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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Trump shows he, not Obama, is the real hope and change

Capitalism is back. No more unnecessary regulations, a corporate tax rate in line with Europe, tax cuts for everyone, and the end to the exploitation of immigrants bu the Chamber of Commerce, and the phony residents of Hollywood, Manhattan, and Kalorama neighborhood of Washington, D.C.

No more under-the-table landscapers and nannies. You want your lawn mowed, you must hire a real American. Not surprisingly, real Americans are happy.

"Economic confidence among lower-income Americans has taken a recent leap, the latest evidence that benefits of the economic expansion are reaching a broader swath of workers," the Wall Street Journal reported, citing a poll.

The poll found economic "confidence among households in the bottom third income tier has risen 11.4 points since February."

Among the top tier, it is down 8 points.

But the media told me it was a tax cut for the rich. Shouldn't they be happy and the poor depressed and resentful?

Maybe fat cats Marxists like Jeff Bezos thrive in the misery of the poor.

After going on and on about the robust economy, in Paragraph 8, the Journal finally mentioned the president.

"Overall consumer sentiment rose after the election of President Donald Trump and has remained strong. The University of Michigan on Friday said its preliminary reading on consumer sentiment in June rose, propelled by Americans’ greater optimism toward the economic situation," the Journal reported.

That's it.

Obama used to boast that those jobs aren't coming back.

But they are much to the consternation of the Establishment. We elected President Trump. He is like Domino's pizza. He delivers.


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  1. I've noticed that the most aggrieved about "ripping children from their mothers" are the cheap toilet cleaner hiring and slave nanny employer class women. The very idea of doing things for themselves and their own children sends them into screaming fits. What would they do without Maria for 300 bucks (cash) a month and Maria's food stamps, Sec 8 housing, Medicaid, and Maria's own children in free taxpayer financed daycare.

  2. Good news they don't want.

    This is after Stormy, war with Kim, Russia, and the tax cut crumbs all failed.

    1. Maybe their false rants are helping PDJT's numbers as more people have the scales fall from their eyes.

  3. When America works, all else is a passing parade.

  4. The boot that was on the neck of the American economy got lifted.