Americans who hate America, the Associated Press reported on Monday, "North Korea’s ‘anti-U.S. imperialism’ rally will not be held this year."

The wire service reported, "The elaborate rally is typically held on June 27 to mark the beginning of the yearly 'Struggle Against U.S. Imperialism Month.' In past years, North Koreans attended a variety of events designed to build nationalism and commemorate the end of the Korean War on July 27, 1953.

"While there has been no official statement from Pyongyang on this year’s event, AP reporters in North Korea have confirmed that the rally will not be held on Wednesday."

This follows the removal of anti-American propaganda in Pyongyang.

You see, after seven decades of demonizing America, the Kim Dynasty must walk all that back. Its willingness to do so shows a commitment to the peace process that the Democratic Party lacks.

Maybe San Francisco can host the Struggle Against U.S. Imperialism Month in future years,

Which leaves Iran standing alone. Its economy is a wreck. Its people are angry. Its government is precariously close to collapse. Novelist Thomas Wictor has shown on Twitter that Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states may be aiding the overthrow of the Persian government. We shall see.

But I do know that soon the Democrats will start talking about President Trump's dumb luck because that will be their only possible explanation for his success with the economy and world affairs.

As for David Frum, he absolutely hates President Trump because President Trump has the audacity to actually solve the world's problems -- on time and under budget.


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  1. Since Iran is ruled Muslim theocracy not correct to call Persian.

    1. Also, Iranian is the modern-day, politically correct rendition of Aryan. - Elric

  2. The Left doesn't need a Nork anti-American rally when they have the Democrat Party and Hollywood.

    1. Quite correct with Hollywood and the far left Communism is well represented in America. I only wish it was represented by intelligent individuals instead of the current membership.

    2. Juzt watch. Those rallies will be held in Mexico next.

    3. Hawaii. And Axis Barry will lead the parade.

  3. The plan is to have the MUllahs in Iran out by Thanksgiving. After that it's on to reducing the deficit. Fun times...

  4. To recall an old metaphor, I feel like it's a WWII movie and the sky is full of planes.

  5. Replies
    1. Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.

      - Seneca

    2. Trump doesn’t so much seize the day as grab Lady Luck.

    3. Hah!... more likely in the middle of a lifelong affair with 'the Lady'

    4. Trump doesn’t so much seize the day as grab Lady Luck.

      And we all know where!

      And she lets him!!!

  6. Who is that very wide-smiling Lady!??

    Frum is, well . . . such a "frum." Like George Will's sheer idiocy of a day or two ago, he cannot stomach being wrong, or no longer in charge of the GOP, Inc. Neo-Conservatives. Everything Donald does ridicules both Frumsli and Poor GeoWill.

    They have actively chosen to think in stupid fashion.

    Their call. I think the two of them are bucking to get their names on Don's "Shaudenfreude List."

    I have confidence that they will make it.

  7. On today's Supreme Court decision relating to unions, it will be amusing to hear demos complaining about freeloaders.