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Friday, June 22, 2018

Trump prepares to pull a rabbit out of his hat

You know President Trump's visit to Duluth this week was important because CNN and MSNBC failed to cover the event live. Trump is about to do to 2018 what he did to 2016.

Donald Trump learnt the political game quickly. Applying the skills he honed as negotiator and a celebrity to his new occupation, he rewrote the rules on campaigning, which allowed him to spend half as much money to win 10 more states than his Democratic opponent.

A key to this was Republican Get Out The Vote efforts. Reince Priebus did an outstanding job and Scott Walker's ability to deliver Wisconsin -- barely -- sealed the deal. The Cheeseheads had not voted for a Republican presidential candidate since Reagan in 1984.

Which brings us to Duluth, Minnesota, a state Hillary carried by 1.5 points.

President Trump went to support Pete Stauber who wants to be the first Republican congressman to represent the area in 72 years. President Trump carried the district by 16 points. He knows the area. Like West Virginia, the district voted Democratic religiously only to be done in by the anti-industrial policies of Democrats.

"At the rally, Trump threw his support behind copper-nickel mining in Superior National Forest, to huge cheers from the audience," the Associated Press reported.

Rallying for other candidates did not work well for President Trump last year. Senator Luther Strange lost the Republican nomination in Alabama despite President Trump's support, and Roy Moore lost the election to Democrat Doug Jones.

10 days later, President Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 into law and his political fortunes have changed dramatically.

First and foremost, the tax cuts have brought the party's rank and file in Congress to his side. There are some still fussing. But many of those barriers to success -- most notably Jeff Flake and Bob Corker -- are leaving Congress. Their open seats will be filled either by outright Democrats or Trumplicans.

Ronna McDaniel, the Republican chairwoman, is helping pave the way for the Trumplican Tsunami. She has raised a record amount of money thanks in large part to President Trump's economic boom.

"The RNC is investing in over 70 races across the country. We're already on the ground in 27 states. In California two weeks ago, there were seven races where Hillary Clinton won those districts. In six of those districts, more Republicans turned out than Democrats. That is very good for us in those primaries," she told the Rippon Society.

Do not discount the Republican Get Out The Vote efforts. They are a key to winning. The ability to organize is unsexy and gets scant press coverage, but it wins elections.

But you need ideas, accomplishments, and a personality to win elections. President Trump provides Republicans with all three.

Howard Root attended the Duluth rally.

"At least 25 percent of the audience was under the age of 30, and around 40 percent were women. The senior citizen percentage was less than 10 percent — the lowest I’ve ever seen at a Republican event. Other than the hundred or so party leaders, this was a vastly different crowd from the Minnesota Republican Convention that I attended in Duluth three weeks ago. None of the attendees I spoke with in the concession line at the rally were politically active (other than voting) and none were born-and-bred Republicans," Root wrote.

"My big takeaway is that the atmosphere made Trump’s words almost irrelevant — and I mean that as a compliment. Trump understands emotion unlike any other politician I’ve followed. He stages his delivery with plenty of smiles, frequent claps (to the audience) and the longest walk to and from the podium I’ve ever seen. The two big differences between Trump and the usual politician are that (1) Trump never asks the audience for anything other than to be happy, and (2) Trump’s shtick is received as 100 percent authentic. Until I saw it last night, I never would have believed that a one-hour political speech could capture a 10,000-strong crowd from start to finish. A Trump rally is the one political event where you have to be in the room where it happens to understand how it works."

President Trump is an excellent closer. He sealed the deal in 2016, and he sealed the deal in Singapore.

Midterm elections are disasters for the party of the president. It took the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 to save Democrats, the impeachment in 1998 to save them again, and 9/11 to save Republicans in 2002.

President Trump will pull this rabbit out of his hat. I predicted that in April. I see his plan. McDaniel and others do that boring traditional political stuff, which is like sticking rabbit beneath the hole in the table -- leaving it to Donald Trump to pull it out of the hat.

Let us hope he isn't Bullwinkle.


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  1. Trump does the boring stuff.
    He invites tens of thousands of voters to his rallies.
    The lame stream fakers cannot possibly show how popular Trump is.

  2. Trump has been doing well, with all the obstruction, bias and lies from the liberals, the media and Hollywood. They still don't understand that except for fellow liberals and the weak minded no one is really paying attention to their alternate reality scenarios. They are seeing the truth for the first time in decades and see areal person not a media made suit with their voice.

    1. Actually lots of folks ARE paying attention -- Yet Another Fake News Item (YAFNI). What the folks who pay attention are not doing, is believing the BS which the Dem media is trying to push.

  3. He’s no Bullwinkle. Natasha and Boris would have infiltrated. He is a political genius.

  4. Q: Do people like Mr. T?
    A: Does a bear shit in the woods?

    1. Polar bears shit on the ice. - Elric

    2. OK---Do Polar bears shit on the ice??

    3. Or maybe sometimes in the water.

      I used to live in Alaska. You must be very careful around the bears, especially polar bears. To them humans are seals without the fur. - Elric

  5. I watched the event, it was great. I was clapping and laughing at my lap top screen through the whole thing. It was one of his best. He wins by mocking the elites. The weak spot of an elites is that they are very thin skinned and cannot stand to be mocked or made fun of. Same issue most bullies have.

    1. The weak spot of an elites is that they are very thin skinned and cannot stand to be mocked or made fun of.

      Womp, Womp. :-)

  6. Older people would not come in large numbers due to waiting to get in for hours. Also that district was republican for 1 term in 2011. I believe Donald Trump could have won Mn last election if the state had voter id.

    1. Yeah. At 72, I can walk OK but standing in line just kills my back!

  7. Trump's enemies thinks he's all flesh but he's actually a superior combination of flesh and spirit.

  8. I think Trump understands class dynamics and middle class psychology better than any Republican since Reagan.

    What has made his success possible has been a kind of restructuring of the middle class in the past 20 years or so. There used to be a divide in the middle class amongst white and blue collar workers, but increased corporatism of business has drawn those divisions closer together than in the past, and we now have a lower tier professional class that identifies more with the working class than they do with their elite bretheren, sometimes within the same professions.

    It is Trump's ability to address the concerns of this large swath of people that renders him able to draw these large crowds and to hold their attention.

    And because he has their attention, he is able to overcome the massive opposition of the entire media and journalistic class, who are now perceived as jackbooted liars and thugs by people they were once able to influence.

    1. Good point on white and blue collar workers. Hadn't thought of that. Explains my blue collar outlook.

  9. I figure Bernie and Hillary are Boris and Natasha, right? And Obama is Fearless Leader.

    So Mueller’s investigation would be “Fractured Fairy Tales”, I guess.

  10. Good Day Don - Love your site and commentary...

    I live in Pete Stauber's district and wanted to correct you in that republican Chip Cravaack won the seat in 2010.

    Have a wonderful weekend, sir.

    1. Your point is correct - the district has been solid blue for a very long time due to the old DFL(dem, farm, labor) and is turning red.

  11. Trump is far more popular than the polls show. The Democrats will not retake the House in 2018 and will lose seats in the Senate. The general public, even Blacks and Hispanics, are not buying what the Democrats are selling which is homosexuality, abortion, high taxes, open borders, global warming hoax and hatred of Christianity.

  12. Don,did you write this,or is this a quote.Thee of little faith,if you wrote it.
    "But many of those barriers to success -- most notably Jeff Flake and Bob Corker -- are leaving Congress. Their open seats will be filled either by outright Democrats or Trumplicans."