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Friday, June 15, 2018

Trump ends EPA harassment of farmers

"Water, water everywhere, not a drop to regulate." -- the Rime of the Ancient Bureaucrat.

It was an odd photo that the Environmental Protection Agency released. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is seated at the Resolute Desk signing something while President Trump "looks on," as the cliche goes.

This Take Your Appointee to Work Day moment underscored the importance of rolling back the unconstitutional "WOTUS" rule which enables the federal bureaucracy to regulate every puddle in America.

Obama came up with this rule in 2015, bestowing upon water the same honor we give presidents (POTUS) and first ladies (FLOTUS) as "Waters of the United States."

Other molecules are jealous.

The target is farmers. American farmers feed the world. We export food. Socialists rule by starvation. (Ukraine, China, North Korea...) And so in the name of preserving wetlands, the bureaucracy is controlling water.


The Constitution allows Congress to regulate navigable rivers. By definition, this excludes wetlands.

"The controversial Waters of the U.S. rule, implemented in 2015 by the Environmental Protection Agency, received another setback when a U.S. District Court in Georgia issued a preliminary injunction that prevents the rule from being implemented in 13 states," Burt Rutherford reported on Wednesday.

"The Georgia injunction is the second time a federal court has ruled against WOTUS. The first decision came shortly after WOTUS came into effect. A North Dakota court issued an injunction in 2015 that prevented the rule from being implemented in 11 states. With those two court rulings in place, nearly half the country — 24 states — are protected from WOTUS.

"The states protected by 2015 North Dakota decision are: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming.

"The states protected in Georgia decision: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Utah, West Virginia, Wisconsin."

Pruitt told farmers in Lincoln, Nebraska, this week that his new WOTUS rule will treat framers like partners, not adversaries.

"The voice of farmers and ranchers across this country should be heard loud and clear because you're our first environmentalists, you're our first conservationists," he said.

I would like to get the EPA out of the wetland protection racket altogether.

But I will settle for this.

For now.


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  1. Settle but keep pushing. This whole wetland regulation stuff is just another way to destroy America. When has anyone ever really explained why a puddle in the middle of a field in Nebraska (or any other state) needs to be regulated by the government? Where is that in our Constitution? Where is that in the rules passed by Congress? Then why should an unelected bureaucracy and a rogue executive be allowed to do this at all? --BJ54

  2. The left wants to ruin Pruitt because he is one of President Trump's really effective cabinet members.

  3. Agreed-a lot of damge has been done. Oregon forced Ranchers and farmer to drain
    wetlands for Salmon the state used these regs with glee.. TG

  4. If the Lefties want somebody gone that much, you know he/she's doing a good job.

  5. " the name of preserving wetlands, the bureaucracy is controlling water."

    It's not about preserving. It's about control.

    That's why California just got hit with Moonbat Brown's parting gift, a law which restricts water useage to 55 gal/day per person, ratcheting down to 50 gal/day in 2030.

    This of course will require a lot more bureaucracy, to measure water use and to count the peons, sorry I mean the people, who will have to pay for "excess" usage. We'll also have a lot higher water bills, just to buy the additional meters to determine what's "inside" water and what's "outside."

    This law will of course not apply to the rich, the politicians, movie stars and the like; nor will it apply to the illegal aliens, those on welfare, and the homeless (who admittedly don't bathe much anyway.)

    Taxpayers, however, will get the bill; we'll get it good and hard, and without lube.

    We're already hearing lots of "reasons" why this is essential, and why we can't afford to build dams, cachement areas, desalination plants, etc.

    Just wait. The California Plan will be coming to your state next (you have to be disarmed like we are, or it might get messy you know.)

    1. All I want is for you people in CA ,is to vote yes to split CA into three areas,please do that for us.

  6. I guess lefties think food comes from the store, right?

  7. Some localities don't even allow collection and storage of rainwater from roofs, etc.

  8. I don’t trust those damm water molecules. They’re bipolar, they expand when you freeze ‘em, and they’re into that weird-ass hippy covalency crap.

  9. You mean the district judges in those two cases didn't issue decisions that apply to the entire country? Haven't they been paying attention to the way district judges have been extending their decisions on Trump's immigration plans to the entire country? They need to up their game and go transcontinental. It's what's for justice!

  10. My daughter bought a house across the street from a wetlands. A beautiful area that the contractor said could never be developed. Two months after they moved in building started on new structures across the street in the wetlands. Turns out that you can build there if you can find some other place to 'trade in' for the wetlands. What a JOKE!!