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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Trump as a father figure

President Donald John Trump had a wonderful week that included two birthday cakes, one at the embassy in Singapore and another days later back home. Birthday cakes now are like scoops of ice cream. Trump gets two, everyone else gets one.

This is a tribute to his leadership, which is steeped in masculinity. This alarms many Westerners who for a half-century now have been indoctrinated into the Feminist Mistake that men and women are the same, interchangeable and equal.

Except women are better, of course. Kinder, gentler, more loving. Blah, blah, blah.

All of it is untrue. Men and women are different biologically and psychologically. They have separate roles that when done right complement one another.

President Trump is the father of two adult sons. In Singapore, he was the father figure for Kim Jong Un, whose own father had little time for him. Trump bonded the same way with Kanye West who also had an absent father.

In a nation where a quarter of the children do not routinely see their father, men like Trump are needed.

President Trump is the alpha male. Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau are not. Nor is Angela Merkel the alpha female. Instead of being Golda Meir chose as her role model Hillary and her pant suits. Golda was tough enough to wear dresses and skirts. She also won wars against Muslims.

Certainly Obama was not an alpha male. Chairman Xi of China ignored him. Xi humiliated him. When Air Force One landed in China in 2016, they did not send steps. America's first black president had to use the back door to exit his own plane.

Not only did Xi greet President Trump when he went to China, but Trump and his wife were the first Westerners to dine in the Forbidden City.

You may not like Donald Trump but from what little I know of the ways of the world, I would venture a guess that people would rather have a strong leader than a weak one. The pull of self-preservation is that strong. Trump will take a bullet for you. Obama will use you as a human shield.

Michael Walsh of the New York Post sees President Trump as the alpha dog.

"Trump and his foreign-policy team of Mike Pompeo and John Bolton understand the truth of this dictum from former British Prime Minister Lord Palmerston: 'Nations have no permanent friends or allies, they only have permanent interests.' International diplomacy is not a popularity contest or a sewing circle. Instead, it’s a pit-bull arena in which the toughest breed comes out on top and the rest succumb, fall in line or slink away. Always bet on the big dog," he wrote.

Of course. That is another reason why you never bet against Donald John Trump.


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  1. I keep hearing about how Trump shouldn’t speak so complementary about Un in public. Trump probably gave Un a trashing and told him if you don't do what I want now you will be destroyed, period. Then Trump goes out in public as the Alpha male and flatters Kim in a way that ensures Kim and Xi that Trump is not kidding around.

  2. They called Clinton the big dog. He now looks like a chihuahua in comparison to PDJT.

    1. Horndog Vs. Lion

  3. Feminist Mistake

    Is that like the French Mistake?


  4. Two scoops of ice cream.....two Birthday cakes......two terms as President. Works for me. JC

  5. The worldview at thus site is so odd. Trump would take a bullet for someone else? Demanding more ice cream than anyone else is a sign of masculinity, and contributes to being an alpha male?

    Very odd and disturbing.

    1. It would be confusing only to a Beta male.

    2. Envy is the ugliest deadly sin.

    3. depends upon your political point of view. I found the Obama worship among much of the left and the media (redundant) very odd and disturbing.

  6. Over at Ace of Spades the call him Donny Two Scoops. I like it.

  7. "Always bet on the big dog."

    Good advice and a damn good reason to keep our military the biggest and meanest on earth.

  8. Love without respect is like concrete without cement.