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Monday, June 18, 2018

Trump may decide control of the House in Duluth

President Trump's rally in Duluth this week has Steven Schier, a professor emeritus at Carleton College, wired.

"You'll be the center of the political universe. Duluth will be in the bright lights, center stage, internationally," he told Brooks Johnson of the Duluth News Tribune.

Considering its proximity to Canada, international should not be difficult for Duluth.

But as Johnson wrote, "the 8th Congressional District is suddenly competitive enough to warrant a presidential visit, since a Republican has won it exactly once since 1947, is a long story."

Real Clear Politics rated the race as one of four tossup districts now held by Democrats.

Decades of failure by Democrats and a congressman not seeking re-election put in jeopardy a district Democrats have held for 31 terms.

"The 8th District lost population and had to geographically expand, and as it expanded Republicans did better. It moved west and south, where those voters are more Republican than traditional Arrowhead voters," Professor Schier said.

Duluth lost jobs which led to the decline, and now they may not keep the seat. When you fail the people, you lose your job -- although the process can be snail slow.

President Trump should bear that in mind at the rally. He needs to discuss the Fake News about him ripping families apart like King Kong.

Of more importance, he needs to reassure Trump voters that he will not grant blanket amnesty in exchange for the wall.

Read my lips: He needs to be Reagan, not George H.W. Bush.

Or lose the House.


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  1. "Read my lips: He [Trump] needs to be Reagan, not George H.W. Bush."

    Ronald Reagan got famously rolled on amnesty by the Democrats. They made him an offer he couldn't refuse, and then treacherously reneged on their part of the bargain (they are Democrats, after all; that's what they do.)

    It is my fervent prayer that Donald J. Trump does not follow in Reagan's footsteps here, much as I loved Reagan as president and honor his memory.

    No DACA amnesty, and no amnesty for other illegal aliens! They all have to go back!

  2. Invite hometown boy Bobby D to sing 'Forever Trump' I mean 'Forever Young'. Also 'Pity the Poor Legal Immigrant'.

  3. Since he is up there Trump ought to note that the Soo Locks, which are crucial to Duluth's economy, require a third large lock, for if either of the two go down shipping is in trouble and so is the US and Canadian economies.

    -Mikey NTH

    1. Than tell the Canadians to pay half for a new lock,Also ending NAFTA should solve the problem,the Canadian dollar has dropped to 75.5 exchange rate in the last week.

    2. Here's information on the locks:

      If you are concerned about Canada's contribution to operations and maintenance why don't you go write your congressional representative? The two nations already share responsibility for maintaining aids to navigation and cooperate on vessel traffic management.

      -Mikey NTH

    3. Mikey, if you're concerned about the Soo Locks, why don't you go write your congressional representative?

  4. I don't think anybody needs to worry about Trump bringing it.

    The fact that a district in MN is competitive tells you what color the wave will be this Fall.

    1. I thought duluth was in WI, but hey, I live in Jersey!

    2. Close - Superior, Wisconsin is right next to Duluth. They share the same harbor.

      -Mikey NTH

  5. That blue wave is receding like the tide going out before a tsunami... A REPUBLICAN tsunami. (Was gonna type RED, but that still equates to communism in my tiny brain.)

    1. Red means "commie" to me too, Jeremy, and I'm still shaking my head at how easily the FakeMedia pulled that switcheroo on everybody.

      In the 1976 election, NBC showed Democrat states that went for Jimmy Carter (D) red, while states supporting Gerold Ford (R) were colored blue; that made sense to me then, and still does now.

      Apparently the networks didn't want Democrats to be associated with Communists (which they are, but we're not supposed to know that) so in the 2000 election MSNBC swapped colors so that "red" states supported Bush (R) while "blue" states supported Gore.

      Not that there's any collusion between our fully independent and unbiased journalists (why as we all know, that would be unheard of!) but that color scheme was repeated by all the other outlets, none of which questioned the color arrangement.

      What a slick piece of work! That's how you paint a Commie to be an All-American blue!

      All done right before our eyes, and now it's set in stone and can't be changed!

  6. Amnesty for the Wall -- that's actually a reasonable deal, made more likely by Reps wanting the Wall without any amnesty.

    Why can't majority Reps just pass a majority budget that has cash for the Wall? Oh, it's the GOPe Stupid Party--wait, the rich & comfy elected GOPe ain't so stupid, it's the voters who keep voting for the not quite conservatives who are failing to organize and support true conservatives. And the GOPe only have to be less awful than the Dems to get not-stupid support.


    Get the Wall. Get rid of chain imports, silly visa. Do that first; then the non-criminal DACA ex-kids get some kind of slo-mo amnesty.

  7. MN has been trending R for some time now, at every level, but many districts have repeatedly failed to flip due to popular long-term incumbent D's.

    Like the rest of the midwest (save Chicago, and its dominance of Illinois statewide elections), R's are solidifying their gains and expanding upon them.

    If the midwest becomes as solid R as the south is, the D's are in deep trouble for a long time.

    1. The dead will never vote republican and their numbers are increasing!